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Found 10 results

  1. Is it me or the AI love to never lose energy and out turn me despite of their airframe limits including the G tolerance of the pilot? Let me know cause from other sources, I have heard more or less from each side of the debate. I would like to think that I am being cheated and robots have no brains on most levels.
  2. When building a single mission (i assume it works in camPain building) defining a aerial target in this manner seems to work: TARGET=Flight002 However, if i want to add a target that i add when writing the mission as below: [GroundMission002] GroundObjectType=FRIGATE Name=FF Escort etc etc etc Will adding a 'TARGET=' comment to the mission designate the 'Frigate' as a target. Example: 'TARGET=GroundObject002' or 'TARGET=GroundMission002' am not sure how to do that obviously...am adding the 'TARGET=' command to an aircraft (or for that matter i am wondering if i designated a groundmission object as a target for a destroyer if that would work too) Example: [AircraftMission004] AircraftType=F-4B_USMC Nation=USMC Squadron=VMFA531 AircraftNumber=00 PilotTrainingStandard=NORMAL TARGET=GROUNDOBJECT002 EXAMPLEEXAMPLEEXAMPLE [GroundMission002] GroundObjectType=FRIGATE Name=FF Escort TARGET=Flight004
  3. Alo, I've 1 question. Can AI use external ECM Pods or external chaff/flare dispensers. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that my tornadoes don't use em .. Thx for answer. G.
  4. Hello CA! To whoever wants to know I think i found something interesting when it comes to AI and aircraft behavior Hopefully this isnt old news but I normally fly with AI difficulty set to normal in gameplay settings and through my various experiments working with creating AI statements for an ongoing aircraft project I found that the MinAIQuality=Veteran MaxAIQuality=Ace Statements under the AIDATA section of an aircraft not only effects the quality of the AI wingmen in the aircraft your flying but also all AI flights in the air including enemies I found this to be true because I added those statements to various aircraft of all eras from WW2 to modern planes. I found that when flying with these statements added to the aircraft i was shot down many many more times than without... A further verification of these is when I looked at ericJ's F/A-18E/F super hornets... these aircraft come with those statements added and I have always wondered why do I get shot down so much while flying Super Hornets? Well after my recent revelation I tried deleting those statements from the Super Hornet's Data file and boom! Not getting shot down nearly as much! Just thought that this little discovery of mine would be useful to any modders out there looking to tweak the performance of their airplanes!
  5. So in the Data INI of aircraft theres the AI section as we all know... However Im having a couple issues with the AI sections of a couple of aircraft. The biggest issue is strafing with the F-15E and its variants basically my issue is no matter how I alter the strafing section the jets dont fire a consistent number of bullets and usually too short of the target and sometimes do not even shoot at all I havent been able to figure this out but I will keep playing with it. Anyone have any ideas? or suggestions?
  6. Heyo CA! So I bought the RAZBAM A-1 skyraiders for SF2 and did my best to update them to SF2 standards but the AI does odd thing with them... they attack at like 89 knots almost at a stall and that leads to crashes, and when they do pull off an attack without a crash they then always fly out to exactly 4.5 miles away from the target and turn around to reattack, now in game time thats a heck of a long time in a skyraider at 89 knots haha, As a comparison I have noticed that the third wire skyraiders tend to do close to the same thing... anyone have a fix?
  7. Hey all! I was wondering why the number four wingman (1-4) seems to never do anything, Is this due to the nation training level? Seems to be more pronounced when flying for countries other than the USAF or USN. Does anyone have a way to actually get Mr. 1-4 to drop his bombs or fire his missiles?
  8. Hi Combat ace! I'm sure this has been answered before but I am having trouble with AI pilots not dropping their bombs, I know that AI wont drop LGB's but they also aren't dropping JDAMS for me. Most of the time they even have trouble dropping the _AI version of LGB's is this due to a Mixed loadout of like GBU-10_AI and GBU-12_AI's? Am I doing something that I don't know about? Any and all help is def appreciated! Thanks
  9. Lately when I'm involved in 2 v many / 2 v lots more engagements, I'll fire a Sparrow down range without a lock-on to stay offensive, break up bandits, get them to react. Does the system know I'm taking an out of parameters shot and disregard? it appears that it's acting more human. Or have I just been lucky?
  10. Hello guys, I have installed the SFP1 WoV, and I've noticed something, sometimes when you persecute some aircraft, these just fly straight, they do not try to dodge the attack or do maneuvers, and not only happens with bombers, also with fighters, which seems unrealistic. My question is: Is there any mod or something that can be done to remedy this issue of AI?

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