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  1. Saab 21 Tvestjärten (*)

  2. Avro Vulcan B.2(*)

  3. Supermarine Attacker FB.2(*)

  4. Supermarine Scimitar F Mk 1 (*)

  5. Super Mystere & Saar

  6. J-26/S-26 Flygvapnets Mustangs!

  7. Supermarine Swift FR.5*

  8. DH VENOM NF.51 / J-33

  9. Suomen Ilmavoimat Vamppi

  10. DH VAMPIRE FB.20 / J-28B

  11. BAF F-104G

  12. So, all these guys are nuts?

    No such things as Aliens unless were talking about Illegal Earth ones.

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