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Status Updates posted by crisisloaner

  1. Any chance you can upload that lovely  F-14E Super Tomcat 21 , or tell me where I can get it ?

    1. crisisloaner


      Would be willing to purchase F-14E from you ?

    2. dtmdragon


      I'll release it when it's finished mate, but I don't know when that might be

  2. Hello Torno,

    Where did you get the YE-150 ? Looks awesome !

    1. torno


      I create all my models, look around this place some


    2. crisisloaner


      Wow ! Are any of your models available to download or purchase ?

  3. Hi mate,where di you get the Jet Ranger ? 

    1. allenjb42


      It’s from the YAP Drug Wars mod. It uses the same mapping as the FSX Bell 206 so any skins for that can be converted to the YAP model.

  4. Hi Stratos,where did you get the Puma ???

    1. Stratos


      From Facebook SF2 group

    2. crisisloaner


      I'm not on facebook,any chance you could send me a link to the files ? or a zip copy ???

  5. Spinners,what the devil is the aircraft in "flak bait" on the what if forum ?

    1. Spinners


      Douglas B-42 Mixmaster by Veltro2K. It will be released asap (just having a re-design).

    2. crisisloaner
  6. Hey spinners,do you still have nay of your RN and RAF skins for the Vigilante kicking  around ? would love to nab them for my British Vigilante project...

    1. Spinners



      Only my most recent 'S1' (attached but without the LOD's to reduce the file size).

      I lost a lot of stuff when I took a long break of 18-months a few years ago, beforehand carefully backing up everything to an expensive external drive that refused to work when I needed it most!! I was quoted £2k to recover the lost data so that was a non-starter. I'm taking another break at the moment but don't plan on it being permanent.

      Good luck with whatever your doing to one of my all-time favourites.







  7. Where did you get those beautiful Russian choppers ??

  8. Hi Spinners,just downloaded your Red arrows F6 but when I extract it the folders are empty ???

    1. Spinners


      Yep. Just woke up to the news that I am officially a clot.

  9. I mate,I'm looking to add decals to your gorgeous x-02.Do you happen to have the mesh names for adding them ? (eg [Decal001]

  10. If it bleeds...we can kill it

  11. There are only 2 types of aircraft,Tomcats and then there's all the other rubbish !

  12. Summer time and the mig killiing is easy...

  13. I feel the need,the need for TOPGUN

  14. Good Luck to the 2013 Lions !

  15. "only way a fighter pilot kills anyone is if he guns him"


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