• Version vers1.2

Buccaneer RAF and RAFG for SF2   includet -------- Buccaneer S2A Buccaneer S2B Buccaneer S2B RAFG , without refuelprobe Buccaneer S2/S2B Cockpit Weapons Mk6 Ejection Seat Effects   Funktions ---------- - strg+0 = canopy open close - strg+9 = nose and wing-fold - strg+8 = windshield wiper   Installation ------------ for instalations please read the README   Note ---- this are high poly models with high-res skins   Credits: -------- - original Model by Russouk2004 - Skins and decals by Paulopanz - Loading and Hangar screens by Soulman and Gustav - FM rework by Kreelin,Spillone104,Baffmeister,Cliff11 - Missions by Pureblue and Paulopanz - some weapons in this pack are from Mirage Factory -testcrew,Dave,Soulman,Crusader,Florian,Slartibartfast,Paulopanz, Baffmeister,76.IAPBlackbird,Hgbn,Pureblue,Thetestpilot,Kelsh002,Cliff11 - 3D work,templates,Skins,weapon´s and cockpit´s by - ravenclaw_007   i hope i did not forget anybody   ----------------------------------------------   vers 1.2 CHANGES from 10.oct.2011 ---------------------------------- - working/rotating Bulged bombbay door - BombBay Fuel Tank added - max fuel load for FAA/RAF Buccaneer now 23100lbs - typo error on AOA Indicator fixed - Decal issue for 12Sqn. S2B_1983 fixed   have fun ravenclaw_007