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  1. I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you guys out there in the modding community that are doing such a good job of keeping this sim alive. I've not had a lot of time to fly, but recently I downloaded and installed the Korean War mod, and boy, is this payware quality or what! Honestly, I believe that you guys have done a better job on Korea than even TK could, if he had ventured that far. I'm hoping that as I'm getting older, and things are starting to slow down for me a little, I might be able to get around to making some mods for this simulator. The past 5-6 years I've been doing a lot of stuff with FSX, and now also with FSW by Dovetail. Because the formats of the two sims are so similar, I'm not sure what I would need to learn to start modding for Strike Fighters. Big life change coming up again soon. Once again, thanks to all for transforming this sim for us all. Your work is greatly appreciated. Andrew.
  2. Very strange indeed...... Getting through the Linebacker campaign in WoV at the moment, and in the last 2 sorties, *somebody* has been using nuclear weapons! Not really a problem to me, because the use of these "buckets of sunshine" is absolutely kicking the arse of the AAA sites, so it's making ingress in my A-7 much easier :-) I also recall seeing a file here for highly increased SAM activity. Is it still around guys? Thanks again, Andrew.
  3. No, not my flying....lol Recently, I have updated all of my Thirdwire sims, and downloaded the Campaign Customizer to make some minor changes. I made some changes to WOE2, and WOV2, and in both cases, I have got into the third or force mission of the campaign, flown really well, hit all of my primary and secondary targets, and then the sim seems to have minimized to my desktop, and cannot be restored. This is very weird indeed, has anybody else experienced this? Thanks, Andrew.
  4. Hi Kevin, Apologies for the delay in my reply, I've been under the pump somewhat at work. Also planning a major life style change in future. Anyway, found all of the files in WoV and made the required changes, but with work the past few weeks, have had little time to fly anyway. Still unable to find the .ini to reduce the text size of the radio messages, but will keep searching for a solution. Also, think that my memory is starting to get a bit dodgy in my old age......lol. Thanks again guys, Andrew.
  5. But last night I searched 90 pages of this forum, and could not find...... Hi community, Which .ini file must I edit to make the Wingman commands into a smaller text please? Also, I have tried to download the free Thirdwire Zipper from this site, but in all cases the archive has appeared to be broken. Can anybody confirm that it's still working please? Thanks as usual, Andrew.
  6. Hi Community, I recently re-installed a merged copy of SF2E and SF2NA, and successfully installed the F-4N package from this site, however, I seem to have an issue with the F-4 in North Atlantic where the F-4 has no cockpit textures. Is there an easy fix for this please? And an extra thank you to the awesome modding community here. AJ.
  7. The last patch that I ran was for July 2013, and on top of that was a small patch, for the patch (lol) that was here at Combatace. I've had no crashes at all in sim, only occasionally not being able to see / locate targets as stated, almost like the sim forgets to put the target in place. I will keep on analyzing, and work out if it happens at any regular intervals. Many thanks, Andrew.
  8. Hi community, First up, a belated Merry Christmas to everybody, and wishing y'all a fantastic 2016! Now, I have this weird issue in all of my Thirdwire sims where sometimes, I will get to the I.P, and after looking / scanning etc, I cannot find the target at all. I radio base, and the option for 'direction to primary target' etc are greyed out, so I cannot gain any more info that way. I can fly around and around a target area scanning, and find nothing at all. Usually in this instance I just accept a 'mission failed' and fly back to base. Has anybody else experienced this? Thanks as always, Andrew.
  9. Thanks for the help Wrench, very much appreciated. Andrew.
  10. Hi community, Please bear with me here, long post follows. I have installed and uninstalled several of the Thirdwire sims over the years, mostly because like any good IT geek I regularly blow away my computer and rebuild it. Over the years though, I have found SFP2 Europe to be the most enjoyable, at least for me. With my latest install, I would like it to be very modded, but I'm not sure if it can be done. I would like to have just a single campaign that covers a Soviet invasion of Western Europe in the early '80's; say between 1980 and 1983-4. But the things that are throwing me are the aircraft and objects in the default sim. I am also happy to be corrected about any of this by the way. For example, I cannot recall F-100's or F-105's being based in Europe at that time. The same for some of the early MiGs such as the -15, -19 etc. Also, what the community here lists as 4th generation fighters (Sepecat Jaguar) I can recall seeing actively in England in the late 1970's. By the way; this is not a criticism to the modders here, more Thirdwire. I have the option because of this community to put these aircraft in. So, my main question is if I pull aircraft out, and put in new ones, will it break the default Red Lightning campaign? I would rather be mixing it with Floggers etc, as would have been the case. Same applies to having up to date SAMs. SAM activity seems not aggresive enough to me. I would also like to *attempt* to build a new similar campaign, but from a Soviet perspective. Final question, I've searched the forums, but can I reduced the text size for the radio messages that appears in the top left of the screen? Once again, many thanks in advance to this awesome community. AJ.
  11. Hi community, I'm back to glean some more wisdom from this great community. :-) Recently, I've had to downsize my "monitor" to the 42 inh LG TV that we have here. Anyway, in doing so, I have also had to reduce the resolution in SF2 Israel to 1360x768. Problem is, in doing so, I am now getting video with a lot of shimmering and "jaggies" in the sim (running through HDMI; no issues). I've searched the internet, but I cannot seem to find anything regarding Nvidia Inspector settings or the like for the sim. I've followed all of the tips on the forums here, but it still looks pretty awful. Is anybody using Inspector with this sim? If so would anybody be willing to share settings? Shame, because on my previous TV, it looked perfecto. Many thanks as usual, AJ.
  12. Oh, har har, how are you Mister David? Another year of difficulty for me, and even my Strike Fighters skills are leaving me. The pesky eels are still around too. LOL AJ.
  13. Hi guys, I've just installed my copy of Naval Fighters, and attempted to drop in the updated F-4N that is posted here to join in the fun. After reading the instructions though, and also checking through the forums today, I cannot find which files I need to extract from the SF2V F-4B and copy in to the F-4N. Can somebody advise me please? Thanks again, AJ.
  14. Eole2,How did you get all of the deck equipment on the carrier please? Is it a carrier that can be downloaded? Thanks, Andrew.
  15. Yes, I know that I should know better for somebody who has been into sims for so long, but I guess my lack of knowledge is due to the fact that FSX is my main sim, although I'm finally getting my head around the SF2 series. So, two, and ONLY two, (hopefully easy) questions: 1. Has anybody ever made an nHancer profile for the series? If so, can I be linked to where I can get it. 2. (I have never understood this one) In single missions, if I put together a strike package, there seems to be some bizarre limitations as to the kind of weapons I can use. Example; If I fly an F-105, and the set up some F-4's as an escort, I cannot arm the F-4's with Sparrows etc. Maybe it's one of those niggles about the sim, but I've never seen this written about before. Can anybody recommend any fixes for these issues please? Greatly appreciated as always, Andrew.

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