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  1. 9 hours ago, stablepigeon1 said:

    I do not use it in sf2 it is the first time it happens to me

    As I said, you CANNOT use it in SF1 series (SF Israel, SF Vietnam, SF Europe, SF). If you can't see it, more than likely, the model (LOD) is made for SF2 ONLY. (SF2 Israel, SF2 Vietnam, SF2, SF2 Europe, SF2 NA). And if you will continue to bring/port incompatible SF1 models from SF2 , I guarantee you it won't be just the first time it happened. :)

  2. 51 minutes ago, stablepigeon1 said:
    Plane does appear on the list but when I set it to fly the plane is invisible

    I bet you use it in SF1 series, do you ? If the LOD is made in unicode or uses JPGs , the SF1 engine won't recognize it. So it will appear as...invisible. The same with any object created in the same manner. If you chase SF2 planes to "port" them to SF1 look first into their LOD. If you see there BMP files declared, then it might work. If they are TGAs or JPGs , you can forget it. :)


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