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  1. F-4G from the Idaho ANG with the new F-4G_85 cockpit
  2. Two-Seater Tuesdays

    F-4G_78 Cockpit , all Radar mods are working now including the Switches for it , and some missing items are now installed at the rear of the Cockpit
  3. Thanks , so i go with the russian dimesions
  4. Thanks for the Info , i still have one question about the dimensions of this R23 missiles in russian net sides the dimensions are R-23R length 4,46 m R-23T length 4,16 m Diameter 200 mm for both missiles in the western media the dimensions are R-23R length 4,5 m R-23T length 4,2 m Diameter 223 mm for both missiles especially the diameter is confusing me a bit , for the length i go with the russians anybody who knows the exact Diameter ???? or is the diameter 200 mm for the Missile Body without the cable trays and the diameter 223 mm with cable trays ????
  5. F-4G from the 561st TFS make a visit to GAF Pferdsfeld AB
  6. Thanks that would be great
  7. all the pictures of R-23 training missiles show them to even the one you posted from the LSK
  8. nope check the Picture above that i just posted , somethin is on this fins maybe mounting holes or sensor´s
  9. @ Gepard , why do some R-23 Missiles and the Training missiles have this small fins direct in front of the main wing and other R-23 Missiles dont have them ????
  10. found this one of a R-23 training Missile , Radar and IR
  11. Thanks for that Info Gepard i have this detail pictures from a R-23 , does anybody have some more and better detail picture of that Missile
  12. for the Moment yes except somebody wants an other Training missile , the UZR-60 and the R-3U are done and the R-23 will be next ( in my spare time ) by the way what is the full designation for the R-23 Training missile ??? here is the R-3U , have fun R-3U.7z MiG 21 with R-3U
  13. tha is something i would like to ask , i have many Pictures from static Displays with this missiles and the 3 or 4 black stripes but i assume that this are training missiles for ground Crews or simply for Display but NOT for flying , i think the actual training missiles for the aircraft did not have the wings
  14. Thanks for that info , the R-3U was easy to make i took my AA-2 and made the necessary changes
  15. i dont mine if people ask for a mod , but everybody could help me by getting me the info / pictures i need to make this mods , please keep in mind that i´m very busy right now with other mods and the real life

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