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  1. Great job , for all those involved, I just started to fly them, and the only planes wich i like almost as much as that are the MiG29 and the Mirage 2000 (both MF too). Just saying, i got the A+ and found a WMFA-314 skin. As i liked the squadron, i piced it up. So when i fsaw it, i thought it was horrible. The job of a drunk man, wich however, was familiar in some way.


    Indeed, it was the first skin i uploaded years agp. I don´t mind being not in the credits, since i didn´t do much but get another skin by dave (i think it was wmfa-122) and mess with the BMP, but just in case you didn´t try it, it is too bad to be released. Do what you want, but i guess you didn´t try each of the skins, and the one i mean is less than good enough fr that model.

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