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  1. F-4G from the 23rd TFS / 52nd TFW during Desert Storm , all squadron markings are removed / painted over
  2. AIM-9 missiles are carried on a missile rail , on launch the rocket motor ignite and the missile is guided on the missile rail , there is no free falling the same for the russian counterparts
  3. which heat seeking missile you are talking about ???
  4. this are the WilliePete effects i use for my Weaponspack 3 and they work perfectly Effects.7z
  5. what terrain is that ??? mandatory screenshot
  6. Weaponspack 3

    will take look at it but i can't promise anything yet is already on the to do list
  7. Weaponspack 3

    not yet , wich gun pod do you need ???
  8. Weaponspack 3

    do you need the templates for it ???
  9. Thanks , i never have try that , but i notice a very pixelated view if i zoom in on a mirror
  10. Weaponspack 3

    uuuppps .... i forgot to add a shadow to the rear part of the bomb body please replace the existing AN-M57A1_CF texture with this one below , Sorry
  11. Weaponspack 3

    things like this are always helpful , Thank You Very Much , i finished the AN-M57 some days a go i just hope i got it right AN-M57A1_CF.7z
  12. B61 Nuclear Bomb Pack

    you need only the ver 1.0.1 , the other one is not needed
  13. B61 Nuclear Bomb Pack

    i dont have any idea why this is not funktioning with you , i have a old and new install game and i have no problems at all on both did you check your effects folder ?? i remeber having a similar issue and found 2 effects file with the same name ( only minor difference in the writting ) both files call for the same effects name , after deleting one of them everything works again , dont know if this is the same here i just uploaded the comlete effects file as an update , it is still waiting aprovall
  14. B61 Nuclear Bomb Pack

    ok i think i forgot to add the TGA files , my fault , here are the complete effects file Effects.7z Please let me know if this fix the problem

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