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  1. CV-41 Carrier Addon

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    The 3 files included are the CARGOSHIP_DATA.INI, this is needed to get the smoke to come out of the stack in the new location; and cargoship.lod which is the model itself, and I am including the cargoship.out which is generated when exporting the object from 3ds Max (not really sure what this does).


    Currently to use the carrier fly an antishipping mission. The Antishipping mission is usually a group of cargoships but randomly has Tankers at times...this Mod replaces the Cargoship and not the Tanker, so if you get a tanker you will need to exit and reload the mission. A quick way to tell is surface radar, if multiple contacts then likely you got the carrier(s), if a single ship likely a tanker. The Carrier is visible at 8 miles.


  2. F-4B VF-84 Jolly Rogers

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    *INSERTD* This skin depicts VF-84 "Jolly Rogers". VF-84 was stationed at NAS Oceana (Virginia Beach, Virginia)Improvements over the 2.0 Version1. "DANGER" "JET INTAKE" is readable on Nose of aircraft2. Ejection Seat triangles markings near canopy are more defined3. Added U.S.S. Roosevelt to aft fuselage4. resized and repositioned the modex number on tail5. added modex number to Flaps6. Custom "Patch" showing the Scull and Crossbones at "Loadout" "Paint Scheme" Screen.7. Radar PPI (Plane Position Indicators) have Green rdr screen effect in cockpit of both Pilot and RIO.


  3. I am not sure I have not had a chance to try it online yet. I believe the host will get a message saying the files do not match but I believe it will play.


    Hyperlobby is coming soon so a standard needs to be established without a doubt.


    I will play with the new Sonalysts files online.

  4. Sound vs Speed DB fix

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    Official fix for Sound vs Speed issue from Sonalysts.



    1) Use your favorite ZIP extracting application to extract the file to your root install directory (default: C:\Program Files\Sonalysts Combat Simulations\Dangerous Waters)

    2) The Database directory is included in the archive, so extract with "Relative Path" included (which is default for most ZIP applications)


    NOTE: Passive torpedos tend to "wash themselves out" at high speeds. We do not recommend using a speed faster than 30-35 knots to engage quieter subsurface contacts.


    Let me know if you have any problems,

    - Jamie


  5. From Madmatt and the Battlefront.com boards...


    Hello everyone, I thought you might to get a little update on the first DW patch. I know we haven't said a lot about it yet but we were busy working on it.


    In a surprise move, a developer and publisher actually have some GOOD news about a patch. We have finished our primary testing of the patch and are just wrapping up the final Q-A on it. This process usually takes about a week or so. If everything goes to plan, you should have the patch in your hungry little hands shortly.


    Now, this first patch (and yes, there will me more) was designed to address the most pressing issues related to Single and Multiplayer stability, game lockups and overall gameplay. Having said that, as you will see below, we packed a lot of other stuff into it.


    Since you guys have been amazingly patient I wanted to go ahead and post the patch notes so you can see what's in store. The patch will also include John Steed's Sonar Profile document that was meant to go into the gold version but got omitted by mistake. This document lists all the naval units, the respective frequencies that they emit and their TPK and blade count. VERY useful resource to have on hand, believe me!


    Okay, so below are the patch notes. And remember, this is just the first patch and we do listen and read all your comments here and on the other forums!


    Dangerous Waters Update Version 101 Notes






    Save game files which were created with v1.00, will no longer be compatible with this

    verson of Dangerous Waters.


    Attention Scenario Creators!: Even though mission editor will allow it, you cannot name a

    goal and a script by the same name.





    - The FFG Towed Array Assign ATF method now checks the validity of all trackers.


    - Nav UID's were changed to have a root number based on multiplayer ID.

    Waypoint-reached messages coming from the sim are now passed to all players in



    - Fixed NavalSimEngine crash when aircraft re-emerged from hangar.


    - Fixed NavalSimEngine crash when objects were dynamically removed from scenario (Sicilian Wedding)


    - Improved the font blending algorithm to stop the mouse stuttering and increase overall

    frame rate.


    - It is now possible to leave the FFG Missile Control Screen while unloading an SM-2 or a Harpoon

    and when you return, the rail will behave as expected.


    - The DEMON speed in the FFG Towed Array Screen is now correct.


    - The OTS buoy display is now independent of the loadout so that buoys will always launch.


    - Corrected a string overrun in the Acoustic Display on the FFG and the P3.


    - No longer allow charging HP Air while the emergency blow vents are open.


    - Made the speed that a single diesel engine can achieve dependent on the depth of

    the KILO.


    - Corrected a problem in the KILO where the user could not force the submarine to

    ignore waypoints.


    - The TMA was improved to ensure that the newly created merged contacts always appear

    in the top of the drop down list.


    - All Radars were using meters per second instead of knots when creating a solution.

    This was corrected.


    - The diesel engines will now turn off if the snorkel mast is damaged.


    - Sometimes Towed Array trackers do not get a valid sierra name and number, this was



    - Campaign mission "Strait of Malacca" - 688's "MISSION COMPLETE" goal was referencing

    an incorrect goal that was not related to its mission.


    - Campaign mission "South Korea" - Helo closest to ownship FFG will now recognize and

    follow ASTAC ordered waypoints.


    - Removed any delays that were not allowing the STIR to go to CWI. This is an experimental

    fix since this bug could not be reproduced.


    - TMA autocrew slowed to only change the selected solution every 5 seconds.


    - Single Mission "Liberian Liberation" - Seals will now rescue the hostages.


    - Single Mission "African Bees Nest" - Lookout autocrew will now identify the pier so it

    remains visible.


    - The Collins was made to have a commensurate noise level.


    - The MAD sensor range was shortened to allow very deep submarines to escape detection.


