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  1. Weaponspack 3

    here are 3 versions of the S-24 , they are still BETA i will take a break because of health reasons , may be until mid next year i still have problems with my veins and i can hardly move my fingers , both of my hands are hurting really bad S-24 Rockets.7z
  2. give me a day or two and i will see wich pods i can finish
  3. ok i got it to work , problem is that you have to renumber your StationGroupID so that the left and right inner pylons have there own ID number , this may work on A-4 or A-7 but not on aircraft like the F-4 because there are all StationGroupID used already dont know if it is worth the work ???
  4. small problem , all the aircraft i try to test the launchers on have no separate left and right pylons but that would be necessary to get them work are there any aircraft with separate left and right pylons ???
  5. there is only one solution for the rocket pods , one left and one right pod assembly i have them finish i just have to create a new weapons ini for them , if i find some time for it
  6. Site Updates

    yes it works perfect , Thank You
  7. Site Updates

    Thanks and no problem , take all the time you need
  8. Site Updates

    i have a problem with opening posts , the first page is no problem but as soon as i like to change to the next page is all i get a loading symbol and nothing else is going to happen do i have to change any settings or what is going wrong here ???
  9. SF2_F-4E_Austere_HUD

  10. A-7E Skin pack 3

  11. A-7E Skin pack 2

  12. A-7E Skinpack


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