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  1. SU-30SM

    How do i install this? im confused.
  2. Wings Over Vietnam

    Very nice to see that people still play this game. It would be nice to have populated carriers in SF2V. Awesome topic man.
  3. Same here, where can I download the patch? Thx!
  4. First off to compete with DCS they would have to move the game to steam.
  5. Tem muitos brasileireiros ou lusófonos aqui ?

    Olá amigos brasileiros e portugueses! Comprei o Wings Over Europe, e estou me divertindo muito! Ponta Grossa - Paraná
  6. What Other Games Are You Playing?

    I do play Wargame Red Dragon and Payday 2, sometimes. I've just bought Wings Over Europe on Steam, and it's my first jet simulator I ever tryed to play, i'm having a blast! Also, first post here! Hi all:)

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