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  1. training flight at the range with a Walley Mk.4 and a AN/AWW-9 data-link-pod
  2. THANKS so we have now RADIATION HAZARD TO PERSONNEL _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ HIGH POWER RADIATION
  3. i think this could be it
  4. AHHHH..... by creating the parts in 3d i found the words for the last pictures " TO OPEN PULL LEVER TURN" and on the Bottom "TO CLOSE TURN PUSH TO SAFE " or PUSH & SAFE or PUSH LEVER not yet sure on this one
  5. here is the AN/AWW-7/9/13 Walleye Data Link Pod , maybe someone can read this items as well (hopefully) here are the parts i can not fully read " WARNING , RADIO FREQUENCY RADIATION HAZARD " and on the bottom " HIGH POWER RADIATION ", what is written in the 4 rows between is a mystery to my this one is even harder to figure out on top is written " TO OPEN PULL " the next words i can't read , on the bottom i can only read " TO CLOSE "
  6. damn.... , i get old , i made this pod already it is the AN/ALO-101 (V)3 , i realsed it with one of my F-4 packs (i think) in any case here is the pod ALQ-101v3.7z
  7. Walleye I ER Mk.3 Mod 0 , with finished skin and all details added
  8. testing the new Walleye I bombs
  9. this QRC-335-3 looks like the AN/ALQ-101 V6 , the upper cable tray is missing , thats why the wiring is exposed , and 2 antennas are missing i assume this is the AN/ALQ-101 V5 i have made the AN/ALQ-101 V6 so to remove the 2 rear antennas is no problem like this , i will finish it for you
  10. just have to finish the EO-seeker and add some more details
  11. @ Nyghtfall , Thanks for the info , i did change it right a way for me that is not nitpicking , it is a big help , i´m only human and i make mistakes , i'm very grateful if someone can help me to fix this small errors that i did not find by my own
  12. thanks for all your help , i got a big step closer to finish this skin
  13. Hallo madvad LAU-3A_Mk40_M156 ??? that pod was not released as a twin pod are you talking of a single pod ???
  14. Thanks to all of you , this helps me a lot

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