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  1. On 5/26/2022 at 12:37 AM, Silberpfeil said:

    Agreed to all the above, and especially the Pfalz Dr.1 and the Sopwith Pup.  But while these projects and updates are in the process of being released in the manner of a couple weeks, did I miss this one from JulioJunquiera?



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  2. Yes, slow but steady progress...sorry but currently holiday time.

    - Coastline finished, major rivers outlined

    - Major cities 'marked' on the German side - without Holland

    - Majority of tiles done - but still missing: railroad tracks, train stations, special tiles (like landmarks, special features, etc.)



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  3. To all of those that follow this topic.....help is needed pls.

    I'm looking for LOD's for the terrain, e.g. static ones. I've searched here in the download sections and within the various terrains...couldn't find something suitable

    - Terraced houses, esp. for south England

    - Dover Castle

    - Heavy mortars. I know we have field guns...how about mortars?

    - Angled harbor walls (like the one in Dover)


    If you've something I would be most grateful. I know it's a bit early in the development stage...but who knows



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