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  1. What happened?

    Guess everyone is far gone at this point! I barely use the simulator anymore since I have grown into rc planes and will be flying at Islip's ATP flight school starting two days from now. That combined with working full time leaves very little time or energy for anything else. It was an honor going off on new adventures with you characters, and I will thank you for keeping me inspired to go all the way! I hope you and your families are happy and doing well. Aaron H.
  2. What happened?

    As a WCATC user for over two years, I found this page when I Googled "westcoastatc dead" to see if it was actually true. I've been checking the website's calendar periodically for over half a year, but it has remained blank. There was one occasion when I was surprised to see an ATC session listed, but when I showed up for it, I was the only one there. Ever since, I've just resorted to flying on VATSIM, with that blasted buzzing sound everytime someone keys the mic. I haven't forgotten you guys, and look forward to flying with you all in the future. Aaron H./ N741NY

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