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  1. I think we all recognize Senator McCain as a true American Hero and Statesman.


    Show your support for him, as a community, right here!


    I have met him. Talked to him one on one.


    He is the real deal.


    Get well soon John. We are praying for you!

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  2. USA should just shut the whole thing down.


    Go back to days when it was what we used to talk to our submarines.....

    People do not understand that the "internet" was designed as a weapon.


    Instead of making an unbreakable code on RF.


    Create a completely new way to communicate.

    The two most peaceful endeavors of mankind...Atom bomb. Internet.


    Have caused more problems than anything!


    I support Net Neutrality.


    But, it is not a right.

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  3. Maybe you are on to something....


    Zero crap....


    Zombie ship on auto pilot hits warship on full watch.....


    The USS Porter affair not same thing.


    Listen to the audio.... Porters' Skipper obviously was an idiot.

  4. Newsmax. Says it all.


    I agree with Typhoid.


    Must give way to a USN frigate.... under any circumstance.

    Yeah I know it is a Destroyer. Same as everyone elses Cruisers. We operate them as frigates....


    Please forgive the USN for having 58 of them!




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