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Found 4 results

  1. Here's a few videos I have watched on EAW: One of them mentions my install instructions, which was a surprise, these are by "damsonn". I think in all of his videos he is using v1.2 on a Win10 64bit system in 3dfxGlide Mode, running nGlide Wrapper at double the res of the EAW standard game , which is defaulted at (640x480). Note: NGlide cleaning upscales the graphics and cockpit dials, and everything else. (Other wrappers do this too, I just don't remember which ones). European Air War v1.2 (stock version) running on Windows 10 64-bit - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VGPfM0v3TU European Air War - 2 RAF Campaign Missions - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMZdTVElOuQ European Air War - Luftwaffe Campaign Mission - Bomber Intercept - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5O4baT7Zrk BTW I didn't embed the videos as it looked too big, I prefer videos viewed at there home sites anyhow.
  2. F-22 Startup (weird)

    So I saw a couple of videos of F-22s starting up. They sound weird but they're quick with it.
  3. Here are a bunch of videos related to North American air defense during the cold war that I found on Youtube, covering Nike, BOMARC, SAGE and some video recorded at the Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence (CFMAD) at North Bay, Ontario Canada. None of these are mine, I just found them and thought the people here might be interested in them. Wall off videos incoming! //----------Nike----------// Surface to Air Missiles: The Nike Hercules Story 1960 US Army "30-minute public affairs film produced by the Army in 1960 to educate the public on the Nike Hercules air defense system." Nike Hercules & Nike X Missiles in Action - Defense Testing NORAD - 1970s US Army Air Defense Command - ARADCOM: The Inner Ring - Army Air Defense Command uses Nike Hercules and other missiles in defense measures. Nike X missile and fighter interceptors 1970s. Canadian defense from USSR. Nike Missile Bases - A Forgotten Tale of the Puente Hills During the Cold War, it was a very different time in this country. It was a time of national paranoia and fear. In the Los Angeles area, this county's military was looking to protect it, and the west coast. from Russian bomber strikes. Two of these bases were with-in the borders of the old Rancho La Puente... and we were thankful. Edit: Guess I have to wait a bit before I can make another post.
  4. Hello everyone. I would like to ask for some help in finding some online videos. I am trying to find good videos that show the positive aspects of having a 3D cockpit and TrackIR working together. I am not looking for a simple TrackIR demonstration video. I am seeking instead videos showing the advantages of using a 3D cockpit in conjunction with TrackIR in a sim for combat flying. I would like, if possible, videos that stay with the pilot's eye view throughout the ACM/BFM portion of the videos. Also I would like the videos to be from as wide a range of simulations as possible, for example Strike Fighters 1&2, First Eagles1&2, Rise of Flight, DCS/LOMAC, IL-2:1946, Mig Alley, Falcon 4, Falcon BMS, JANE's F/A-18, and so on. My reason for asking is that there is a bit of a debate on another forum I have been reading about the issue of cockpit Vs. no-cockpit view, first person perspective (classic sim view) Vs third person perspective(FreeLancer, AceCombat style). However it seems to me like a lot of the people talking are not up on what the latest in flight sims are capable of providing in immersion and situational awareness. All I would like are some good examples of what is now possible so that I can present them for educational purposes, as in this case I think a picture(or video) is worth a thousand words. Thank you.

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