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  1. This certainly sends a clear messge about how DCS feels about mods in general. A shame really, but their loss in the long run. No way will ED and the select few third party devs keep up with demand.


    The only positive I can see out of this is that since classified modern jets are highly unlikely to be modelled, we will get more cold war stuff. 


    I have more or less given up on DCS as it is now, when and if DCS 2.0 comes out and I can get my hand on the Oculus RIft CV I will give it a go. Before that, I got better things to do.

  2. Looks spiffy!

    I'd say you've got quite a campaign there!

    But my only pressing question is whether or not you'll take a page from eburger66's campaigns, and make more than a situation set in '86?

    Such potential times for a flashpoint in Korea would've been around '94-95, 2005 when Kim tried to shoot an ICBM at the states, but it fell harmlessly into the sea, a potential conflict erupting after the death of Kim Jong-Il in 2011 and another such possibility being an open war around 2015-2016 with today's sort of equipment.

    If you can't, oh well, I understand. But if you can, so much the better... You've opened up more replay value.

    Another question is if the campaigns will support helicopters such as the AH-1 Cobra or the AH-64 Apache.

    Well, take your time and make us proud, centurion!

    The 94-95 timeframe sounds like a good idea, when DPRK had MiG-29s and Su-25s (IIRC). Once the base scenario works well I can just change units, but it depends on finding good ORBATs.


    Any chance of getting the RAAF in, with Mirage IIIO (or possibly F/A-18) and F-111C?

    The RAAF is already in with said assets. They appear a week or so in, with a token Hornet and F-111 sqn. Also Indeonesia, another regional ally. The RAAF birds are not set as playable though, easy fix if you know how or have the campaign customizer DLC.


    Has anyone tried the campaign, does it work for you?

  3. Nice, sounds like good times. Think I'm gonna need to get one of those in the fall, or a 980, because of the Oculus Rift system reqs and my video card is not up to snuff. I am going to do it right, to hell with cost. Anyways, summer is great and if you live somewhere where it's short and sweet like here, do get the most out of it!

  4. If I understand it correctly, I believe Saavedra proposes creating a helicopter mission with the target area to be the area the pilot went down. Maybe use recon mission type so you get mission success when flying over the downed pilot. If you hit the save mission button you can edit it with the mission editor IIRC? So just offset the mission start time, etc, maybe move in some ground unit to capture our unfortunate pilot in order to make it "interesting". Hehe it would be cool if we had a "downed pilot" ground object, armed with just a carbine or pistol  :biggrin:


    Infiltrating the DDR in a Huey might be a dicey proposition though :)

  5. I have created some ground war node networks, so I can help with that but the targeting needs to be quite complete first. It's a couple of hours work depending on complexity, 60+ nodes for Korea 3 for example took 3-4hrs.


    The project looks really promising! Will it be possible to re-use some of the work that went into Rends germanyCe upgrade in this?

  6. Roger that.


    If anyone has tried the campaign I would like to hear some feedback


    Some stuff that comes to mind

    • Some of the airbases seem kind of small for a 1985 time period? Maybe Wrench can comment on that.
    • If you have SA-8s that are set as Mobile_AAA they will infest the theater and create heavy losses for Blue air, so I found it best to remove those. NK didn't operate the SA-8 anyways.
    • Some air units like the A-10s never seem to do missions.
    • I might add more friendly nation units, thinking of A-4s of RNZAF and F-8s of Phillipine AF.
    • The russian naval forces should probably be stronger, or perhaps a new battlegroup with the Kiev and/or Kirov appearing after the inevitable sinking of the first soviet surface group?

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