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Found 9 results

  1. Visit the EAW Launchpad for online games with EAWPRO, have a chat with like minded or for help and guidance relating to v1.2 derivatives! Teamspeak server details can be obtained via our (admission free) chatroom as it may change: http://www.chatzy.com/251310437564 Just leave a message or e-mail adress in our chatroom and we'll get back to you ASAP. Open all day ,no membership required, professional help or just a chat. And you can also have a look at my latest creations or just visit our screenshot gallery to get an impression of our games! https://rabartel.home.xs4all.nl/test/Gallery/image/ VonBeerhofen http://www.europeanairwar.net
  2. Hello! I've been playing SFP1 for quite some time now and i know a little bit about its online features (i have already hosted a LAN party). However, i've recently acquired a VPS and wanted to try out hosting a public server for it. I'm hosting another flight sim server as well (YSFlight) and i needed to do some port forwarding and endpoint configuration on my VPS. For SFP1 however, i don't know the Port or Port Range it uses, and running netstat -ab didn't give me anything (using the host batch file the game gives me). Does someone know the game's ports or port range? (Or am i doing something wrong?) Thanks in advance!
  3. I have written and re-written my Multiplayer Help Document. I hope it is helpful for anyone. (I included most of the info that I could). https://eaw.neocities.org/multiplayer.html If there's anything I should add to this doc, please feel free to post here to let me know if there's anything I missed or what not. Thanks! :)
  4. Hello Gents', I have been investigating the core string and ini files that make up FE2 - primarily to see if multiplayer can be reintroduced. The relevant files can be found in the MenuData.cat and MenuText.cat files of the "Menu" folder of the actual game (not in the user folder for the game). I managed to restore the "multiplayer" button to the main screen of the game, but it leads nowhere. Also possible to restore was the "network" button under the options settings - but again this led nowhere when you click on it. It seems that each STR (string?) file requires a corresponding INI (initialization) file to work at all. Most of the files have both components, such as is the case with OPTIONSSCREEN.INI and OPTIONSSCREEN.STR - the ini file contains the relevant buttons, lists, codes, placements, lots of other things too, and the str component file contains the relevant data calls that correspond with what is called for in the ini file. I was however stumped to find that most of the network sub-option files have the STR component files in place - but ini files for those are all missing, perhaps having been removed by the game designer - or perhaps there is a more obscure way of calling up those string files that I am not aware of with my very limited knowledge of program/app coding. As an example, the NETWORKCONNECTIONSCREEN.STR file and the NETWORK.STR file - obviously important ones (and it's obvious what they are for) - cannot be called up in game, likely because corresponding ini files for those are missing. Looking through some of those network option str files shows, in some cases, more than 30 or 40 different data calls. I can only imagine then how much time it would take to create corresponding ini files for all of those different data calls in the str files, with all of the relevant buttons, menus, submenus, toggles created in the corresponding ini files - to get mutliplayer up and fully functional in FE2 - a daunting task that while theoretically possible would probably take a good month at least of full-time work on it (and then there is the risk of how stable the setup would be when done). Those who are inclined to tinker further with multiplayer possibilities in FE2 are advised to look at the main Options.ini file first that's in the user folder for FE2. The multiplayer settings should read as follows to be enabled: [MultiplayerOptions] LobbyLaunched=TRUE The following should also be toggled but I didn't experiment with correct values: [Multiplayer] Connection=0 PlayerColor=0 SessionType=0 GameType=0 Password=MyPassword MaxPlayers=8 IPAddress= In the OPTIONSCREEN.INI file that should be extracted to your "Menu" folder, the following should be toggled: [NetworkOptionsButton] StickySelection=TRUE Active=TRUE In MAINSCREEN.INI, also to be placed in the "Menu" folder, the following should be toggled: [MultiplayerHotspot] Active=TRUE Enabled=TRUE Also, the following should be modified to look as you see here, from the same file indicated above: [MissionControl] SingleMission=SingleMission InstantAction=InstantAction Campaign=Campaign Multiplayer=Multiplayer And finally, the relevant STR files that are missing corresponding INI files - or maybe requiring some other kind of call that I'm not aware of, are: NETWORK.STR NETWORKCONNECTIONSCREEN.STR MPDOGFIGHTSCREEN.STR MPHANGARSCREEN.STR MPMISSIONSCREEN.STR MULTIPLAYERSTATUS.STR PILOTRECORDSCREEN.STR (this one is to enable flight recording in multiplayer) As far as I can see, it's more feasible to continue improving the single-player side of the game, such as improvements in AI, scenery, also the great plane and skin mods that often come out for FE2. And thanks to all who contribute to this game and make it great. Those interested in pursuing the multiplayer aspect further will hopefully find my email useful. Happy flying, Von S
