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  1. 31 minutes ago, GKABS said:

    Just completed the turret, please gentlemen if I am in any way bothering you with my work progress update, and you think it's too much let me know so I can stop posting my work progress and just stick to posting a photo of the starting project and when it's completed. let me know what you think.


    I can't speak for anyone else but I like the updates and WIP pics.

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  2. nothing is invincible, that being said western and eastern tanks were built differently and were meant to be used differently.one on one most eastern tanks were severe underdogs but used en mass in assaults they were effective.the main advantage the west had/has was flexibility of command and and control information dissemination and range/targeting advantages.in short term conflicts that would be a huge advantage. in a protracted slugging match wear and tear and attrition would even things out a bit and numbers would become an advantage.

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  3. The other day I started getting “Forbidden” “you do not have permission to access this document “ every time I try to get on Combatace. That was on Microsoft edge . I can’t figure it out so I switched to Firefox and it worked for a day then I started getting the same error message. I have no trouble getting on with my phone but on my PC it’s no dice. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

  4. 5 hours ago, gterl said:

    Yes, slow but steady progress...sorry but currently holiday time.

    - Coastline finished, major rivers outlined

    - Major cities 'marked' on the German side - without Holland

    - Majority of tiles done - but still missing: railroad tracks, train stations, special tiles (like landmarks, special features, etc.)



    please enjoy the holiday time and a big thank you for the update. Something of this quality is worth a long wait and the occasional update makes that wait so much easier. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, Erik said:

    There's a difference between a language barrier and being rude in any language.  

    Agree , my point is many times when someone runs their post through google translation it tends to look rude when in reality there is no intent to do that. I’m 100% for people of any nation  who intentionally are a holes being shown the door or read the riot act though . 

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  6. may I add to be aware that for many here English is not their primary language so they may be wording things in ways that sound like they are demanding help, patience with these members ,especially if they are new, would help avoid trouble and hurt feelings too. 

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