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  1. F-4E TuAF pack

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    Very good job.

    Does it have his own cockpit or it's a F-4 generic cockpit ?


    F-4 generic cockpit the only ones that will have a own cockpit are the



    F-4EJ_Kai / RF-4EJ_Kai


    i´m still working on those

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  2. Weapons Pack 2

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    I´m very sorry i notice that the AN/ALQ-200K ecm-pod has an error ( i forgot to link the nose and tail radoms to the main body ) , please dowload the AN/ALQ-200K ecm-pod from the F-4E ROKAF pack if you need it


    again i´m very sorry for that

  3. as i mention the 1 AAQ-14/AAQ-13 LANTIRN Pods and 1AAQ-28/AAQ-13 Litening Pods are the ones with 2 pods one on the left and one on the right side of the intake , you can not see the actual mounting possition in the loadout menu


    we thought that it makes it cleaer when we write pod and pods as for 1 and more than 1

  4. if you have all pods they should be there , in the loadout menu you can select them


    this is what you should see

    1 AN/ASQ-213A HARM Targeting Pod

    1 AN/AAQ-14 LANTIRN Pod

    1 AN/AAQ-28 Litening Pod

    1 AAQ-14/AAQ-13 LANTIRN Pods

    1AAQ-28/AAQ-13 Litening Pods


    the lower 2 are the ones you looking for

  5. on the D/I (Barak,Brakeet,Sufa) models they should be done in the loadout_ini , on the C model only the the Barak_II has the capability for the laser pods on the chin_station the blk30 Barak did not have them but all single seaters did not cary this pods to mark there targets the target illumination was done by the D/I versions


    so for the F-16C Barak_II you can select the targeting pods in the loadout menu like you can do on the D/I version , if you like to have them


    here is a download link for the missing Reccelite pods


  6. OK guys thanks for the heads up. My rig:Windows XP 323.5 Gigs RamGTX 470 1GB RamOK How do I change the skin to 1024x1024?


    when i was still wit WinXP 32bit i had the same problems with the Buccaneer and the latest Anatolia terrain on all other terrains this would not happen


    so check if you have an non moded terrain and try the vipers there as more ground objects and other details are added to an terrain as much more problems like this will happen with WinXP and then a downscale of the skins or changing of your game settings is the only solution


    check if your graphics-setting is on unlimited if so change it to high this way you could solve this problem to

  7. i have realy no clue what could cause this an i dont use HD card with the Nvidia all works :blink:


    i only could think of that the highres skins (Fuselage and cockpit) are to big for you setup to handle in this case the only solution would be a downscaling of the skins


    cockpit skins are 2048x2048 and this skins are missing in your picture the same with the fuselage skin it is 4096x4096

  8. Thanks Dave for the 40/42 and 50/52, but when I look at the aircraft from external view the F-16's main body texture is all white???? I drag and dropped all what was in the rar file into my main strike fighters 2 folder...



    your computer may have problems with the highres fuselage skin it is 4096x4096 , you can try to downsice it to 1024x1024 but you will lose all details , but sofar nobody did encouter this in all the testing



    you may get the aircraft to work in SF1 but the cockpit will not work because the functions are not supported by SF1 game engine and because of the exportere used to create aircraft and cockpit lod´s


    so you better change to SF2 :pilotfly:


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