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  1. F-15A Air Superiority Blue

    Thanks once again so much. Truly a work of art.
  2. Hi community, I have dropped the Harrier + into my mod folder for SF2NA, but I'm finding that my flight is starting on ships that have insufficient deck lengths to take off. I've installed the improved carriers pack from this site (thanks to all!) so does anybody know of a work around for this issue? Many thanks, Andrew.
  3. Thirdwire F-15A Eagle Hi-Rez

    Amazingly detailed, and takes the aircraft up to a new level in this sim. Always know how much your work is appreciated, thanks so much. Andrew.
  4. ...Thanks to this awesome community! Have been flying the usual SF2E missions, but using helicopters instead! Sure, I know that some of the missions cannot be flown due to aircraft range, but man, memories of the old days of Janes Longbow 2, love it! Has anybody ever considered setting up a map or a campaign for these kinds of missions? Something awesome about getting up close and personal to a T-72 and using a TOW missile! Thanks so much everybody!
  5. This community never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for all of your efforts. Andrew.
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks once again for the quick replies, still loving this sim, even though it's been out for so many years! Crusader; I carried out the changes as mentioned in this thread, I must have done something wrong, because the existing HUD is still as it was (almost like a default gunsight). I will keep trying. MiGBuster; I've looked through both the Huddata.ini and Messagesystem.ini, but I cannot seem to see any references to the screen for the radio calls. I have attached a screenshot regarding the washing out of the colours. As you will see, my modifications have made SOME of the changes that I wanted, but not for the radio message selection as of yet. Once again, thanks to this awesome community.
  7. Hi community, Apologies firstly, I've done some searching of the forums, but to no avail. So, I have a few questions in regards to my enjoyment of SFP2E. So, here goes: 1. Has anybody ever added CCIP to the F-4? I would like to do this. 2. Compared to a lot of the screenshots I see here, my scenery looks a little 'washed out'. Is this something I can change in the sim, or is this done post screenshot? 3. (This one is driving me nuts!) Which .ini file do I edit to reduce the size of the text for wingman commands please? Many thanks, and Happy New Year to this great community. Andrew.
  8. That is indeed a true work of art! Thank you for your commitment to this.
  9. Hi community, I recently did the big rebuild to Windows 10 (Gasp!) and as a result, I will be reinstalling some of my Thirdwire sims in the near future, but I have a quick question if the esteemed members here can help me please.... I was going to reinstall SF2NA (as it's the newest sim in this range) however, in the past, I have found that the campaign missions become somewhat repetitive, and indeed, some of the missions in my view are ridiculously impossible to complete. For example, strike missions where one must attack an entire carrier battle group. Have any mods been made to resolve this? I would love to see a little more variation if at all possible. As usual, any and all replies much appreciated. Thanks, AJ.
  10. I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you guys out there in the modding community that are doing such a good job of keeping this sim alive. I've not had a lot of time to fly, but recently I downloaded and installed the Korean War mod, and boy, is this payware quality or what! Honestly, I believe that you guys have done a better job on Korea than even TK could, if he had ventured that far. I'm hoping that as I'm getting older, and things are starting to slow down for me a little, I might be able to get around to making some mods for this simulator. The past 5-6 years I've been doing a lot of stuff with FSX, and now also with FSW by Dovetail. Because the formats of the two sims are so similar, I'm not sure what I would need to learn to start modding for Strike Fighters. Big life change coming up again soon. Once again, thanks to all for transforming this sim for us all. Your work is greatly appreciated. Andrew.
  11. Very strange indeed...... Getting through the Linebacker campaign in WoV at the moment, and in the last 2 sorties, *somebody* has been using nuclear weapons! Not really a problem to me, because the use of these "buckets of sunshine" is absolutely kicking the arse of the AAA sites, so it's making ingress in my A-7 much easier :-) I also recall seeing a file here for highly increased SAM activity. Is it still around guys? Thanks again, Andrew.
  12. No, not my flying....lol Recently, I have updated all of my Thirdwire sims, and downloaded the Campaign Customizer to make some minor changes. I made some changes to WOE2, and WOV2, and in both cases, I have got into the third or force mission of the campaign, flown really well, hit all of my primary and secondary targets, and then the sim seems to have minimized to my desktop, and cannot be restored. This is very weird indeed, has anybody else experienced this? Thanks, Andrew.
  13. Hi Kevin, Apologies for the delay in my reply, I've been under the pump somewhat at work. Also planning a major life style change in future. Anyway, found all of the files in WoV and made the required changes, but with work the past few weeks, have had little time to fly anyway. Still unable to find the .ini to reduce the text size of the radio messages, but will keep searching for a solution. Also, think that my memory is starting to get a bit dodgy in my old age......lol. Thanks again guys, Andrew.
  14. But last night I searched 90 pages of this forum, and could not find...... Hi community, Which .ini file must I edit to make the Wingman commands into a smaller text please? Also, I have tried to download the free Thirdwire Zipper from this site, but in all cases the archive has appeared to be broken. Can anybody confirm that it's still working please? Thanks as usual, Andrew.

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