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Files posted by StoneAxe1492

  1. SF2_2008_Dhimar_Cheetah_C(DH).7z

    Always, shopping for more air frames due to long running conflict with neighbor Paran, in 2008 the Dhimar Air Force began operating a squadron of Atlas Cheetah Cz acquired from South Africa.
    I'd unzip the file into a temp folder and read the readme files. Its easy to install if you've modded your mod folders before. Basic Mod add on.
    Only tested on Full 5 merged. Mostly I think you'd get by with SF2 original & SF2 Israel to be safe. If you load the plane and files in you mod folders and for example and the big Arabic numbers on the tail don't show up, I'll have to find what CAB file they're in and modify the requirements.
    Original Work:
    Aircraft - Denis Oliveira
    Skin - paulopanz
    Coupi - data, cockpit, loadout.inis
    Decals - Spinners (SF1 Decal Pack)
    Ordnance Shop - 331KillerBee (Weps)
    Mirage IIIO - Thirdwire (DLC Store)
    Sounds - Thirdwire (?)
    This Mod by StoneAxe1492
    I used Gimp for Decal and Skin modding. Notepad of course.
    I took the liberty of modifying the flight characteristics of this plane. If don't like my version simply use the original data file. (It may be a issue with my joystick/throttle thing-muh-jig. I often get insane roll rates with hardly any stick movement & i can't hang.)
    Hope you like it. Let me know if you need help or find a prob.


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  2. F-4S_Beta.7z

    Here is an F-4S Phantom II with only 2 skins. I have in my personal stash version more skins, but I need to finish tweaking.
    The completed version will have more skins and I'll include weps and sound files, pilots etc.  If no pilot shows up when u try this one you'll have to edit the 'data' file and change the pilot with one you have.
    I just realized I neglected to change the sound settings in the data file...so i enclosed my j79.wav files.
    Be careful not to overwrite what you don't want to loose, so I'd unzip it to somwplace like C:\Temp...the copying to the right folders.


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  3. DEUCES Euro Desert Terrain

    Am not sure who created this mod of the desert terrain using Euro Airwar textures other than 'Dueces' but here it is.
    I call it in a couple missions uploaded in my F-4S_F-4N pack to be uploaded today barring tech difficulties.
    I modded the 'nations' file, BTW.


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  4. Kosovo_beta

    I saw in the forum someone asked about a Kosovo terrain and someone else thought there was one around (albiet this was posted some time back.) Anyway, here is that Kosovo terrain. Unfortunately, somehow ( i ) apparently overwrote the planning maps with the 'desert' planning maps at some point so i put in blank bitmaps to substitute. If you take one of your msn files and substitute 'kosovo' for lets say 'desert' it should work. If you use the kmd mission editor you can see where the targets are located and move your planes where you want of course.
    Perhaps, I will get some sort of map plotted at some point, but the only way i know how to do that is to trial and error with the kmd mission editor and starting the game up to see where i end up. Someone with more experience with some other util could prob whip something up.
    If, you like the F-4S in the image I will try to get the skins finished and up load it soon.
    I uploaded a couple mission files, but you'll still have to edit them unless you have the same planes and ground objects. My CV-41 USS Midway is in da ocean in at least one of these missions. (They're just samples...some planes some 'groundObjects' no planning just samples)
    I do not know who created this Kosovo terrain to give credit to or if they mind me loading it here. Have no clue where and when i got it. Must have been years ago. Its pretty simple terrain. Very frame rate friendly, tons of mountains and hills, plus the ocean (the adriatic i suppose its called.) Not up; to modern standards. You might like the 'Black Sea' terrain better if you want detail and fly in that neighborhood.


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  5. F-4S_VF-151_VF-161.rar

    This rar includes 2 planes with 3 skins each.
    The 'modded' skins are just betaZ as am not a good aircraft skinner.
    The original skins are from various sites and don't have details any longer.
    Cockpit..: Streak Eagle's High Resolution F-4J Cockpit Version 1
    Please contact me for further information as required.
    I fly these planes off Gramps/capun/Virtual Navy Team 'CV-43' I renamed as CV-41. The F-4S 'VF-151 & VF-161' Fantoms flew off the Midway for a number of deployments.
    See: www.navysite.de/cvn/cv41 for further information.
    Unzip the files to a temp folder, place in Strike Fighters/objects/aircraft and go fly.


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