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  1. Works great in FE2, just out of curiousity I tried it in SF2, worked there too yet the instruments didn't show up, just the background drawing. Only reason SF2 may be a better option is that radios were installed in aircraft around the mid-1930's and became common in the SCW, and FE2 doesn't support radios of any sort.


    The CR42 had provision for radio, but they were in short supply and seldom installed.  Gepard has described how to wake up dormant SF code so it works in FE - including radio communication.



  2. If you are willing to do the work, what is needed is finished menus in both sizes.  Some of your menus, for example the credits screen, feature an ornate border that is a good stylistic match for the WW1 period.  Could you develop menu variants that have a different stylistic "feel"?  Something that matches the 1930s?  Whether you make a few modifications to your existing menus, or design totally new ones I leave up to you.  Anything would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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