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  1. Tornadoes Package

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    Out of fashion ? Maybe ;-) But she is still great small beauty. My 2nd favouritte plane after Spitfire ;-)

    And over 35 years of duty says ... maybe I'm not perfect, but enought good to stay in duty even when Typhoons come.

    They are modern, but can't do what I can ;-)

  2. RAF Tornado GR1 -

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    LOFT bombing for 1000lb CCIP bombs.

    Riple quantity 4, riple interval 150 ms.


    Initial alt=around 500ft, inital speed=400-500 kn, initial distance=8 Nm.

    Press Shift+A, set fall line in middle of target using rudder.

    At range 6Nm --> set 100% throtle (with afterburner) and set climbing angle at 15 deg.

    Press F4, drop when fall point is in the middel of target .You can increase a bit climbing angle.


    Bombs will fly 4.5-5 Nm, maybe not world record, but you should be out of range Shilka


    Tried also higher angles, but 15 degs looks optimal, there is no sense drop on angle higher than 20 deg.


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