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  1. I understand that but saw a fix posted for mig 17's and thought maybe it had been done for the 19's as well.
  2. I have read on the forum in a few places about the whacky flight models of some Mig-17's but I noticed in TFS 2 campaign that the AI flown Mig-19's are also doing this and by that i mean the 19 doing speeds of like 400-540mph and able to out turn me no matter how fast or slow I am going in turns. This is not realistic. is there any tweak file or settings to input into the .INI to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  3. The fouga magister has huge issues getting airborne and seems very underpowered on take off, its certainly a flight model issue.
  4. I had this plane in FSX and loved it. Big fan of little known aircraft. Good to see here. :)

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