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  1. RT @_Snape_: During the Battle of Hogwarts, there was blame on both sides. There were very fine people on both sides.

  2. Chipmunks album + 16 RPM turntable setting = amazing doom #metal sound. Weird #music of the day. —@TheAVClub https://t.co/A3QywKWTh2


    #AmericanU found that regular, controlled #WashingtonDC wildfires are crucial to[...]healthy political environment https://t.co/R3MTDYDIGh


  4. Is anyone else weirded out that #horoscope(s) and #Zodiac signs are suddenly relevant and "#viral" again? Thanks, #Facebook and #tumblr.

  5. If anyone loves me...this is my entire wishlist. My poor #hamradio HT needs an #antenna. #christmas or sooner? https://t.co/EyFaIUmV7z

  6. RT @JacquelynGill: Ben Carson thinks the pyramids were used to store grain, not buried rulers. 1) pyramids aren't hollow, and 2) ancient Eg…


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