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  1. Realism % ?

    Same here,...
  2. ..and here is the link... http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Miller/render/
  3. No semicolons, but I only get a 50% of my claims, but my first por le Merite anyway,...
  4. Very helpful, thanks Olham, ..."H" is definitely a must ;)
  5. Never attempted that , way too dangerous, not as much as flying in a Eindeker, but more senseless ;)
  6. 0.1674 sec on average, Rocketing Rabbit,...
  7. Sounds in 1.32

    Same here, I get crazy checking my six o´clock in multiple aircraft dogfights,...
  8. Edited pic of a Albatros D.II in January 1917, Pronville.
  9. Just 2 ideas... 1. A top 20 list ( or 30 for that matter) for highest scoring aces at the time of the Campaign, so that instead of looking in the database, we could take a look and maybe see our pilots included there and compare their achievements to those of their flying mates in that exact period of the war. 2. Possibility to transfer our pilot ( or at least, make an appointment and get denial or approval), between Squadrons or Jastas? For example, in my present campaign, Jasta1 sector it´s been rather boring lately, and I would like to move to more active sectors...
  10. Custom Splash Screens

    No problem to give credit to Mark Miller for his marvellous artwork, never intended to state they were mine!! If I wanted to upload them, I would ask permission to Mark first, that´s for sure, as 99.9% of the hard work is his after all.
  11. With deep respect for Polovski´s work, I tried to redesign my own Splash Screens,...
  12. External views.

    It´s Ctrl+Shift+F4 to get a view with you focused relative to the enemy, and Shift+F4 to have the enemy focused with you centered in the distance (sorry my english sucks sometimes). Once an enemy crate is Padlocked and viewed with Shift+F4, is there a way to rotate the view (and not only zoom it) or it´s always fixed?
  13. Pfalz pilots

    I´m just curious, how do you face combat against a Nieup.11 with a Halberstadt? There is hardly a chance to get a victory due to lack of agility in the Halb, but its climb capability it´s not great either, so what would be the correct procedure?
  14. Just an Idea froma newcomer...

    Sorry for not checking past threads , and yes, I consider it to be a simple thing to change but at the same time a great improvement for the GUI, isn´t it?

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