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  1. made some changes on Luftwaffe LAU-51A and LAU-32B/A rocket pods , the LAU-32B/A is a new model
  2. A-4E with Mk.77 mod 2 bombs , they are not 100% correct but i did the best i could based on the few pictures i have
  3. Canadian CF104 Nuclear bombing role?

    i assume they did it the same way as the german F-104G crews , go low go fast , as for the weapons deployment i think it was something similar as shown below for navigation the crews would have maps from the target area and maps for the way to the target area and they would follow as much as possible natural features , assumed targets would be mostly in east - germany and poland and a high los of aircraft and crew was calculated in my home base was near to Memmingen air base our alternate landing base in bad weather , the picture below was taken there , so we saw regularly F-104g going low and fast even in bad weather conditions as long as the ceiling was not below minima , and we had some close encounters while flying very low in a altitude you as a helicopter crew normaly would not expect a F-104G or a F-4F german F-104G with B61 nuclear bomb
  4. Mk77 Fire Bomb Series

    thanks a lot , with the info material that i got from Durasoul and yarkarov i can build that MK77 mod 0 and mod 2 , THANK YOU gentlemen i now only need a picture of the filler cap for the MK77 mod2 , if anybody comes across one please send it to me
  5. Mk77 Fire Bomb Series

    @Durasoul they are used during the Vietnam war and a short time after , and i find them only with the USMC dont know if the USN used them
  6. i´m working on the Mk.77 fire bomb series and i have finished the MK77 mod4 , mod 5 and mod 6 , i would like to make the Mk77 mod2 and or mod 3 as well but i would need some more detail pictures of this bomb in particular of the front and rear as well as the filler holes this are the pictures i have of this Mk77 mod2 or mod 3 bombs , i have no idea what kind of igniter and fuze was used here , so if you have some info or good pictures of this particular bomb pleas send them to me , i NEED them this is what i have finished so far Mk77 mod4 Mk77 mod 4 with AN-M23A1 igniter and Fuze Mk77 mod 5 Mk77 mod 6 without the thread in the front and rear igniter cavity
  7. BDU-33 and BDU-48 practice bombs on a MK.25 bomb-rack
  8. training flight at the range with a Walley Mk.4 and a AN/AWW-9 data-link-pod
  9. THANKS so we have now RADIATION HAZARD TO PERSONNEL _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ HIGH POWER RADIATION
  10. i think this could be it
  11. AHHHH..... by creating the parts in 3d i found the words for the last pictures " TO OPEN PULL LEVER TURN" and on the Bottom "TO CLOSE TURN PUSH TO SAFE " or PUSH & SAFE or PUSH LEVER not yet sure on this one
  12. here is the AN/AWW-7/9/13 Walleye Data Link Pod , maybe someone can read this items as well (hopefully) here are the parts i can not fully read " WARNING , RADIO FREQUENCY RADIATION HAZARD " and on the bottom " HIGH POWER RADIATION ", what is written in the 4 rows between is a mystery to my this one is even harder to figure out on top is written " TO OPEN PULL " the next words i can't read , on the bottom i can only read " TO CLOSE "
  13. damn.... , i get old , i made this pod already it is the AN/ALO-101 (V)3 , i realsed it with one of my F-4 packs (i think) in any case here is the pod ALQ-101v3.7z

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