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  1. go to terrainname.ini, change LimitedNations=TRUE to FALSE and try if it works
  2. Joyride in a Stolen A-4 Skyhawk

    a total renegade i`d be honored to grab a beer with him
  3. Tactical Laser System Pods

    no worries bruh, it`s fantastic work
  4. Tactical Laser System Pods

    this is one bad ass kicker, works perfectly my only issue i don`t see the beam from pit view
  5. Yu-71

    that sounds dynamite
  6. Yu-71

    does sf2 handle 100k+ altitudes? i`m thinking about doing the 3d model of that thing
  7. Yu-71

    there was something similar before Sanger
  8. Yu-71

    the concept itself was far older
  9. Yu-71

    Check it out Russia's ICBM Carrying UAV, the Yu-71
  10. i wish i know, i have 3 campaigns i never lost i wish i could erase off the record, i was testing a campaign i tried to edit
  11. V-1 JET BIKE- 125 STUDIO

    thanks! this is one hell of a nasty concept
  12. true, if the US strikes were approved after hitting the hawk, i think we`d be reading 100$ or more per oil barrel, which would be a disaster to everybody, except "some", desert storm and Iraqi freedom were somehow far away from the straits you know what um sayin?
  13. bringing a light sabre into a knife fight i hope there would be no fighting though
  14. TU-160 Blackjack

    AND FINALLY!!! one more i`m waiting for, the SU-34
  15. P-51D for sale in Texas

    the P-51 and the F-4 are iconic, the P-51 seems better investment

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