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  1. Can't Get Off the Ground When Mission Starts

    Prop-Wasche, Yes I have the flight controls set to "mine" I've looked over the controls and the axis of the joystick are assigned, and the game see the joystick in the box below flight controls. I'll try recommended, but as of right now I have all sliders on 1 with the best resolution for my monitor. I will try reseting the files as well. Yes when I uninstall the game I search through my drives for folders that work with OFF. Thank you sirs for the advice I will put it into action.
  2. Can't Get Off the Ground When Mission Starts

    Well I didnt know of CFS needing a patch. I'll be looking for that! When I get patch 3.1 do I need to reinstall OFF?
  3. Can't Get Off the Ground When Mission Starts

    I've reinstalled OFF twice, and the only thing I get when I'm on the runway is "loading Simulator" "Start engine" and "brake applied" The mini radar works and seems like the entire interface still works. I just cant get the plane moving. My install use to work. I stopped playing for about a week, came back and the planes will not take off. So I reinstalled it several times now and still no go. Hope someone can help.
  4. mp game thurs 730 pm edt just for fun

    I'll take a rain check on the game, my install went wacko and I cant figure it out. when I'm up and running again I'll let you gents know!
  5. mp game thurs 730 pm edt just for fun

    I'll try to make this game. I dont have 1.3 installed either just the 1.30 patch.
  6. I've Installed CFS3, it plays smooth. Then I installed OFF with 1.30 patch. When try to fly in quick combat mission everything loads up fine. The only problem, I can't start the engine and I have no control of the aircraft. I push the "e" key to start the engine and I have no response. All function keys work, the HAT on my joystick works, and esc is also fine. Sometimes I have a message flashing "simulation loading", I've sat and waited to see if the message would stop but it never does. Other than that the game looks great, I followed the ATI graphics FAQ and now the game is pleasent on the ground. Just would like to get airborne. Any ideas?

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