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  1. V-1 JET BIKE- 125 STUDIO

    thanks! this is one hell of a nasty concept
  2. true, if the US strikes were approved after hitting the hawk, i think we`d be reading 100$ or more per oil barrel, which would be a disaster to everybody, except "some", desert storm and Iraqi freedom were somehow far away from the straits you know what um sayin?
  3. bringing a light sabre into a knife fight i hope there would be no fighting though
  4. TU-160 Blackjack

    AND FINALLY!!! one more i`m waiting for, the SU-34
  5. P-51D for sale in Texas

    the P-51 and the F-4 are iconic, the P-51 seems better investment
  6. that one with the canards though
  7. yeah that`s right, my guess that AI plane locked on me with its radar on air combat mode
  8. Robin Olds is the best leader and fighter pilot i`ve ever heard of i remember the last time i played i had the RWR flashing close range, i gave it 45 bank and down rudder with flares, R-73 zoomed overhead i was in F-15C
  9. look at the RWR you`ll find a square flashing, that`s where the missile is coming from switch your radar off, switch your ECM on, turn and make it 90 degrees to you then flip and go split-s while releasing counter measures, chaff if the square flashing after the 2nd circle from the center of RWR display, that means it`s radar guided missile, if it was closer release flare as that means it`s IR missile, if not sure release both alternatively, one chaff one flare continuously
  10. every terrain never loads the chosen time, yeah i selected from the menu screen, i should input the time from the missions editor?
  11. i`m thinking to edit longitude/latitude entries, i`d just put 0 in both and see what`s gonna happen improvise-adapt-overcome, so what the hell!!! :D
  12. i`m getting this with all terrains, it rarely loads the correct chosen time i prefer dawn/dusk and night, i always get the Sun in the middle of the sky
  13. how do i adjust the timing for a given terrain??? for example, i chose flight time to be night, the game loads up in the middle of the day i`m aware of something related to location or coordinates of that terrain in one of the inf how to solve this and make it load the correct chosen time???
  14. The only Vulcan action

    such Airmanship deserves recognition, that`s beyond factions and geopolitical BS in my own perspective. i`m neither applauding nor despising any side, all are serving their own people and lands the best they got take it easy Sir
  15. The only Vulcan action

    Something heroic and cool to watch i enjoyed couple of hours ago, i hope you too enjoy it

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