  5. Over the past 4 months the Storm of War server and website have undergone a number of important changes. We are now ready to open the server back up to the Cliffs of Dover community. Firstly, please note that we have a new website and forums here; www.stormofwar.org The old website is now going to be re-directed to the new URL. The server itself has undergone a large number of important changes too, including; Improved Player Stats, including "pilot career" tracking Improved Bomber Stats Squadron v Squadron stats New realism features and target types within the missions Downloadable / printable mission pdf briefing files for all Missions with target photos and maps Player controlled mission rotation New RADAR and aircraft tracking systems (both in-game and on the website) Friendly aircraft tracking system to assist bomber/fighter escorting Missions that provide safe spawns for Bomber pilots Luftwaffe Directional Beacons AI aircraft with scaling features And more... To explain most of the changes we have made, please watch these two YouTube videos . Video one : http://youtu.be/_56JhIdbG7Q AND video two : http://youtu.be/WjvKC2SaGlw We welcome all Cliffs of Dover players to the server and the new website, particularly those players who are members of online Squadrons. We would also love to welcome back players who have not played Cliffs of Dover for a while, and who might be looking for something new in the multi-player environment. A new campaign is also being planned. More news on this will follow in time. Salute, Storm of War .
  6. Hey folks, version 1.1.1 of OFFice, OFFbase, and OFFworld is now available for download at the official website and Combat Ace. Here's the change-log: Injured pilots can access their journals and read their squadron's daily status reports from in the infirmary. Counts missions flown by your AI squadmates, reporting the tally in the Duty Room. Reduced frequency of Congressional Medal of Honor being awarded in American campaigns. Adjusted Goodwill scaling so missions are relatively more important. Optional Goudy Bookletter 1911 for American campaigns and Croissant One font for French campaigns, while clarity of the German Behrensschrift and British Railway Sans have been improved. Fixed bugs transferring between squadrons, handling gunner/observers in multiplayer squadrons, encounter partner selection, and elsewhere. Some edits to encounters and internal code refactoring as well. If you're interested in membership in OFFworld, the kick-ass multiplayer version, send me a PM.
  7. Think this next update is something many will really enjoy. Along with a complete font overhaul to make spending time OFFbase and OFFworld more pleasant, version 1.1.0 includes CaptSopwith's mix of the soundtrack to Red Baron 3D, along with a mix of the soundtrack from the old Amiga classic Wings as suggested by Creaghorn ages ago. These make for amazing retro experiences that will take you right back to those glory days of the 1990's. FYI: Wings, the major inspiration behind OFFbase, is graciously available as a free download for the Amiga by Cinemaware, who reserve all rights. AmigaForever is an officially licensed Amiga emulator that will let you play Wings on your PC. Digital joystick recommended. Look at all these music options to suit any mood. Try them all! Additionally, the installer can now extract music & sound files at different levels of quality, providing low-def versions for old, slow computers with crummy onboard sound that suffer FPS hits under all the fancy high-quality stereo sounds. So get OFFice 1.1.0 today! And as always, if you're interested in joining and contributing to OFFworld, the kick-ass multiplayer version, send me a PM.
  8. See the new website I've put up with help from RAF_Louvert. Here's the changelog: Lots of bug fixes. Bunch of edits to encounters. Some internal refactoring. Improved and expanded grammar rules for the Adjutant status reports. Adds observations in character descriptions about one's Goodwill, and adjusts some Goodwill scaling. Reduced severity of damage and injury under the "Forced down" mission result. Extends time to complete missions before the possibility of getting in trouble with the Adjutant. French squads have an "Aide-de-camp" to the CO instead of squadron "Adjutant", to avoid confusion with the rank of the same name. Cannot create new pilots in an OFFworld squadron if you have at least two on active duty already. Expanded names files thanks to data sharing with Patrick Wilson's Campaign Generator. OFF P3 shipped with just 11,850 unique German names, boosted to 116,446 in HitR by including Creaghorn’s German last names. With the power of combinatoriality, the additional names collected by Lothar for OFFice and Pat Wilson for his Campaign Generator push this to a vast 1,343,406 unique German names! British now include 511,674 unique names, 156,306 for the French, and the Yanks get 120,246. But OFFice also sprinkles a few middle names into the non-German campaigns for additional combinations of Allied pilots and crew. Still, this is a far cry from the tens of billions of unique personalities possible in the game. If you're interested in joining OFFworld, the ongoing multiplayer campaign, membership is a one-time fee of $12. Send me a PM to get started. The location of the website may end up moving. I'd be willing to discuss free membership in OFFworld in exchange for hosting it.
