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  1. long day but not as long as the day most veterns have. Thank you all for your service and sacrifices.

    1. whiteknight06604


      this would have sounded better if i knew how to spell. ;)

    2. Dave


      lol its all good man

  2. interesting how some people can be consistently arrogant and rude and very thin skinned.

    1. Viggen


      That's just humans being humans.

    2. whiteknight06604


      true but sometimes people get sick of the childish behavior. ;)

    3. JediMaster


      Yes classic cases of "can dish it out but can't take it"

  3. intersting how some peole can be so thin skinned and utterly rude....and cowardly.

  4. well that was rather idiotic.....

  5. lots of us are hoping you return.

  6. I'm really thinking those 5 mcDoubles I had for lunch were a bad idea.....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. FastCargo
    3. pcpilot


      LOL! My belly aches just thinking about it...

    4. whiteknight06604


      unfortunately I have done worse since then.....

  7. Trans-Siberian Orcestra kicked butt last night.

  8. sore a s heck from my football game on sunday.at least we won.

  9. I just want to say I still love the B-57/Canberras you made.Thank you.

  10. I am still in awe of the excellent work you did on the FE terrain updates.It is simply a work of art.

  11. trying to get up to speed on SF2 after a 6 months

    1. Dave


      If you need help Matt, you have my number....

    2. whiteknight06604


      thanks Dave,that computer died again and I had to return it.I seem to have the worst luck with tech.I have the replacement and things seem to be going smoothly


  12. So your Inigo Montoya. You killed my father.How much do I owe you for that?

  13. love the profile pic,Always was a fan of Duckman.

  14. Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent mods and hope that all is well with you.


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