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  1. 2 hours ago, daddyairplanes said:

    yeah scratch earlier comment on the IN, posted from phone and was forgetting about that slight taper on the back end

    my google comment still stands.

    ravenclaw, that last pic is the best graphic on the building block quality of the B28 package i've seen in probably over 150 hours now of image hunting nukes

    don't ask how many hours i searched  :lol:

    for the B61-11 i just found 14 not very detail pictures and it took me 3 months and i still have no picture of the rear , modding would be much easier if we had not to search for pictures and info material all the time

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  2. 2 hours ago, russouk2004 said:

    Nice...only noticed earlier was asked about the B28IN   cant find any good pics to determine sizes etc...google lately seems to find shit thats fuck all to do with what you type.....

    try this , it is in german but i think you will understand it anyway , i made them alrady but as i mention above i have to wait antil my 3ds max computer is working again

    B28 Varianten.doc

  3. here are the B61 bombs , includet are

    • B61-1 , USAF , 10 kt and 340 kt
    • B61-2 , USN , 10 kt and 150 kt
    • B61-3 , USAF / NATO , 0,3 kt , 1,5 kt , 60 kt and 170 kt
    • B61-4 , USAF / NATO , 0,3 kt , 1,5 kt , 10 kt and 45 kt
    • B61-5 , USAF , 10 kt and 150 kt
    • B61-7 , USAF , 10 kt , 170 kt and 340 kt
    • B61-10 , USAF , 0,3 kt , 5 kt , 10 kt and 80 kt
    • B61-11 , USAF , 0,3 kt , 340 kt and 400 kt ( Earth Penetrading Weapon )

    B61 Nuclear Bombs.7z

    all bombs are Retarded exept for B61-1 , B61-2 and B61-11, before you install this weapons please delete any other B61 bomb from your mod folder

    the B61-12 is still in work but it will take some time to finish it because my 3ds max computer is not working

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  4. i hope that the US troops fire back asap and so that it hurts , prefert target is Erdogans palast , accidentally of course

    it is a shame waht is happening to the Kurds, i have only one word for it , TREASON , shame on this USA goverment

    i just wonder what did trump get in return for pulling the troops out



    and i dont apologize for my words

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  5. 2 months ago i bought a new ASUS ROG Strix GTX1070 O8G Gaming graphics card and everthing worked fine antil 3weeks ago , on that evening i started my game Tank Crew  by pressing the start button i got a very loud fan noice from my computer , i instantly stoped the game and checked my graphics card temp , showing 47° , and the fan rpm , showing 0 althoug the 3 cooling fan´s from that  graphics card was running at max rpm

    so i removed the graphics card from my computer and by doing so i notice that a fan blade was falling in my hand , i thought no problem , i have warranty an after a short call to the vendor , who agreed that this is a warranty case , did i send the card back to the vendor

    2 weeks later i got the graphics card back , still defekt and the vendor is rejecting the warranty by claiming it was my own fault by overclocking the graphics card and overclocking the fan´s , but i didn't do either of this !!! i always used the card without overclocking it , i called the vendor and told him that this would be not acceptable and that the graphics card was always used within the manufacturer standards  , the vendor is still rejecting any warranty claims and is not willing to give me the rejection in writing

    now my only help would be ASUS , so i thought , but after a short call all my hopes a shattered , ASUS say´s that this is a warranty claim and in this case the vendor has to send the graphics card to ASUS for repair or he is giving a written statement why he is declining this otherwise they are not able to help me

    after all this back and forth i dicidet to take maters in my own hand i checked for a replacment fan in the net and found one by Amazone for about 20 euros , i bought it and started to repair my graphics card by my self and after 10 minutes work i installed the graphics card back in to my computer , sinc now 2 days the card is running without any problem , i made a furmark test and played all my games to check if there is any problem but sofar everthing is fine


    so THANK YOU , Webinstore AG and ASUS , for not helping me , as for ASUS this is the last item i ever bought from you



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