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  1. View File MiG-31M & BM Foxhound SF2 ****************MiG-31 Foxhound M/BM for SF2******************** 1.NOTE, original BM came without the creators ReadMe so I included the ReadMe from latest mod version and that's MiG-31M since creators are basically the same I see no problem 2.CREDITS; ------- Credits ------- MiG-31M Model - Jv44kt,Erwin_Hans FM by Lindr2,Erwin_Hans Sound by MarcFighter,Erwin_Hans Cockpit by - Jv44kt,YEYEYE,Erwin_Hans HUD by Lindr2,Erwin_Hans Radar Screen by Lindr2,Erwin_Hans Skin by Jv44kt Also,special thanks to Lindr2's datebase. And Thanks to all CAer's help! ******** EVERYONE CAN USE THESE MODELS for all Third Wire projects, as you want.************************ Erwin_Hans and jv44kt. ----------------Inksy Group 2009 3.INSTALLATION Simply uncompress the file into your MOD's folder :) If you are new to the series then your MOD folder is either; C:\Documents and Settings\<Name>\My Documents\ThirdWire\ if you are using WinXP or; C:\Users\<Name>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\ if you are using Vista/Win7 4.NOTHING REALLY I think that's it, did I forget anything? Submitter Brain32 Submitted 07/17/2009 Category MiG-31  
  2. Mirage F-1C200

  3. 435th TFS skin for F-100C

  4. F-101A/C Voodoo for SF2


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