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  1. the picture with the question mark is showing the M229 warhead not the M151 , as i mention above this launchers are made for long warheads not for the short ones although they can be used to try the M229 warhead and i think you get what you where looking for
  2. the rockets go in to the launcher up to the stopper (red arrow) the firing contact is inside the launch tube not the part on the rear of the launch tube , this is the switch to arm the firing contact the M260 and M261 launchers are more for the long warheads not for the short ones although they can be used to
  3. F-5a

    the canopy animation is done now and some minor items are fixed , i have to check for some more items to fix
  4. Mirage F-1CT

    Thank you , i was waiting for this one
  5. F-5a

    i got a answer from Sophocles , he is still working on the F-5A / F-5B but real life comes first " The project is definitely not dead, real life keeps me away from it for months at a time unfortunately. I have so far completed the basic F-5a variants, the F-5C(skoshi), the Norwegian variants (including different cockpits); the Netherlands F-5a with all its peculiarities (still have to do a dedicated cockpit for this with RWR and moving map)and am now working on the F-5B 2-seater! " i hope he will release some of this aircraft now but i'm afraid they will come as a pack
  6. F-5a

    i send him a message today , his last visit at CA was yesterday so he is still around
  7. F-5a

    i will do that if i´m allowed to finish this cockpit my problem is that i dont know if Sophocles would allow me to finish this job , it is his project
  8. F-5a

    ok i think i com in to this conversation i have the 3ds max file for the RNoAF_68_F-5A made by Sophocles and i do have the cockpit for it ( but not the max file for the cockpit ) , i dont know if i´m allowed to release it as it is , i dont have any contact to Sophocles the cockpit is not yet finish as you can see in the picture the caution and status lights are all on , to solve this i would need the mesh name / node name of the parts to add them in to the Cockpit.ini stick and throttle are working , but some gauges need to be activated
  9. F-84F with Mk4. rocket launchers and AN-M64 bombs
  10. F-100C with tripple Mk.4 FFAR launcher and AN-M64 bombs
  11. i have this reference material , i hope it helps a bit A-10.7z
  12. F-15A Baz , 3 skins i made Thanks to the excellent templates from pappychksix F-15A_Baz , early F-15A_Baz , 1982 onwards F-15A_Baz , 1989 to 1999 with 50 anniversary logo on the left vertail
  13. Thirdwire F-15A Eagle Hi-Rez

    Excellent Work
  14. namedders , which terrain is that ??? mandatory screenshot
  15. yes you need the Hex-Editor XVI32 and you have to open the lod file search for the bmp. entry and change the 2 to a 3 like you did with the folders and save the lod with the Hex-Editor XVI32 now the lod calls for the correct texture file and your pilot shows up in color xvi32.zip unpack and add the folder in to your C/Program Files or Program Files (x86) if you have a 64bit computer if you have problems doing it send the pilot to me and i make it for you

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