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  1. Hi. Im trying to update the Mirage F1 EQ for the 1st Gen Series. Is ther a way you can share with me the .LOD files for the ECM pods, like the remora?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. did you try the AIM-7 and Aim-54 from my Weaponspack 2 ???
  3. F-5a

    my 3ds max computer is still down and needs a new MB , CPU and RAM i hope i get everything done by January , Sophocles is working on the Cockpit reducing the lod size
  4. could it be that they used the same color as on the F-15 ? looks similar
  5. sorry , i forgot this one here , B28IN yust droped from a B-52
  6. don't ask how many hours i searched for the B61-11 i just found 14 not very detail pictures and it took me 3 months and i still have no picture of the rear , modding would be much easier if we had not to search for pictures and info material all the time
  7. this are the 3 pictures i used to build the B28IN bomb
  8. try this , it is in german but i think you will understand it anyway , i made them alrady but as i mention above i have to wait antil my 3ds max computer is working again B28 Varianten.doc
  9. here are the B61 bombs , includet are B61-1 , USAF , 10 kt and 340 kt B61-2 , USN , 10 kt and 150 kt B61-3 , USAF / NATO , 0,3 kt , 1,5 kt , 60 kt and 170 kt B61-4 , USAF / NATO , 0,3 kt , 1,5 kt , 10 kt and 45 kt B61-5 , USAF , 10 kt and 150 kt B61-7 , USAF , 10 kt , 170 kt and 340 kt B61-10 , USAF , 0,3 kt , 5 kt , 10 kt and 80 kt B61-11 , USAF , 0,3 kt , 340 kt and 400 kt ( Earth Penetrading Weapon ) B61 Nuclear Bombs.7z all bombs are Retarded exept for B61-1 , B61-2 and B61-11, before you install this weapons please delete any other B61 bomb from your mod folder the B61-12 is still in work but it will take some time to finish it because my 3ds max computer is not working
  10. F-5a

    i was not yet able to finish the NF-5A 275 gallon tank because of some real life problems , if my computer is finally willing to work with me i will finish them soon ( 1 week i hope )
  11. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    i hope that the US troops fire back asap and so that it hurts , prefert target is Erdogans palast , accidentally of course it is a shame waht is happening to the Kurds, i have only one word for it , TREASON , shame on this USA goverment i just wonder what did trump get in return for pulling the troops out and i dont apologize for my words
  12. 2 months ago i bought a new ASUS ROG Strix GTX1070 O8G Gaming graphics card and everthing worked fine antil 3weeks ago , on that evening i started my game Tank Crew by pressing the start button i got a very loud fan noice from my computer , i instantly stoped the game and checked my graphics card temp , showing 47° , and the fan rpm , showing 0 althoug the 3 cooling fan´s from that graphics card was running at max rpm so i removed the graphics card from my computer and by doing so i notice that a fan blade was falling in my hand , i thought no problem , i have warranty an after a short call to the vendor , who agreed that this is a warranty case , did i send the card back to the vendor 2 weeks later i got the graphics card back , still defekt and the vendor is rejecting the warranty by claiming it was my own fault by overclocking the graphics card and overclocking the fan´s , but i didn't do either of this !!! i always used the card without overclocking it , i called the vendor and told him that this would be not acceptable and that the graphics card was always used within the manufacturer standards , the vendor is still rejecting any warranty claims and is not willing to give me the rejection in writing now my only help would be ASUS , so i thought , but after a short call all my hopes a shattered , ASUS say´s that this is a warranty claim and in this case the vendor has to send the graphics card to ASUS for repair or he is giving a written statement why he is declining this otherwise they are not able to help me after all this back and forth i dicidet to take maters in my own hand i checked for a replacment fan in the net and found one by Amazone for about 20 euros , i bought it and started to repair my graphics card by my self and after 10 minutes work i installed the graphics card back in to my computer , sinc now 2 days the card is running without any problem , i made a furmark test and played all my games to check if there is any problem but sofar everthing is fine so THANK YOU , Webinstore AG and ASUS , for not helping me , as for ASUS this is the last item i ever bought from you
  13. Stary made a excellent effects pack for SF2 , check the dowload section
  14. uuupppss... i made a mistake , the Booster burn time was only 1,0 sec not 3.5 sec here are the edited versions Kormoran.7z Kormoran2.7z
  15. i just saw the post from Wrench , i´m sure that France did not use the kormoran they had there own development the MM-38 , MM-39 , MM-40 Exocet so you can remove France from the kormoran data.ini Kormoran was used by Germany and Italy , Kormoran 2 only by Germany , the missil needed a special launch rail , the missile was used on the F-104 and the Tornado

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