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  1. F4U-1D Corsair

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    Userlist is faulted -- missing the #1 customer for the Corsair, the USMC, and RNZAF. Also, in Data ini, exported is TRUE (USMC is another nation.)

    If you're going to re-do other people's work, try and get it right, ok?? You have my original work as a guide

  2. A-1H USAF -for SF2V A-1H

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    Aren't these decals from MPPD's old 1stGen (Monty's) Skyraider? I've already done the upgrades for the USAF SPADS

    as to the "splitting", that 's a know issue due to the 2013 patch. I should know, I had to rebuild ALL the KAW Skyradiers because of it.

    But a NICE job though! They look good

  3. I wasn't sure, so just included EVERYTHING. When I did the copy/paste install for my GoG version, everything worked fine (or I just got lucky!!)



    REMEMBER FOLKS: most of us uploaders don't read these sections. So, please, if there's any issues, problems, comments, or information post it it the regular threads or the Release Announcment thread

    thank you! :)


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