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  1. 2 hours ago, UllyB said:

    Nope it was not that. I installed all SF2 games with updates and everything , as anyone elses, after that I followed the suggestions from the knowledge base given by MIGBUSTER ("Running mods from a different disk partition"), how to move folder content outside , in order to protect it from interferrence. I only moved the SF Israel content as instructed. Except that file which I modified it (hangarscreen.ini), nothing , until now, disappeared from this folder. That is why I found it odd and I came here to ask people.

    Could it be that you already lost the file while moving the SF Israel mod folder, meaning the game is not to blame for removing the file?

  2. I doubt that the game removes any files from the mod folder. I've never experienced such things.

    But what I think the game indeed does (and then only after a game update or a merged install of another SF2 game or DLC) is to revert stock aircraft and ground object ini files, i.e. Object/Aircraft/<aircraft>.ini and Object/GroundObject/<groundobject>.ini. I think no other files, e.g. *_data.ini files are touched. Can anyone confirm this?

  3. 16 hours ago, russouk2004 said:

    Im baffled...

    in max looks fine...in mues lod viewer no problem...


    15 hours ago, russouk2004 said:

    narrowed it down...its either spec or bump map doing it...  no spec and bump...using game settings for it.. at least I know whats doing it now..

    Yes the LODViewer has no problem with spec and bump (normal) maps, ... because the LODViewer completely ignores them :biggrin:

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  4. 11 hours ago, DaniloE31 said:

    This isn't in fact the case, but you brought me into something:
    The TGA's were saved with 24bit depth but compression ON... It has to be Uncompressed!

    Thank you mate!

    It seems every GIMP user stumbles upon this (myself included, of course :biggrin:): https://combatace.com/forums/topic/93235-how-do-you-make-serial-number-decals/?do=findComment&comment=753952

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  5. On 3.5.2020 at 10:25 PM, Gepard said:

    ...because the target editor spin buildings in 5° steps.

    Holding the shift key gives you finer control.

    From the readme:

    The position and heading of selected objects can be changed with the mouse:
    -translation (coarse): ctrl + left click + move
    -translation (fine): ctrl + shift + left click + move
    -rotation (coarse): ctrl + mouse wheel
    -rotation (fine): ctrl + shift + mouse wheel


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  6. 21 hours ago, A48Racing said:

    How do you view them in LODViewer then?

    The LODViewer can read the LODs directly from the CAT files. For this you have to set the SF2 install directory and enable CAT file access under Settings->CAT File Access. If you open an aircraft.ini file with the LODViewer and it didn't find the lod file in the same directory then it tries to load the lod file from the CAT files.

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  7. 13 minutes ago, yakarov79 said:

    Yes. But still, switch with normal texture will still be flat mesh. And switch made as 3d mesh will be 3d mesh. And if you are saying that it shouldn't make a big difference then I prefer 3d mesh than bumped texture. 

    Of course for a switch it won't work. Thats why I wrote "3D objects [that] are not that much extruded", e.g. screws, nuts, bolts, grooves, ...

  8. 58 minutes ago, yakarov79 said:

    You can create an illusion of 3d objects on flat texture using a bump map. But it is still an illusion. No texture with a bump map will give you the effect of 3d mesh. Flat mesh with extra hyper texture will still be flat mesh. No matter what.

    Actually the whole rendering of a 3D scene onto a (2D) monitor is an illusion.
    If the 3D objects are not that much extruded it shouldn't make a big difference if the surface normals (for lighting computation) come from a normal map or from a detailed mesh.

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  9. On 17.4.2020 at 1:48 PM, CJLivesey said:

    Hi, Sorry for digging up an old topic. Can anyone tell me whether any of the aircraft "systemtypes" highlighted were implemented in game?

    If so, does anyone have  any examples how they are specified within the data.ini - i.e do they need parameters similar to "FuelTankID=1"
    or "MaxFuelAmount=775" as would be given for a fuel tank.

    The ones from this list above are:

    Unfortunately I can't seem to get to the thirdwire forum linked which might have explained it.
    Many thanks!

    Thirdwire forum threads with post form TK were thankfully archived by the combatace user Do335. You can find the TW forum archive here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92272-third-wire-forums-no-longer-linked-on-website/?do=findComment&comment=745634

    Regarding the question, if that aircraft systems are implemented, TK posted on 10 Dec 2009 the following:
    Well, I think the answer is No, please check the stock plane's data to see whats implemented.

    Maybe some of those systems were implemented after 2009. I don't know.

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  10. 17 hours ago, Gepard said:

    When i wrote the book i asked the Museum at Cottbus airport (Flugplatzmuseum Cockpit) whether they would allow me to make a walkaround photoshoot of their Mi-24D. They agreed and opend all doors and hatches and cockpits of the Mi-24, especially for me. So i could climb into the cockpits for pilot and gunner.

    Yes, I can recommend the Flugplatzmuseum Cottbus (Sorry, it seems the webpage is in german only). Very nice and friendly people there. I too had the chance to sit in the cockpit of this very Mi-24D. If interested, I can post some cockpit photos.

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  11. 21 hours ago, Gunrunner said:

    I mean, we're 15 years in, and we still don't have a wiki to document the folder and file structure, what each and every file and folder are, what they do, what each line in each file does...

    Yes, a wiki would be a good idea. I know there is a lot of information in this forum and especially the Knowledge Base sub forum. But searching for specifics can sometimes be tedious. A wiki with more structured / linked / updated information would be an improvement. But I have no experience how much effort it is to setup a wiki. And I wonder how many modders are still around and willing to actually contribute to the wiki?

