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  1. Mirage Factory F-5E for SF2

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    1 hour ago, toot said:

    is it possible to re-release it with a better flight model? i dont know how much time this things take/ if its even possible for it 

    All I did was updating some minor stuff to SF2 standards, but the team that made it originally went through lots of changes, including the death of the founde Bpao. There are newer mods about the F-5E, and the current standard in that regard seems to be this one: 


  2. Mirage Factory F-5E for SF2

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    7 minutes ago, crisisloaner said:

    Nice work but the plane still seems to bleed speed and energy in a turn and is prone to stalls during high g manouvers

    It is a very old model, i changed just enough to make it SF2 compatible around 11 years ago, the only reason i updated it is because i noticed the years of posts regarding a missing effect. I'm going to try newer mods, to see how it works.

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  3. Great job , for all those involved, I just started to fly them, and the only planes wich i like almost as much as that are the MiG29 and the Mirage 2000 (both MF too). Just saying, i got the A+ and found a WMFA-314 skin. As i liked the squadron, i piced it up. So when i fsaw it, i thought it was horrible. The job of a drunk man, wich however, was familiar in some way.


    Indeed, it was the first skin i uploaded years agp. I don´t mind being not in the credits, since i didn´t do much but get another skin by dave (i think it was wmfa-122) and mess with the BMP, but just in case you didn´t try it, it is too bad to be released. Do what you want, but i guess you didn´t try each of the skins, and the one i mean is less than good enough fr that model.

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