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  1. Welcome! I would suggest you get SF2 Complete if you haven't bought any yet, you will end up wanting to buy all games, expansions and DLCs however obscure they might be. The game itself doesn't need much in the way of hardware, other than it seems not to like Nvidia for some reason, IIRC. Better ask someone more knowledgeable on that topic. 

    If I were you I would start playing mostly stock, learn a bit about how mods work and then get them bit by bit depending on what you find most interesting. 

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  2. My issues are not so drastic, but despite a fairly decent SSD laptop I do feel a noticeable improvement in performance with the fewest aircraft mods possible, but it does play great with maps like Green Hell and tons of (mostly stock) aircraft in the air. Seems like much of the issue, for me at least is reading different aircraft skin BMPs.

    That being said, I've got to appreciate a lot of the stock aircraft. The only modded one I have is my Frankensabre with two generic skins. Edit: Well, I just saw the F-86H, I guess that makes two aircraft mods.

  3. Something I've seen people in DCS do a lot, in my opinion, and it has become more apparent with the Mirage F1, is pulling too much AoA / too many Gs, almost stalling their aircraft. Many of the aircraft they have had could tolerate that, but if they lean towards the mid Cold War era, like in our SF2 niche years, they'll end up changing the meta and manage their energy much more carefully. 

    Specially with the Hun, chances are it will become Farmer fodder. I hope the Phantom, being as iconic, brings more attention to the way they had to fly them in Vietnam for example. 

    I hope to get into DCS in a couple of months though, and be gangbanged by these people. The effort and passion that community seems to put into the hobby is beyond my comprehension.  They don't count the rivets, they check if they have the right twist and gauge.

  4. 4 hours ago, EricJ said:

    Personally I can't let this go as while I've stopped modding in Arma 3, I still do troubleshooting  and general support for my mods. It's what you're supposed to do, i.e. be responsible for your work. And that means making sure that buyers get your product, even if it's automated. Just piss poor service gets at me all the time.

    Pretty much the point. I never complained about SF2 being abandoned if it wasn't profitable to develop any further, but if you are going to keep it on sale, at least make sure you are not selling it faulty or, in this case, not delivering it. 

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  5. I've often wondered the same, beside issues like short range and, well, engines catching fire, it would seem like if the real Farmer was as good as it is in game it would have been much more ubiquitous and popular, not that it wasn't in real life but not as much as MiG-17s and 21s. I guess it might have had, as both the 17 and 21, some issues with the control surfaces at higher speeds but I've never heard any of that

  6. 18 hours ago, KJakker said:

    is Penny supposed to be the Penny Benjamin that Goose mentioned back in the original movie?

    I always felt she was meant to be

  7. It was awesome. Agree that it felt better than the first one, as blasphemous as it might sound. 

    Bonus points for Maverick's jacket: In the trailers they had apparently replaced RoC and Japan flags for PRC points, they used the right ones in the film. Here's hoping they slipped it through and Tom Cruise burned some social credit score

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  8. It is only the fact that the Ukranians haven't acknowledged it that could spell any doubt in my opinion. It does seem too surgical to be a false flag, hitting an actually relevant target without, reportedly, killing anybody, as compared to, say, a ballistic missile hitting a population center.

    I have the feeling those might have even been Russian Hinds going rogue, either on their own accord or some pretty ballsy commander trying to hinder their own advance to avoid or delay further carnage for some reason. It wouldn't be the first reported case of Russians sabotaging themselves or going red on red to avoid combat. Still, pretty weird, it would be awesome if the Ukranians had turned the tables that much, but if it is the own Russian military turning around, that would be even better. 

  9. 3 hours ago, daddyairplanes said:

    i dunno. Raptor is a rare enough bird, they might put the money into patching her up.

    but if not then yeah, she'll live on in the rest of the fleet

    The B-2 they rebuilt seemed beyond salvaging after all. Not sure it is the same

  10. 4 hours ago, guuruu said:

    Believe me or not, but I'm really trying to don't show how angry I am ...


    I do believe you man. I've been frustrated and pissed off at the whole thing since the invasion started. Just like with the Syrian Civil War or when Daesh steamrolled Iraq, or Libya when they started the air strikes on cities.

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  11. The main issue I have when flying Red Air is Sparrows kicking me in the face once Phantoms become more common, when in reality most of those shots wouldn't have been taken without ID being possible, you could reduce Sparrow's theorical rmax range to represent that. Other than that, early on, I would take a MiG-17 or a MiG-19 (stock) against pretty much everything in a dogfight. If you mean with mods, it is pretty much how they are set up. Not that it is completely unrealistic though. 

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  12. 8 hours ago, streakeagle said:

    It was hard to believe MiG-17s were taking down F-4s and F-105s, but it happened. There is no substitute for good pilots and good tactics. I doubt either side of the current conflict has had much money to spend on training and maintenance, so the winner will be whoever figures out how to use their strengths against the enemy's weaknesses. At present, I have seen no facts, only hearsay and speculation. But I don't doubt that it is possible for a MiG-29 to beat an Su-35 for the same reasons that a MiG-25 was able to down an F/A-18 Hornet.

    It seems it was more or less the same, they were stalking them at crazy low levels. The footage which was initially dubbed as a Russian Fulcrum launching a rocket salvo at civilians, with a kid crying on the background (got me pissed like crazy) seemed to be an Ukranian Fulcrum ripple firing R73s with one of them going dud into the building.

    It sounds crazy, but I want to believe there was one guy who pulled that off. Hell, just several of them stacking the VVS would be as good really.

  13. Sorry, one of my laziest yet. Probably will spend more time writing the post than making this. 

    In the early 40s, many of the factions who supported Franco during the Spanish Civil War had become disenchated, seeing Spain as subservient towards Nazi Germany, seeing no signs of restoration and watching other fascist dictatorships fail, and by 1944, with the Allies landing in Normandy and making a German intervention all but impossible, took the opportunity ousted the General in favour of Juan III, heir of Alfonso XIII, last king before the Republic, which in turn reinstated a constitutional monarchy, who joined the Allies against Germany, although by that time and still in poor condition after the war, there wasn't much Spain could do to contribute to the Allied war effort other than seasoned veterans and new supply and attack routes. Having been trained by the Royal Navy, Juan III was considered  an Anglophile, and during the efforts to rebuild the country after the war, the Gloster Meteor became the first jet fighter of the Spanish Air Force, seeing combat in Korea and Western Sahara.

    Stock F8, Syrian camo with arab numerals replaced with the Israeli ones. It really took me more time to come up with the alternate story than getting the skin.



    Edit: Just felt like I had to add some more.

    After Korea, it was clear the Meteor was useful but obsolescent, and a new fighter was needed. While the Hawker Hunter was promising, it was the Canadair Sabre Mk6 that was selected

    This is my FrankenSabre. I couldn't stop getting the proper Mk6 to stall and spin, but the F-86F40 was foolproof enough to me, so I copy-pasted an Orenda on it along with a ton of other things. It has so many mismatched parts I can't credit properly, but to name a few, Zur, Wrench, PauloPanz... The skin was Ethiopian, I think, but could be Iranian or South African  It is indeed Strahi's Ethiopia, butchered a bit. I just had several generic looking ones made to save space. 


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