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  1. Hi All. Aside from CombatAce, Are there any other websites where skins can be downloaded? I already have all the skins I want from CombatAce and was wondering if there are any other places where I can Download skins? Thanks in advance, Joe
  2. I need to tell you, That you've made an absolutely beautiful model of the "Bullet", absolutely gorgeous. Please keep up the fantastic work. Best Regards, Joe
  3. Sweet, Thanks for the link.
  4. Please see attatched file. Best Regards, Joe
  5. Thanks Capun, I appreciate and understand. I was just looking foward to have more choiced for the Albatross you created. But Unfortunately, no one has posted any for that one yet. I am very gratefull for all your hard work and if it weren't for you, the game wouldn't be half as fun as it is now. I am eternally grateful Warm Regards, Joe
  6. Hi All, Is there a place to download additional skins for the planes created by that fantastic Skunkworks factory? As of now, were only limited in certain cases to the skins that come with the package. For example, The are only 3 skins for the Albatross III created by the Skunkworks. I would like to have more options. Is there a place to download Skunkworks skins? Warm Regards, Joe
  7. Hi All, I've noticed theres lots of skins to download for other third patry aircraft from this site, but never any for planes made by the Skunkworks. Is this because the Aircraft are propriotyary? If this is the case and your already a member of the Skunkworks page, is there a place to go to download the skins if any for the planes created by the Skunkworks? Warm Regards, Joe
  8. Just wondering if someone will fix this issue Thanks a bunch, Joe
  9. Is ther a fix for this? I tried all the newer flight models, but still can see the props spinning from the cockpit. Best Regards, Joe
  10. I'd like to move faster through the menues. Is the a way to speed up the Mouse only within the menu screens? Thanks in advance, Joe
  11. Thanks for the tip. I thought I was doing something wrong............ Best Regards, Joe
  12. I may be doing something wrong, but I don't know. When we approach the Airfield, I tell the planes to "Return to Home Base". But they never land. They just fly around the Airfield. Is ther a special sequence of commands, or just give none and let them follow me down? Best Regards, Joe
  13. That's what I fiqured, oh well. After we bomd the Target, Then I'll give the hand signal to Attack the fighters, But then I'll loose all my bombers, lololol
  14. Thanks Capun for explaining it. I'll also try your settings and see how it goes. Warm Regards, Joe

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