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  1. Hi ravenclaw_007, your work is outstanding! Attention to detail is above and beyond. I periodically see your latest additions here on the screenshot pages. Will these be available in a future Wep Pak 3, or will they be periodically offered piece mill as has been done with a few of your models? Have seen several new weapons lately but no updated pack. Just wondering.

    Thank you, Marty (NIELS)

    1. ravenclaw_007



      they are part of the Weaponpack 3 , no release date yet

    2. NIELS


      Thank you - looking forward to it - much appreciated.

  2. how about this 2 depth charge , they should be able to do the work , some more in work
  3. AV-8B at the range , having fun with CBU`s and testing the new AN/ALQ-164
  4. more F-4G testing , F-4G on a nuclear strike ( yes she can ) first go after the air defence threats , then after the target , the DSU-94/A special weapons panel ist done and working
  5. making a aircraft and bring it in to the game is difficult enough but making a cockpit and try to get it work is a pain in the a..... F-4G_early cockpit , still a long way to go
  6. trainings mission at the range
  7. Walleye II "Fat Albert" at the Range
  8. early rocket pack´s AERO 6A made out of paper , rockets with Mk1 (HE Frag) and Mk5 (HEAT) warheads
  9. finish the weaponspack-3 and finish my F-4G and the cockpit for it and there is still a lot of work i should finish for other people , Kevin is waiting for a aircraft and the F-5a recon nose needs to be finished to so let´s start working
  10. ok each lod shows up when i put the them to [LOD001] and it seems that they are working, i changed the settings to: [LOD001] Filename=LAU-59_Mk40_Mk1c.lod Distance=5 [LOD002] Filename=LAU-59_Mk40_Mk1c_Lod2.lod Distance=15 [LOD003] Filename=LAU-59_Mk40_Mk1c_Lod3.lod Distance=50 and at a certain point ( maybe 50 meters ) only the rockets remain if i zoom out , the launchers are gone , only between Lod001 and Lod002 i cant find any difference
  11. just found them on TW , but nothing about the distance lod´s @ Sundowner , Ant could you please check you mail
  12. could be , do you have this TW max exporter notes ??? i just checked the TW side but i cant find the exporters
  13. the lod is in the folder , i made now so many weapons but only now i found this problem , so it is not only with this particular weapon i posted above , this problem i have with many ( all ? ) weapons i made the name Lod2 or Lod3 is something that TW is using as well , so i dont think that this would be the problem i wonder if it is something with my game setup that causes this

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