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  1. Well during the evening today J18Dreed and myself had a few good dogfights. One thing I noticed before we got started was their was a hard time getting the Dr1 and D8 to respond to controls, not like offline. I literally had to imput several times inorder for my them to respond. I though this must have been a joystick or lag problem, but when I took to the skies in a DVIIF the flight was smooth. I know that Radials where suppose to be harder to fly but I know they where not that tough. Also offline the radials are not stubborn, not anyone have any ideas??


    Also great fun Dreed, took a couple screen shots, check em out in my Album if you want to take a peek.

  2. We (mrcraig, red hammer, uriah, and I) have come to pretty much the same conclusion. We thought if we could find someone to provide 24/7 server hosting with ftp download, we could come up with the 'standard' loadout(s). We had two volunteers, but never quite made it happen. Are you willing to help with this effort - maybe selecting the loadouts, etc.?



    Yes i'll be happy to help.

  3. Hello one and all,


    I've played Red Baron single player for years, and only stop by the web pages once in a blue moon to look for patches and add ons. when I heard about First Eagle, and heard about how fast it was growing I knew I had to jump on the wagon. I've read on the topics from both SimHQ and Combatace about AI, and MP problems.

    I've done modding with an older game "Panzer Elite" and have never looked into a flight simulator before, but I think I'm going to give this one a shot, to help get things going together.


    From my understanding the MP games requires everyone to be the same sheet of music, and a direct IP connection for everyone to meet on, correct? Well if thats it then I've been on this boat before with my old tank sim. I found the mod enabler that players are using and it helps 100%, but it's to much work for the common gamer, "Keep it simple stupid" I suggest to grab what we got and make a standerised patch. A standerised patch could take an out of the box download and update a new player in one download, instead of him hunting through several webpages. A Standerised patch would bring the complexity down. I know we have different terrains, a few different flight models. we could have players say which they like more, and the most popular one wins for the standerised patch. Also if a standerised patch was made it could make a corner stone to build of, we all know this game is going to keep growing for a long time. I suggest that after so many updates we make another standerised patch, instead of a hundred small updates we have one large update. I know that the wonderful plane creators we have are secure with their work, I understand I am also, but if we could get their concent to make a standerised patch it would be outstanding.


    Thats my two cents, no intent to insult or discourage anyone, just offering ideas to help make it easier for the newer gamers to follow how and where this game is growing. maybe this way MP could be also easier to start for others.




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