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  1. Downloaded all 3 parts, and although the first two worked just fine, and installed properly, the third part came out with broken files by the dozens. Installed it anyways, and although the sim comes up properly, my X-52 joystick does not command anything to do with firing of weapons or displaying views. for example, my autopilot switch now just turns the external lights on and off. Is this a problem with the download, the stick not working with the sim, or is this a vista/WOV compatibility problem? The stick works just fine with my unmodded WOV. Oh, and one other thing, exiting the sim causes my laptop to freeze, requiring a restart from the on/off button. Has anyone else run into anything simular, or shall I just have to fool around with this to see if I can get it to work. The first two uploads sure made the sim look better, and the selection of aircraft, missions, and the presentation are just awsome.


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