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  1. By individualizing the aircraft in SF2... It could not be helped... Doing a lot of .ini modding is a meditative times for me. After asking for the advice about it in another thread, I stayed with the rules by not dividing aircraft from user lists into a unique aircraft folder for each nation. It could not be helped, because doing many .ini dancing made me feel relaxed. I just simply love to learn as I mod aircraft. Each time I study about each nation briefly, in order, to find the right abbreviate for them. To my surprise, I never knew that Central America nations had P-51s. I learned the same thing about another specific nations operating certain aircraft. Since I also could no longer stand seeing aircraft name with incorrect nation's aircraft. For example, seeing an Egyptian Mig-23s with (VVS) MiG-23s instead of seeing it with the proper nation's abbreviate. Hence, I would rather to see (EAF) MiG-23s for Egyptian MiG-23s. I had to break my self rules and started individualizing each nation's aircraft. It was done several times over as the lesson are learned about tweaking the .ini files. However, I was doing it slowly, gracefully as a fun hobby when taking a short break from modding SF2 screen and real life situations from time to time. I thought it might, would take me over a year, when in fact, it took me a few weeks to achieve it. I learned the tricks of using Windows 10 search function, PowerShell (Cmd), and other tools, to make my task much more effective and efficient. Not only it was fun doing it, I got to learn about the structure and the pro / cons between individualizing Nation's aircraft and using userlist. This is what I learned: Individualizing nation aircraft vs combined nation's aircraft (Userlist) method: NOTE: I applied the individualizing only on essential flyable aircraft (Example: P-51s, Vampire, MiG-21, Su-9, F-4s, etc.) . I do not apply it on non-important aircraft, such as An-12, C-47 and other transport aircraft. Individualizing nation Method Each an individualized aircraft that is deviated from core SF2's aircraft benefits this advantage: - Having their own customized weapon load (For example, I am able to make a specialized version of EAF MiG-21s and configure their _data.ini, so they can carry both Russi and NATO heat seeker missiles. - Nationalized weapons - I am able to mod any specific ordnance and make it only available for certain nations. With that, I can use an individualized aircraft to use that ordnance. - Less chaotic camo list - I was tired of seeing combined nation's skin for one aircraft, so by dividing them into nation aircraft, I am able to just select any skins by default quickly. - More dynamic way of learning about nation's aircraft - Because of that, I am able to experience the living library of learning about nation's own air force / naval force aircraft historically. - By keeping userlist (Even with one nation included), SF2 will still detect and use them in terrains. I get to see many aircraft with proper nation abbreviates, makes my SF2 much more enjoyable dynamically! Combined nation's aircraft (Userlist) Method This method benefit from this feature: - For any aircraft that you do not want individualized, will save you a lot of time. By having multi-nations list in USERLIST.ini, SF2 will automatically use exported aircraft in mission. However, there is a disadvantage to this, for anyone who are like me who prefer having organized aircraft list: - However, there is con about this feature: It will not work well with specific nation abbreviate tags. - There are no ways of telling me which aircraft have certain nations in the list. For example, if I select MiG-17F, and then I select on "nation", it give me a list of all nation, instead of limited nation list. I could select USAF for that MiG-17F. Note: I have not experienced any CTDs (Thank goodness!) and by studying ODS 30 mod, I realized this: As long I keep the core aircraft there, it won't ctd. So it means I can specifically use the cloned core aircraft being nationalized and placing them in the specific SF2 installation that covers the certain theater geographically. For example, I would move nationalized MiG-21s EAF / SyAAF / IrAF / etc to Sf2 - Middle East, while moving F-4Es ROKAF, F-104s ROCAF, etc. to SF2 - Asia. Same thing applied to a different SF2 installation. At the another hand, I made sure all SF2 installation have all core aircraft files. This is done on one of SF2 installation with the purpose of individualizing all essential, flyable aircraft. From there, I can use it to copy and pate into specific theater (geographically) version of SF2 installation. Here are the screenshots: (NOTE: I only installed a few add-on aircraft. I will install add-on aircraft in another SF2 installation later. Just taking it slowly in an enjoyable way.)

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