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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I need help: recently I downloadedthe foreign operator M2000 pack, and while playing with the M2000-9 I noticed the legs of a pilot hanging out of the belly. Any way to solve this? I tried editing the inis but nothing changed
  2. I am thinking of a city night light solution. I would like to check if anyone tried this before, and what was the result The idea is to use a semi-transparent low polygon box that provides a layer of orange colour near the ground. And set the element to be rendered disregarding light levels. Just like the light on carrier deck. Each single element will cover a small area. Every 30/50 elements can be grouped to be 1 model to be placed to cover the entire road cross/block to simplify the planning. And they can be made destroya ble. Anyone?
  3. I decided to make a post so I can put all my work in one place I hope you okay with that. Okay here is the update of the M978/M977 HEMTT more detail will be added but this is how it looks so far.
  4. Is it me or the AI love to never lose energy and out turn me despite of their airframe limits including the G tolerance of the pilot? Let me know cause from other sources, I have heard more or less from each side of the debate. I would like to think that I am being cheated and robots have no brains on most levels.
  5. What can experienced users tell me about EAW 3DZ modelling, RS and tools? I'm not trying to build anything specific and I don't have a whole lot of time to learn, But highlights would be favorable. Like I know for EAWv1.2 there are specific programs used. I think I have them all. Unfortunately some are DOS , some are WindowsOS usage. I know you plan out the model before you begin using the 3DZ Studio program (which one is best?) How would I keep the RS in check as I add to the model? etc.. Thank you in advanced for the help and tips.
  6. MAX format Star Trek models.

    I found some free for download Star Trek plus a handful of Star Wars and other sci-fi models in MAX format. The creator David Metlesits has said that anyone can download and play around with them as long as he is properly credited. Metlesits Fleetyards Gallary Now I don't have MAX but there is one model in particular I really would like to be able to look at. Would someone be willing to convert the Vesta Class starship into a more common format for me? Vesta class starship
  7. Hello, I `m working on my jet. Now i get a question about gear torque arm function. See my picture. To get this torque function, Do i have to add IK bones to gear model in 3dsmax? Is there something i should know before i link models to bones ? - -
  8. Hi,everyone. I try to increase ground object visual distance but get stuck. Fail to find answer in searched topics. So start topic here. What i want to do is making the carrier and destoryer model can be seen in far distance, like 20km or more. After modifing the dis to 20000 it seems be as it default. The ships can be seen in 12KM (6.6NM). Here is my modify, I dont kown where is wrong. -------------------------- In KASHIN_DATA.ini ( the destoryer ) [DetectSystem] ... NightSight=TRUE //VisualRange=15000.0 VisualRange=25000.0 <------------- i increase this value, seems in unit of M ViewportPosition=0.0,24.0,17.1 //MaxVisibleDistance=20000.0 MaxVisibleDistance=40000.0 <------------- i increase this value, seems in unit of M RadarCrossSection=10000 In Kashin.ini [LOD005] Filename=Kashin_lod5.lod //Distance=10000 Distance=20000 <------------- i increase this value [shadow] CastShadow=TRUE ShadowCastDist=500 //MaxVisibleDistance=1500 MaxVisibleDistance=20000 <------------- i increase this value As a result of that, I can target the ship in 40km by increasing MaxVisibleDistance in KASHIN_DATA.ini, but no model appear at this distance. No matter how far i modified in LOD distance, it seems have no effect. I still have to close to 6nm to see the model. In such distance, the ship figure appear suddenly. I am pretty sure I have set the game option. How can I make them be seen in 10nm ?
  9. Matchstick Fleet

    While I was cleaning out my E-mail box this past week I found this in an E-Mail that was forwarded to me a few years ago. I thought that the members here a CombatAce might find it interesting.

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