    - In multiplayer, the client FFG could never control its own helo (while the server could).


    - In the multiplayer mission, MP4-NGFS.mp, the second FFG's helo was defined before

    the helo itself was defined, so the Second FFG could never control its inflight helo.


    - A Saved Game bug was fixed where the game crashed after load. If there was an aircraft

    on the deck of an aircraft carrier when the aircraft carrier was hit, the game would



    - Fixed a Multiplayer infinite loop which occured when the host tried to merge two

    solutions that were the same solution together.


    - Altered the Quick Mission databases which was generating some missions with zero enemies



    - Additional verifications added to ensure that entities "still exist" before attempting to

    reference them in the NavalSimEngine.


    - Fixed the frequency alignment problem between the Frequency Waterfall and the NB profile

    display. Also added the ability for the profile display to report the frequency under the



    - Fixed a logic error in all subs where damage to starboard tubes was processed on the port

    tubes and vice-versa.


    - Fixed the infinite marking problem when playing in multi-station mode.


    - Fixed the strange character problem which was showing up in the 688/seawolf BB screen


    - Removed the problem in the BB DDI where the ambiguous contact was showing up as the

    assigned Sierra.


    - Fixed a problem with the trackers losing their identity after the contact was lost and



    - Fixed a problem where the periscope on/off switch on the 688 got out of sequence when

    the periscope was ordered raised by voice command.


    - Fixed a problem where a non-ambiguous contact became orphaned when the TMA dropped the

    ambiguous contact.


    - Fixed the problem of mirrored sierra numbers showing up under the cursor when the

    contact has not been resolved.



    Files Modified for end-user (English)


    DangerousWAters.exe (version 1.0.1)

    NavalSimEngine.dll (version 1.0.2)






    /interfaces/MH60/ATO.dll (version 1.0.1)

    /interfaces/P3/AcousticDisp.dll (version 1.0.1)

    /interfaces/FFG/ASTAC.dll (version 1.0.1)

    /interfaces/FFG/AcousticDisp.dll (version.1.0.1)

    /interfaces/FFG/TMA.dll (version 1.0.1)

    /interfaces/FFG/TowedArray.dll (version 1.0.1)

    /interfaces/FFG/WeaponsControl.dll (version 1.0.1)

    /interfaces/KILO/Radar.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/KILO/TMA.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/KILO/ShipControl.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/KILO/FCTarget.dll (version 1.0.1)

    /interfaces/KILO/SonarBB.dll (version 1.0.1)

    /interfaces/688I/TMA.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/688I/Radar.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/688I/SonarNB.dll (version 1.0.4)

    /interfaces/688I/FCTD.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/688I/Periscope.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/688I/SonarBB.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/688I/ShipControl.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/SSN21/SonarNB.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/SSN21/TMA.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/SSN21/Radar.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/SSN21/FCTD.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/SSN21/SonarBB.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/AkulaII/TMA.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/AkulaII/Radar.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/AkulaII/FCTD.dll (version 1.0.3)

    /interfaces/AkulaII/ShipControl.dll (version 1.0.3)




  6. P3CactivevsKilo

    Kilo in a 100x100nm box, surfaced for first 5 minutes of exercise. Use Radar and ESM to determine which contact is likely a sub and procede to datum. Sub will go sinker and you are to prosecute the Datum. Active is authorized. Include screens and how too should help be needed.


  7. BrettDez_Demo_Scenarios.zip

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    New missions for the Demo.

    1. MH-60R Seahawk ASuW Demo:

    Scenario has pretty much the exact same stuff, only now your OHP Frigate is hostile towards you and is no longer your base. The goals are modified for the killing of the OHP. So hunt it out, approach and see if you can nail that sucker. If you want, you can still hunt the Victor III afterwards... Be careful! The FFG is MORE than capable of knocking your little seahawk out of the sky! It will not be easy! Have fun though!



    2. MH60R-Seahawk ASW: Convoy Defense (HUNT DOWN 2 KILOs!!!)

    A convoy of two cargo ships and a super tanker is being escorted by a US OHP Frigate with SH-60R Seahawk. You are the helicopter and must protect the convoy from two Kilo-Class Diesel Submarines attempting to attack the convoy!!! Let the convoy reach the goal line and resupply American troops! It is slightly buggy, one Kilo sometimes surfaces by accident.....not horrible though.THERE IS A BUG! YOU MUST HAVE LINK DATA TURNED OFF IN OPTIONS BEFORE YOU START SCENARIO!



    3. Kilo-Class Diesel Submarine ASuW: Convoy Attack

    A convoy of two cargo ships and a super tanker is being escorted by a US OHP Frigate with SH-60R Seahawk. You are one of two Kilo-Class Diesel Submarines and must DESTROY the convoy!!! DON'T let the convoy reach the goal line and resupply American troops! It is slightly buggy, the AI Kilo sometimes surfaces by accident.....not horrible though.



    4. Kilo-Class Diesel Submarine ASW: Sub Hunt

    You must hunt down a Viktor III-Class SSN that has gone rogue and is attempting to attack shipping in the waters south of us. We must stop him. Hunt down the Viktor III and attempt to torpedo him without giving him a chance to fire back. Locations of the Viktor have been slightly effected from the original canned scenario this was made from.


  8. Martin from Battlefront has posted that DW will not ship this Friday, but was looking good for this Monday or Tuesday :). Those that preordered, should have them the mid to end of the week!


    The review is still in work and hopefully will be posted this weekend :)




  9. With the Preorders being taken and the final product being readied for shipment, we have antipated the need for hosting Dangerous Waters files. Biohaz is in the process of enabling a Dangerous Waters File Upload/Download area. It will feature an area for Custom Missions, Custom Skins, and Utilities.





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