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  1. Ok, I think I figured it out. I created a weapons folder and copied all the Files and Folders into that Weapons Folder. I also added the A-10 from Combatace to WOV. I copied the Gundata Editor Dat and INI files to the Weapons Folder and followed the instructions to edit the Gundata.ini for the GAU-8 and the Effects files to the Effects folder and the sound file to the Sound Folder. And it Worked.......Yaaaayyy :-)) I'm Trying Warm Regards, Joe
  2. Oh, Ok. Didn't know about the security. First timer here........ I'm trying to install weapons packs to WOV, SFP1 GOLD, WOE, WOE2. All of the Thiedwire Series Games actually. When I ran Bunyaps weapon Pack on WOV, All the Weps dissapeared, lolol. I really don't know what I'm doing since all the Games have all the latest and greatest patches to 2008 including the Bluetiger updates. Thanks again, and my warmest regards, Joe
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll give it a try. I wouldn't know how to install a Weapons Pack using the weapons editor though. Is there a readme with details instructions. Anyone can e-mail me at jmoscola@roadrunner.com. Any help will be greatly appreciates. Even with the effects. I no longer see the Particle System.ini to edit anymore either. Please help :-) I'm also very sorry for posting in the knowledge base. This is my first post, and I didn't know. Sorry!!! Warm Regards, Joe M
  4. Hi All, I back to being new at the Thirdwire Series of Games. I bought them all from online and downloaded and installed all the patches. The problem I'm having and that I don't understand, is that when I install the 2008 Weapon Pack either by Deuce or Mirage Factory or Bunyap, All the Weapons are gone. Now, If I don't install any Weap Pack, The weapons work with the stock Aircraft, but there's no Weadpondata.ini or cat file to add weapons. I hope I'm missing something. Two years ago, I was able to add this stuff with no problem. Everything is a .DLL now. I did however copy all my old Terrains and they work fine. Best Regards and Warm Wishes, Joe M

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