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  1. A4D-2 (TW A-4B & Nyghtfall's A-4E pit) 'Rework'

    "My rendition of the A4D-2 (Before 1962 change to A-4B & C)"

    INSTALL – unpack/unzip file contents and drag/copy to main YAP Revamp Works (Whatever you have named it) folder.


    * Nyghtfall and Wrench for their help in working/moving cockpit items techniques.

    *Repaint of Nyghtfall's outstanding A-4E pit.

    *TW A-4B stock jet - required for AR probe.

    *Repaint/numbering of A-4A fuselage, Nose, tail numbers from ChampionsVA56 suhsjake.

    *J65-W-5.wav engine sound from ChampionsVA56.

    ** Included is a A-4A_DATA – SAM_Lgt_Active.ini file which activates SAM threat warning equipment if desired. Don't think this mod was worked in until later A-4 models.

    *** Had problems getting the program to load different BuNo, TN, Modex, etc. Sometimes none at all?

    Had to select in the loading phase of a mission each acft individually – then they would show?

    If anyone can help regarding this tail no issue please help. :good:

    Enjoy, NIELS

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  2. Sad day for the ANG Tanker folks $$$ :sad:

    Let me clarify.........I can not speak for the Active Duty 'BUFF' or Tanker folks, I can only assume most of the crews were tired of pulling alert once a month for a week at a time. For the ANG Tanker crews; especially the 'Weekend Warriors' or 'Guard Bums' as we called ourselves, it was a chunk of our income gone.

    Mandatory screen shot: B-52D Gunners Station - "My favorite BUFF and crew position on the BEAST!"

    B-52D-Guuner's Station 2.jpg

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  3. TW A-4A Cockpit repaint and ini tweaks

    Repaint of the Third Wire A-4A Cockpit and cockpit.ini tweaks. (TW DLC009 A-4A reuired for 'A' model pit components) 
    Go to your A-4A and drop in – allow files to overwrite.
    Thanks to Nyghtfall and Wrench for their help in working the cockpit techniques/tweaks. 
    Thanks to Third Wire and TK for the DLC009 A-4A.
    Thanks to all the Modders and Staff here at Combat Ace. A little tiny piece of pay back for all the outstanding work offered here at this great site!
    Enjoy, NIELS


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  4. I have been beating my head against the wall trying to move, hide some items in the Stock TW A-4B cockpit. Specifically Labs Timer, and Labs Insterment gauge. I am using your 'How To Move/Remove/Hide Cockpit Bits' guide with no success. Does this work with TW Stock Aircraft pits? If so I must be doing something wrong.

    Please help Wrench

    Thanks, NIELS


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