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  1. USN Korean War CVs

  2. Did this project up and die? Was really looking forward to this bomber.
  3. Words to the wise...

    lol nice
  4. All china is doing is creating more targets for us if we go to war.
  5. Top Gun Stories - Tower flyby

    yeah even with a pilots license they wouldn't let him fly it lol
  6. Top Gun Stories - Tower flyby

    He didn't fly the tomcat, closest he got to the stick was in a simulator. The US Navy is NOT going to allow an actor with NO flight school training to fly a fighter jet lol
  7. Membership Drive 2015

    Dave I was just trying to do my part that's all what I gave isn't near enough for all the info and advice and mods n friends from this site over the years, cant put a price tag on that.
  8. Membership Drive 2015

    Kinda cant afford it right now or I would donate.
  9. what a bastard that guy should be hung up by his balls
  10. Iran Wants to Play Stupid Games....

    Nesher, all I can say is if Iran gets a nuc reactor yall need to do the same thing u did to the Osirak reactor in the 80s
  11. Iran Wants to Play Stupid Games....

    Iran is BEGGING for someone to start a war with them. Sadly If someone does THEY WILL LOSE!
  12. Im surprised. I figured that would be finished by now.
  13. As I recall the Cobras have station specific ordnance from yakarovs weapons packs for each aircraft he releases. So the only way to fix the problem is do what I did, since that's all I could think of. Go in the weapons pack and delete the station codes and also do the same for the aircraft in the data ini. Then ur cobra can carry whatever u would like.
  14. Jug Has Passed Away

    I had the honor and privilege of meeting Tim when I was stationed in Indian Head Maryland back in 2009. He was working in Va or DC, I cant remember, but he came over one afternoon n met my Ex wife n kids n sat n talked n ate n had a great time. Very nice man. I guess the good Lord saw that Tim did everything required and asked of him here on earth and felt it was time to call him home. Sad to hear of his passing. Definitely will be missed. Cant believe he is gone. RIP my friend.
  15. Airport Terminal ang big hotel

    Amari? Like Tapari? As in Eels? lol
  16. FA-18 Series Update by The Hornet Team

    Thanks Dave and crew for keeping this awesome aircraft up to date,
  17. We're back.

    What abut the laser cats? Gotta include them after they get their dose of cat nip
  18. From what I have been told TK is done with the PC Sims and is focusing on the "sims" for handheld devices like cellphones and ipads. Nice of him to turn his back on everyone that's supported him and kept him afloat all these years huh?

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