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  1. 4 hours ago, Menrva said:

    @dtmdragon My bad, I have all SF2 stuff. I simply thought you had worked on modified decals.ini and textureset.ini files for all skins, so I was saying they are not present in the package, as madvad pointed out. It's fine that they use the default ones! Generally, it's always better to include them though. Indeed, madvad is having issues because he renamed folders. Without renaming, paths are the same of the archived stock aircraft, so everything should work fine.

    Totally unrelated. You must not rename aircraft folders, as dtmdragon said, otherwise you won't have the "missing" stock files. It's easier that you port any additional skins over this latest MiG-23 mod.

    Ok, I will try it ;)

  2. 1 hour ago, dtmdragon said:


    I will update the MLDe userlist. I cant understand why you are having trouble with the MF decals and textures. The game should be using the default ones as I have not changed them hence they are not in the download. If you change any of the aircraft or texture file names then you would have the issues you are describing but as they are in the download they should work fine unless you dont have a SF2 title with the MiG-23MF in it?

    Let me explain: I have the full merged SF2 with tons of gigs of mods that I gathered during these more than ten years flying it.
    I downloaded your package, and installed it for testing.
    In order not to conflict with the old mods with the same name that I had, I cut them out and pasted them into an out-of-game folder.
    It was something that I noticed the texture errors.
    Basically, Soviet aircraft work without problems, but all gray skins have this problem "(LOD?), And decals from several nations do not appear.

    I don't know if the problem with decals has to do with me using the medal and expansion pack available here (I don't think so, as it always worked perfectly.)

    As I didn't want to overwrite the old MiG-23 I already had, because many of them have skins that don't exist in the package you created and use in several campaigns that I created / modified, I decided to rename your files and fly both, in the hope of one day there will be these skins for your mod, which is fantastic.

    That is the explanation of you seeing the names changed, but the errors already occurred with them default.


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