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  1. Hi,


    Some more skinning progress on Sophocle's F-5A.







    The Norwegian F-5 fleet were all to receive a green upper colour scheme but as it turned out only two were so finished. One of the others here represent a repainted aircraft in the darker aluminium paint of the mid 70s to mid 80s. Last one is in weathered original paint scheme with the squadron codes and five digit tail no replaced by the last 3. Or rather, in this instance the last 4 digits of the serial. This aircraft was so painted due to the fact that a UH-1B had tail no 580.




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  2. Looks very detailed and high poly models as always Volker. Amazing job good.gif.pagespeed.ce.PoYRIVsMjL.gif

    I am wondering how aerodynamic cones work front/back of those LAU-10 launchers IRL...Will the gas of rocket launch push the cones away or will those cones dropped just before the first ignition or maybe with small charges blast out from the launcher ?


    and i wondering also: have you ever made AN/AXQ-14 data link pod for GBU-15/AGM-130 (on F-15E / F-111) and Hydra 70 rockets (M151, M229, M257, M261) with M260/M261 7/19 tube launchers ? and with aerodynamic cones as well ? good.gif.pagespeed.ce.PoYRIVsMjL.gif(for Harrier, A-10, F/A-16 etc.)

    The blast removes the cones. They are made of thick cardboard cellulose material.



  3. Hi there,


    I'm pretty new to SF2 and I was wondering what AMD/ATI CCC settings you people that uses this graphics board use? I have noticed a slight lack in both Anti Aliasing and anisotropic filtering compared to most of the screenshots I see posted here. I have the ATI 5870 card. In game I run most settings at unlimited but have not tweaked any ini's.

    My apologies if there is already a topic on this but I could not find any.


    Best regards



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