  9. Good evening, all. With OBD rightly furthering its strengths in WOFF's immersive single-player campaign, multiplayer WW1 aerial combat has become the territory of other games (hard to call anything else out there a 'sim' in comparison). OFF multiplayer has fallen by the wayside for good reasons including technical/compatibility nightmares and the death of Microsoft's CFS GameMatch service. I can solve those problems, but have something much grander in mind. The following is a brief outline of my thinking at this stage, as an initial gage of interest. The goal is to merge the rich depth of OFF's campaign and the thrill of its aerial combat into a massively(?) multiplayer online role-playing combat flight simulator (MMORPCFS?), where players can fly both singleplayer (PvE) and multiplayer (PvP) missions in the same persistent, shared online Great War: Serve in the same squadron as your friends, with a common roster of human and AI pilots and OFFbase ground crew. Submit claims from multiplayer as well as singleplayer missions and witness claims by both human and AI wingmen. Even friends without OFF would be able to join and take the role of Ground Crew! Encounter other human pilots OFFbase and fly alongside and against them in multiplayer combat missions. Or fly your own AI-only singleplayer missions to advance your career and the persistent campaign if no other human flyers are available and no multiplayer missions are scheduled for your squadron. Global campaign open to all well-behaved OFFers would begin early in the war (date TBD) and advance time across all participating player squadrons with each mission until Armistice. But anyone would be able to create and share multiplayer campaigns for private clubs, special events, etc. Start the campaign at low rank, but earn achievements and promotions as you build your persistent online career. Replacement pilots could begin at ranks you've reached in-game but no higher, while transfers between squadrons open new career possibilities. Multiple pilots in different squadrons and nations would be supported. One highest-ranking player per squadron can serve as Squadron Commander: Score multiplayer mission claims for confirmation based on player reports Reward medals and promotions as well as approve/reject those granted by OFF Manager Coordinate with other squadron COs to approve and assign transfers Generate and schedule multiplayer missions and schedule parties in the Mess Assign flight leaders and alternates Authorize players for lone wolf missions Disciplinary options for breaking formation, friendly fire, cheating, etc. Of course, it would need a Matchmaker system: Far more than just a replacement for the defunct CFS GameMatch directory Publicize and help players sign up for and join scheduled multiplayer missions Let players post future availability to help COs schedule missions Make roles available in hosted mission files for player squadrons on both sides of the lines Synchronize all players' date, time, frontlines, weather, etc. Synchronize all players' available aircraft to eliminate mismatch errors while affording individual armaments/skins, gun convergence distances, fields-of-view, etc. Require/enforce OFF Workshop and CFS3Config difficulty settings for difficulty/fairness and to prevent cheating Generate and publish web-based killboards Expanded OFFbase Mess Hall where you can hang out with your fellow human squadmates: Built-in chat client Multiplayer mini-games, both turn-based (move a chess piece) and real-time (drinking contest) Publish and share tales of your deeds from your Journal in a squadron Library And of course, full integration with WOFF after release (aka WOFFworld?). Combining the depth of that experience with the stakes and emergence of a persistent shared online campaign would be the greatest simulation of the Great War,. I've done enough research and experimentation to know this is feasible on top of my OFFice system. But to make it a reality I need help from all of you. This would be a paid effort. The final form could take the form of either a single purchase or subscription, but I would need funding to get it off the ground, so to speak. I'm thinking of charging via PayPal for 'Early Access' to the closed test campaign and a chance to shape it's features and development. So if you would truly value something like OFFworld, let me know. I'll try attaching a (non-committal) poll to this topic, and if you're reaaally serious about contributing feel free to message me privately. As I said, this is just an initial, informal, gage of interest. If it's going to be dead in the water, I'd rather know now. But if not, the fun can begin soon. Shared synchronized OFFbase squadrons, with all pilots and ground crew, are already mostly up and running over a decentralized network on top of the latest OFFice release. Anyone willing to pay to share their "singleplayer" OFF and OFFice campaign with a friend?

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