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  1. In your main folder go to the Options.ini go about half way down the file and in the [single Mission] section change the startyear and endyear dates


    it looks like this











    LoadMissionFilename=MK107 F14 Recon




  2. Hi xevilpetex,


    I just would like to know, if you play the Vietnam 1984 campaign with the new patch SP4? I love that campaign also, but after I patched WOV with SP 4 (on a clean install) and add the Vietnam 1984, the game won't start. Always when I would like to start the game, after a few seconds the screen gets black and I have a CTD with the error message, that the file missileobject.ini is bad or something.


    Thanks in advance for your reply.




    yeah its on sp4, i just transfered the campaign folder from the old install of wov.

  3. The problem with the MIg-23 series is a typo in it's data.ini file. Under the Flight Control section, edit the following line "MaxSpeedSL=261.10" so it reads "MaxSpeedSL=361.10". This translates to a SL speed of 685 knots, which should be close to its RL speed.


    As for the MiG-29A, all I can say is that you'll have to wait. Bigger and better things are coming.


    thanks alot, this will help out alot. I actually just outran a pack of mig23's on the deck in a harrier, and that should never happen

  4. 530 knots indicated airspeed? At what altitude? 530 knots indicated airspeed at 20,000 feet is mach 1.25. In RL, most aircraft reach their max air speed (mach level) at between 30,000 and 50,000 feet.


    nope 530kts at 1000ft to sea level, where an f-18 will make 730kts indicated on the deck and an f-14 will make 800kts. The migs are definatly falling way short on the speed in comparison to the american fighters.

  5. Ive got a few questions that i havnt been able to figure out myself


    recently on my vietnam 1984 campain an antiship mission came up. But the flight path didnt make any sense. Why did this happen and how can i fix it?





    Ive also recently started a campain in both the mig-23 and mig-29. They both top out at about 530kts and that makes it very difficult to disengage after i fire off my missles at the incoming strike. I looked in the Data files for both planes and i couldnt find any reason why they would be so slow. Is there any way to fix this?


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