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  1. Weaponspack 3

    based on the AGM-129 launch video you got it right , the cover moves up and the wing swing in to forward position then the cover is closing again looks realy great
  2. F-5a

    we do have a RF nose but the dimensions of it are wrong , i´m currently working on a shorter more correct nose this is the old nose we have , the new one will look much better ( i hope )
  3. Weaponspack 3

    Sorry just notice some problems on the front of the wings , here is the problem fix AIM-4E AIM-4E.7z
  4. Weaponspack 3

    Thanks Flogger , that is an excellent answer here is one more piece that i have finished , it is the AIM-4E Super Falcon , i still have to finish the AIM-4F and G to complete the AIM-4 familie AIM-4E.7z
  5. F-4G Cockpits

    Thanks now i´m out of ideas , dont know how to activate this 4 lights
  6. Hallo may be you know it already but in case you dont i work on a early F-4G cockpit , in the moment i make complete new side panels the left side is almost done the right panels will be next i still have one problem that is the threat warning panel , on that panel are 4 warning lights LF , RF , LA and RA this lights should show the threat from a certain direction , for example the LF from 270° up to 360° and the RF from 0° to 90° and so on , but in game i dont get them to work so now i wonder how do the guys who work on russian jets get this russian warning panel to work , this one is showing even more directions ??? i realy need some help here by the way is there a way to get the range and direction counter working , the should show the range and direction to the threat i have try all now but in both cases i have no success
  7. F-4G Wild Weasel with an early F-4G cockpit , aircraft is finish but still a lot of work to finish this cockpit i added the original A/G gun sight but unfortunatley i can not get the range bar working in a A/G mode the Threat panel is an other problem the quadrant indicators are not working like they should , game limitations , dont know what i´m going to do with them medium and late cockpits not yet done
  8. ok send me the file , but i would need the exact changes to be made ( i dont know much about the Spitfire versions )
  9. what exactly has to be done on that model to get you a Mk.IX or Mk.Vb ??? is it a major work to change it or is it more like adding details here and there , if it is only adding details then i could make for you
  10. anybody in need of a Budweiser
  11. Weaponspack 3

    here are the FFAR_Launchers and the Data.ini´s for the aircafts that carry them FFAR_Pods.7z by the way if anybody finds a good picture of the nose cone PLEASE send it to me , i have only the picture below this is showing some openings for the upper rockets and i think the same will be on the lower rocket positions and here the AN-M64 and others US_WWII_Bombs.7z they are still BETA , so if you find a bug let me know
  12. the picture with the question mark is showing the M229 warhead not the M151 , as i mention above this launchers are made for long warheads not for the short ones although they can be used to try the M229 warhead and i think you get what you where looking for
  13. the rockets go in to the launcher up to the stopper (red arrow) the firing contact is inside the launch tube not the part on the rear of the launch tube , this is the switch to arm the firing contact the M260 and M261 launchers are more for the long warheads not for the short ones although they can be used to
  14. F-5a

    the canopy animation is done now and some minor items are fixed , i have to check for some more items to fix
  15. Mirage F-1CT

    Thank you , i was waiting for this one

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