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  1. Sorry for calling but I'ld need Your help.


    I'm making an IL-28 / H-5 /B-228 pack with a serie of silver, green & camo skins.


    As usual, I'ld like to make historical decal numbers.


    But I have only few of them for the CVL.


    Could You help me ?


    Thank You in advance.






    The WOE 64 from the topic below (now SF-2EU 64) it's not dead, is slowly going on. Most of the skins & plane added in last months are done for that, too. This one, too.




    I help you!

  2. The game is WOV. I've thought about the firewall issue, actually, and I've looked to see if anything was blocked afterwards but there wasn't anything in my logs. I have to hardboot the computer though each time since the screen just stays black. Do you know what ports multiplayer on WOV uses? 


    Without even knowing what game you are asking about, I will venture a guess as to what is happening:

    You have a firewall enabled on your PC, so when you click on multi-player and the game starts trying to scan for hosts, it hangs.

    Examples of games that I have witnessed with this behavior include the Third Wire SFP1 series, Operation Flashpoint, and Starfleet Command.

    Sometimes, you will see a dialog box asking if you want to allow the game to pass through the firewall (if so, say yes and maybe your problem is solved), but I have seen many cases where someone's firewall interacted in such a way that there was no dialog box to let you know what was happening.


    A quick test will tell you whether or not your firewall is your problem: turn it off and start multiplayer.

    If you stop getting the black screen, then the firewall is the problem.

    If so, you have two choices:

    1) Leave the firewall off while playing the game.

    2) Configure the firewall to open the appropriate ports for the game.

  3. When I click on multiplayer my screen just goes black and never comes up with anything! My friend is able to click on multiplayer and set up his computer as the host but when I try I just get a black screen so I'm not able to join. I've looked through everything I can find on the subject but I've seen no mention of this problem. Any suggestions? It's pretty damn frustrating. I just want to play a co-op mission with my friend. I don't suppose I can use the online option with Hyperlobby either since I would have to click multiplayer to use it, too. 

  4. Like I said, I am just trying the game out so I don't know if I want to buy it or not just yet. I kind of want to get a feel for it and see if I like it enough. I heard that it was a good game for mods and such and that there was a decent sized online community. You never know when it comes to older games. Sometimes there's just no one left online still playing it. 


    A couple more questions, though.


    1. Can you set it up to play lan with just your friends who are on the same router? If so, how can I do that?


    2. Also, I'm having a bit of difficulty navigating the downloads here. Is there a way to filter them so I only see the ones for WOV?


    3. Any thoughts on "First Eagles"? I've been looking for a good WWI sim for a while now. It looks like it's the same game engine but I was wondering if there are a lot of people who play it online still. Maybe that's more my speed.


    Thanks for your help!




    All of the above posters are correct in that you should buy the sim and never cheat TK out of anything he has blessed us with these sims and the ability to mod them at no cost please buy the game :good:

  5. I wanted to to introduce myself and say hi here. My first post and I'm new to WOV. My friend introduced me to this game and we are both playing it now. What I was wondering is if there is some sort of patch or iso I can use so we don't have to keep switching the disc back and forth between our computers to start the game. I thought there would probably be some sort of way to do this but I haven't seen mention of it yet. Great game, though, and I love that there is a big online community for it here! Thanks in advance.


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