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  1. Merry christmas and happy new year bro.

    I would like your help with something.

    I need my lwl-12a rocket pod and rockets.

    Is there any chance you can make this model for me?





    I will be grateful if you could help me.

  2. AN/ALE-40 installation on Phantoms

    mounting the AN/ALE-40 dispenser on to the pylon is not a big deal , adding the wiring from the left and right inner pylon to the cockpit and the control panel in the front and rear cockpit including the wiring for the left throttle ( release button ) would be something that a regular maintenance crew in a aircraft shelter will not do
  3. here is a picture of 1:32 decal set showing the same logo and an other drawing from the right side showing on the inlet the 36th TFW logo
  4. the only one i was able to find is this one here http://miprofiles.unblog.fr/2018/03/27/f-15-eagle/ the side is in french
  5. that is what i found out when i try to get the TISEO working , for air to ground missions it can be a big help especially when you going to use the gun , it works very limited on air to air mission because the TISEO is not locking on to a target and to hold a moving target in the scope is not easy F-4E_78 with TISEO
  6. i love this NF-5A , what a beautiful aircraft and so many details , excellent work by Sophocles
  7. early F-104G with CBU-2C/A dispenser
  8. testing a new 3d modell for the BL755 cluster bomb , not finshed yet still need some more detail to it
  9. Weaponspack 3

    with regards of the EXPAL bombs i need some help here , i´m searching a real good picture showing the rear of the retarded BRP , BRPS and BRFF versions all i have on pictures from the rear are this ones , i´m not sure if this dark part that looks like a rope is only some safety or ground handling device or if it is the release mechanism for the drag chute , all i can see is that this dark part is hold on 3 positions here are some enlarged ones , does not help really
  10. Weaponspack 3

    small update ML Aviation Twin Store Carriage for use on the F-104G , still have to map it and make the skin for it ML Aviation Twin Store Carriage for use on the Harrier and Alpha Jet , still have to map it and make the skin for it Nord Aviation AA.20 , AA.25 and AS.20 missiles EXPAL BR-250 Kg bombs made in Spain , this are the first one of the whole series i'm planning to do , the orange bomb is the inert version
  11. and now with the life rounds
  12. another day with bombing run practice , C-15 with EXPAL 250Kg inert bombs
  13. i will , still have to add some more details to them F-104G with Orpheus reconnaissance pod

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