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  1. TA-50 (SU-57)

    I cant get the radar missile bays automatically or manually Have checked the A/C Data file and tried some changes to it. Such as, the animation ID num. Not a budge.
  2. With a command Prompt "CD" (Change Directory) to you Mod's "Aircraft" folder. You can copy the address out of your 'Explorer' Address Bar easily once in the said folder. The command to enter is: DIR /B > AIRCRAFTLIST.LST <ENTER> The aircraft list will magically appear in th AIRCRAFT folder. Clean out any non aircraft listings with notepad.exe Good Night all!
  3. am back finaly... Does anyone know what all the AIRCRAFTLIST.LST file is for. I kinda forgot about that, but i came across it recently. Explorer++ located it in my WWII install which i found to be meticulously populated with each WWII plane. I wonder if it 'helps' the sim with NOT populating the aircraft folder with stock planes AGAIN? Might it have other effects? From reading the above I would be surprised it would help enemy air defenses. I'm gonna fill one out for a new install I started and see what happens. Man, those dudes at DCS set up missions how they want. Those b!chez wack bad guy planes from a hundred miles with S-300s all day. (HaHa) Come on TW make us a SF3. Sorta a pour man's DCS.
  4. I noticed the same problem accept I don't have to be flying a SEAD. I was flying with an AI F-4G it fired an ARM at a SAM site likely saving my a$$. This was in Desert Terrain. I have multiple MOD installs that are modded in most cases heavily. Not sure what would mess with SAMs though. Oh, can you just add a for example a SA-3 when using the mission editor and it will shoot or do you have to build a complete SAM site? I will try the forum more tomorrow cuz i miss my SAMs.
  5. i had tried leaving a A-H and the Yak-28 i.e. the first and last. That seemed to work on post WWII installs (most of the time.) Am trying 1 stock allied fighter and 1 Soviet. Hope it works. It makes sense.
  6. I did try to use the Search function and a manual 'browse' technique, but no luck. I kinda rotate around different A/C eras. Am on the WWII kick again. For some reason my WWII is doing this rather annoyingly. If I delete out the stock planes which are mostly jets. Every time I then start a Single Mission Aircraft folder has the stock planes back. You know what as I was typing the above, it dawned on me to check the OPTION.INI file for dates beyond WWII and I did. Will return later with a result. Oh, I have all the games and stock expansion packs. Don't have all the DLC. Anyway, yu can imagine how many planes I have to scroll thru.
  7. I saw the dive bombing markings before (and still not sure how they were used). Not sure I've seen the photo recce markings before. I have the VLR book so can give it a look.
  8. I probably came across this back in the day, but had forgotten. For much of my life I was into fighter aircraft or my favorite was fighters. I was interested other types as well. In about 1990 I bought my first computer and the race was on. I bought a flight sim ASAP and soon started to shoot virtual planes down. (After much trying.) Anyway, more recently I've developed an interest the F-6 and photo recon in general. You probably read an account of a pair of F-6 Mustangs shooting down several planes then proceeding to take pictures of the smoking wrecks. Confirmed! (street-cred maximized) Also, it is well documented that the reconnaissance photos are invaluable to military planning. Very important missions. Hey, I have not tried the recon mission in SF2. Time to try that. Oh, what was all this about? I have a pic of the 110th TRS, 71st TRG Mustang with no cameras on the left side. I may have even read that all the fighters in a TRS did not have cameras. I guess the provided top cover. Sounds like SF2 mission editor time again.
  9. I found where the recce lenses are located. In the decals. Man my troubleshooting skills have eroded with all this idle-sitting preying for a vaccine.
  10. Are you saying 'AircraftShortName=F-6K Recce Mustang' and/or 'AircraftFullName=F-6K-10-NT' has to be in the 'AirCraftName.ini' to trigger the lenses to show up? That's kinda cool. Yep will go back & remove F-6 from the appropriate files and comment out the loop from the non-CBI planes. Do you think a tactical Recon Group or squadron would have both camera laden and non-photographic Mustangs? I think the did so.
  11. Hey, uuh... I haven't been using the YAP Okinawa/Japan. I've using yours. The YAP one doesn't load right, on my machine anyway. When I get to Japan its messed up. I attach some pics with the loop. Incidently I just figured out why I can sometimes take screenshots and other times not. If I use the "Cntrl-'H'" feature before taking a PrtScn it won't work. I didn't try turning off the HUD data from the 'Options' Screen yet. I am purplexed as why some planes get the Camera lenses on the fuselage and some Mustangs don't.
  12. Yeah, i adjusted the position on the loop and it's cool. I checked what documentation as per a previous comment and indeed the CBI Allied Fighters appear to be the main or only fighters sporting loop antennae. I probably read that in the past or noticed the situation in mustang pics as it seemed familiar. Oh, should the loop be silver or black. I haven't noticed that before, but they appear black in my book. Even my Airfix 1/48 P-51 show it as black. I'll post a pic a later. That's interesting you have family that served in the Pacific. Rough duty to be sure. Images on the screen can't do it justice.
  13. There is a small island next to Okinawa called Le Shima. Mustangs flew from there to Japan. It is on the combatAce Okinawa Planning map. Dont think I tried to start a plane from there in the combatace Okinawa terrain though. But, I have done so with the YAP Okinawa terrain. The YAP terrain is acceptable to me but not all the way up to modern standards. I think most of it was built several years ago by a small team. Kinda rushed. Could use some green hell.
  14. I do believe I have combatace 'Okinawa.' What I'm Interested in terrain-wise is the island of Le Shima off Okinawa. I seem to remember having a problem. Could have crashed or populated tiles like crazy. Will try it again. I just looked at the map though and Le Shima is there. Motivation. I also decided to try YAP as I wanted to check out the YAP cockpits and a few planes I was hoping to add or replace. I like his version of the P-51B and P-39D. The P-38s are good as are some bombers. The TW P-5D and cockpit with the plethera of combatace skins trump's YAP. I like some of the YAP jap planes too. Some stuff isn't as good as others true. Oh, I have dumped all necessary files into the subfolders of my WWII Install, but in 'OBJECTS' have 3 folders named AIRCRAT.ETO, AIRCRAFT.PTO, & AIRCRAFT.YAP. A simple rename before launching is all that is needed. Will prob combine the PTO CBI YAP planes at some point. Back to terrains: Mustangs over the Philippines and hitting Japan from Okinawa (+ Le Shima) while escorting B-29s has been interesting for a long time to me. Cool paint. Oh, flying from Iwo Jima to Japan though, that's scary. Thank you for the loop antenna. Historical eye candy but sublime!

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