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Status Updates posted by ValAstur

  1. My Son is 10 months now and keeping me troubled... :-)

  2. There's no bigger wonder than life... I'll become father at the end of july :-)

    1. Spinners


      Belated congratulations Mario!

    2. SayWhatt


      Congratulations dude!!

    3. SayWhatt


      Very, very belated congratulations, that is! :p

  3. Off for holidays... see you all in one Week!

  4. I need a break...from the break ;-)

  5. Taking a break from skinning...

    1. Stratos


      Enjoy the break!

  6. Back from my holidays...

  7. Off for well deserved holidays. I'll be back in a week...

    1. Stratos


      Enjoy them my friend!!

  8. Ordered new graphics card... GTX 660 Ti. Finally I will be able to pimp my SF2...

    1. Brain32


      Oh man that's a great card, you will really be able to pimp it up :)

  9. Was tired of my nickname. So I changed it. But it's still me... NazGhul :-)

    1. Teras


      NazGhul is better than the current one :) kidding you still look good man

    2. SayWhatt


      So THAT's who that is. lol


  10. I have to take a break from modding because real life demands a lot of time at the moment. But: I'll be back :-)

    1. Muesli


      Real Life is most important! Good luck and we'll see you back when it's quiet on the homefront!

  11. Concerning E-Type Suzumebachi:

    Thought about it. Will release an update for the F/A-18M including the E-Version

  12. Strange. Can't you also see the other pics in the other threads I opened?

  13. I think I can slowly return to the skinning and modding thing... :-)

    1. jahm


      saludos: perdon por el tiempo que tarde en responder tu mensaje, sobre el repintado del su-30,claro si puedes, hablame mas sobre tu proyecto parece interesante

  14. Need a break. Modding and skinning consumed me a lot.

    1. Stary


      I know the feeling NazGhul, take it -it keeps one sane. I do take a break from TW from time to time every several months, helps.

  15. Concerning F-35E Lobo: It's a full plane.

  16. Does converting of a plane from SF1 to SF2 count as modding? Do I have to ask the "converter" if I can take his plane and mod it and release it again? Just asking.

  17. Thank you very much, my friend.

  18. Hello Sony

    Is it ok for you if I release the fictional Drakens which I just posted into the screenshot thread of SF2?

    Kindest regards


  19. Pues lógico...¡todo por la patria!

  20. Pues lógico...¡todo por la patria!


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