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  12. 2 hours ago, JSF_Aggie said:

    I put out 1,000 smaller pine trees and then one large redwood. 

    All were set to 100% chance.

    The redwood was there, So I assume the previous 1000 were there. I placed them all in sections, not randomly around the tile, and there were no blank areas.

    The terrain editor had no problem with 1600 objects, but that's when I started to get blank spots in game.  The blank spots are 100% in the sections that I did last, when I was over 1,000 objects.  They were completely blank, so it appears the game places the objects in order, not randomly.

    The .TOD generated with 1600 objects, was significantly larger in size, than one where I stopped at 1,000, but I didn't look at it with hex editor, or anything like that.

    Have you tested the TOD/terrain with the TargetAreaEditor? Are the TOD objects showing up in the TargetAreaEditor? Just to be sure that the TOD file is valid. Alternatively you can send me the TOD file and I will check it.

  13. 7 hours ago, JSF_Aggie said:

    I haven't had any TE aborts, I just don't get objects much beyond 1,000 showing up in game.

    How do you determined that limit number. Have you counted the objects manually that show up in the game?

    Do you know if the first 1000 objects of the TOD are shown and the later are discarded, or does the game pick 1000 objects that are shown randomly from the TOD file?

    I wonder, if it's a limitation of the TE or the game? Are the TOD objects showing up in the TargetAreaEditor?

  14. 14 hours ago, Wrench said:

    I agree, in part. I fully understand the need for smoothness, but for decaling and damaging (tga/dds) it is kind of important that there are enough divisions. I can imagine the issues in smoothing, especially on something like the Mossi, which is known for it's smooth shape. Mind you, we ARE dealing with a lod  in this case, from 2005, when a lot of what we now know, simply wasn't known!

    below, promised decal bleed screenie

    if you remove the decal in the decals ini, obviously the issue goes away.  but, the serial numbers and/or "plane-in-squadron' letter/number may cause it to return.

    The problem here is, that the model was exported without setting the option AllowDecals=True.
    With the option AllowDecals=True, your mesh can be as smooth as you like without getting decal bleeding problems.

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  15. 45 minutes ago, Gepard said:

    The main difference between me and you is the side of the iron curtain on which we grew up.

    I didn't know you grew up in west germany. I always thought you grew up in east germany. :biggrin:


    46 minutes ago, Gepard said:

    30, 40 years ago so called experts and scientists agreed, that the socialism will be victorious. For the main stream in my country the statement "the socialism will be victorious" had had the status of a law. It was written in books. It was proofed by scientists.

    I don't understand, what east german propaganda has to do with climate change?


    46 minutes ago, Gepard said:

    Again doubts are not allowed. Again people with non mainstream opions are shouted down.

    That's straw man fallacy. Of course you are allowed to say that 2+2=5. But if scientist then say that's incorrect because 2+2=4, that's not shouting down!

  16. @Gepard you sound like the typical climate change sceptic :lol:. All of your climate myths are already debunked. e.g. here: https://skepticalscience.com/

    11 hours ago, Gepard said:

    Is carbondioxyd CO² really that "big" problem? Its a problem, of course, but ...

    To say it clearly CO² is a fertiliser for plants. Without CO² no plant can survive. Without plants we cant survive. As more CO² as better plants can grow up.

    And who can really say, that the climate change is caused by CO².

    Maybe the climate experts? 97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming. Source: https://skepticalscience.com/global-warming-scientific-consensus.htm and https://skepticalscience.com/empirical-evidence-for-co2-enhanced-greenhouse-effect.htm

    11 hours ago, Gepard said:

    Where i live, in the middle of Germany we have very thick layers of sand. This sand came with the iceage from Skandinavia to Germany. 10.000 years ago we had an ice glacier which was more than 100m thick. In a relativly short time the ice melts away and formed the landscape we have here in north and central Germany. The climate change came very fast. In less than 30 years the temperature climbed by 6°. And surely it does not climbed, because our ancestors made to much Mammoth BBQ.



    11 hours ago, Gepard said:

    But what you cant see is the reason, why it became hotter.

    In the 1920th till 1950th the airport had only grass runways. In the 60th one runway and some taxiways made by concrete were built. Concrete is a heat reflector. When the sun is shining the temperature climbs much faster than over gras areas.

    In the 1990th, till today, the airport was completly rebuilt. Very big areas are covered now by concrete. Of course it is now hotter there as in the time before.

    Our big towns, our big streets, parking areas, industrial areas and so on, are all mady by concrete or similar materials. Of course they are hotter than in the natural landscape. The town grew up, became bigger and bigger. Meteorological stations, which 20 or 50 years ago were situated on meadow areas are now mid in cities.

    How is it possible to compare the datas?



    11 hours ago, Gepard said:

    My problem with the "Greta movement" is, that they have the strong believe, that they are 100% right. They believe to be infallible .

    They believe they are right, because they are backed up by most climate experts and scientist.


    11 hours ago, Gepard said:

    Yes we have a climate change. But we cant stop it. We must adapt our society. Darwin said "survival of the fittes", not "survival of the strongest".


  17. 6 hours ago, ChristianRG said:

    Hello, I recently downloaded and installed the addon to blender both 2.79 and 2.80 and they both don't show up on the addon section.

    Any solutions?

    The LOD exporter isn't compatible with blender 2.80. They made a lot of API changes in 2.80. I haven't found the time yet to update the LOD exporter for the newest blender version.
    But the exporter should work in 2.79. You run the exporter via File->Export->Strike Fighters 2 LOD. In the User Preferences->Add-ons section the plugin is listed under Supported Level = Testing!


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