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Found 4 results

  1. I've used some new and old info to complete this new page on my web site. Its a performance record. Of my test of EAW. I haven't recorded anything for v1.2 as it does not have a Frames counter, so I'll have to use an nvidia program to give me results overall. I have used the un official versions,. I use v1.28 a lot, both GoG(w/wrapper) and without a Wrapper, both in DX3D mode. Here's most of my tests currently: https://eaw.neocities.org/performance.html Anyhow if your interested in posting your results I'd be glad to see them. I'm going to ask them to be for a certain version of EAW and one resolution, as this is best to get everyone's results. (see Help Doc)
  2. hi guys im playing strike fighters 2 since 11 years but now im facing a strange issue my fps goes up and down in unexpected way when i start the simulator mission some times my fps goes above 60 and some times it goes below 30 and my game lags and slows down i have Dell Latitude E6540 12gb ram 2gb graphic card intel hd 4600 and switchable AMD RADEON HD graphics with 3.0ghz cpu windows 10 and directx 12 this issue never happened before i have played IL-2 sturmovik , falcon bms , lockon flaming cliffs 2 and 3 and strike fighters 2 on this machine very smooth on max settings but now in strike fighters 2 i have fps issues any fix or help will be appriciated
  3. How do framerates work?

    It may be a silly question but some people just don't understand the link between AI intelligence and framerates. Let's start with a simple comparable example, imagine a truck carrying 4000 KG and the same truck carrying 40.000 KG. When both start off from the same location and drive to the same destiny, which do you think arrives there first? Ofcourse the lighter truck will arrive first and the difference in arrival time only increase with distance. It's simmilar with computer framerates, The carried weight can be compared to the graphics a coputer is rendering on screen, the distance is comparable to the power of the graphics card, i.e. the older and less capable the card the longer the road to travel, or better the slower the rendering. Now here's another comparison, When the EAW gameloop requires a longer time to be carried out, i.e when it is more bytes, the framerate will obviously drop. The difference was particularly noticable with the 1.x versions of EAW, which is why a fair ammount of people weren't interested in the 1.2 upgrade. Sure enough they missed out on a few things but the air battles were more ferocious and tougher because of higher FPS as the AI were much quicker to react and as a result more precise in aiming too. Let's have a quick look at the EXE's I have on my drive, There's for instance the first 1.28 recompiled version with 1.21MB Next are the early recompilations of the EXE with 1.22MB then there's the 1.0 and 1.1 versions which both have 1.30MB then you have the 1.2 version with 1.36MB EAWPRO with 15KB freed memory from v1.2 by optimising the code 1.21MB The EXE filesizes aren't entirely indicative of the speeds these versions can devellop, after all other processes were activated which also take a bite out of FPS but it gives you a rough idea what to expect. However most versions allow user control over the graphics by means of the EAW.INI Detail settings. Addons also can have quite an influence on FPS and what to expect can easily be determined by calculating the modified filesize totals and compare it to the original filesize totals of the stock files. If the filesize count is lower the game becomes faster, when it's higher the game slows down. Ofcourse framerate counters are simple tools to easily determine what's happening and when, for instance when a lot of action is going on, explosions, tracers, flack, clouds and groundobjects all visible, birds flying and all detail settings to high (= 2) you will get a reading which will portray the lower end of the FPS spectrum. When however hardly anything is visible, except perhaps a blue sky and a single bird the reading will display the higher end of the spectrum and you may find a huge difference in the values. You can ask yourself a question here, is it better to try and maintain overall decent to good FPS throughout, or is it better to have high FPS with hardly anything visible and much lower FPS with a lot going on? I know where I want to be but do you? VonBeerhofen
  4. Heyo CA! So in my ever present quest for optimal graphics and fps and the constant conundrum that provides I have a question for any modders more experienced than me... I love the darker/More saturated look of Unlimited Effects is there a way to preserve that while in High Effects? The lighter screen shot is in High with fps of 55-70ish and the darker is with unlimited with FPS of 20-30ish usually hovering at about 29... I dont have a tippy top of the line computer its I7-5500U 16GB of Ram and SSD. Does anyone know how to make that darkened look on high effects? I know SF2 is a 32bit game is there a way to make it use more RAM space to help things along?

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