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  1. Weaponspack 3

    its on the to do list like all the AGM-84
  2. Weaponspack 3

    thanks for that fast reply
  3. Weaponspack 3

    i would need the diameter and the length of that missile
  4. October 1970 , the 478th TFS and the 560th TFS at Homestead AB got dissolved , material and personell got moved to the 309th TFS /31st TFW at Homestead AB F-4E , 478th TFS F-4E , 560th TFS F-4E , 309th TFS
  5. here is the AGM-119A Penguin , it is more for helicopters and slow flying aircraft not for a EF2000 , but you can try it anyway AGM-119A.zip the missile is set up with AttachmentType=NORWAY , if you will use it on other aircraft you have to change it to AttachmentType=USAf , NATO or what ever the AttachmentType on your aircraft is
  6. just a small update on the new F-4E 3d model , from the beginning i did not like the way the vents on the F-4 look like , Sundowner made some big improvements with new textures but i think it is about time to make them in 3d , thats how they look like now , also new the missile hard points and the splitter plate the aircraft is not yet done , still a lot of work ahead including the new cockpits and some new skins and much more on details
  7. a TV view appears only if the missile has an EO-seeker or a IR-seeker ( camera ) , the Kormoran missile does not have that , try the AGM-119 Penguin this anti ship missile has an IR-seeker
  8. new 450 gallon drop tank for the F-105
  9. Weaponspack 3

    some of the work i did in the past year , just a small update F-104G Twin Store Carriage Rack Orpheus IV recce pod used at the Dutch F-104G , F-16 and Belgium F-16 Orpheus IV used by the Italian Air Force Matra 116 rocket pod Matra-116MA used at the Harrier GR1 , Vautour and Canberra SUU-42A flare dispenser LUU-2B flare for SUU-42A , 2 flares per tube 2.75i nch FFAR launcher used on many aircrafts like F-86 , F-84 and Fiat G-91 triple assembly of 2.75 inch FFAR launcher more to come
  10. it is , i still face some problems but i´m much better now , i´m also going back to the weapons pack 3 but for now i have to finish some jobs , 450 gal and 600 gal drop tanks for the F-105 (WTR) and some drop tanks for the Hunter as well as all the cockpits for the F-4E´s 450 gall drop tank F-105
  11. F-4E cockpit 1971 - 1972 before T.O.1F-4E-556 with AN/APR 36(V) Strobe Display Scope
  12. F-4E about 1969 to 1970 , cockpit still without RWR display in the front cockpit aircraft 3d model with new details and a brand new cockpit
  13. pre Mk80 series bombs

    nope , only the ones posted above

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