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  1. AIM-7 Sparrow

    this are the only pictures i have from the AIM-7R , the AIM-7R is basically a AIM-7P with a IR seeker and more modern avionics after the AIM-7R program was canceled they used the new MHIP (Missile Homing Improvement Program) seeker on the RIM-66M Block III B
  2. AIM-7 Sparrow

    after all this years i´m finally made the AAM-N-2 / AIM-7A Sparrow I and that is how it looks like the 2 flares / tracer on the rear are made as self illumination , i have to try if that works in game , it is the first time i do it this way based on a special request i made the AAM-N-3 Sparrow II , there are 2 versions the USN one and the one from the RCAF and based on the RCAF version i made a what if AIM-7B production version from the top USN , RCAF and the what if AIM-7B and i made the last and final version the AIM-7 the AIM-7R , the missile had a IR-seeker in the radome and an updated avionics , the missile program was stoped due to budget cuts and the high cost of the program but there a some rumors that some of this AIM-7R where used in the Gulf War but no deffint prove of it though
  3. yap and the green color on the radome is different than the one on the aircraft , looks like as if they aircraft got a new radome an other question what year did this reinforcement plates on the stabilizers appear ??? i have them now on the F-4E_72 onward except for the hard wing birds thats how the look now on the F-4E_72
  4. interesting is that on both pictures is the same aircraft bud in the upper one the ejection seat & canopy warning is just in red on the picture below it is with the white outline i have this version ( F-4E with hard wing and MIDAS 4 nozzle ) in the F-4E pack including the squadron , i just think about the shark mouth should i make a new one for this squadron ???
  5. i made a new tail for the F-4E/F/G´s and thats how it looks now i did not add the pilots name yet for the 68-0317 because there is a small problem with the canopy frames and i dont have the names for the 68-0307 and here is the F-4E_72_TISEO , it is still a BETA version but a very close to final one F-4E_72_TISEO.7z the aircraft has the 1971 cockpit , it is a early cockpit and therefor no ripple quantity selection , if you select for example the Mk82 bomb and you have 18 of them hang on the aircraft than all 18 will drop as soon as you press the button , the only selection you have is the ripple interval with 0.08 sec , 0.10 sec and 0.14 sec if you carry nuclear bombs you may look at the right side panel there is a functioning DCU-94A bomb control panel for them if you go true the radar options you will come also to the TISEO ( is on the 2nd ground mapping ) it has no lock on function it is just fixed view
  6. thanks for all the help on this one thats how they look like now
  7. any idea what that could be ??? looks like a kiwi
  8. Thank You so much , now i have the name and 1 Serial number would it be safe to assume that the other serial number is 68-0307 ????
  9. i found this 2 pictures showing early F-4E´s with TISEO ( about 1971 -1972 ) i would like to add them to my upcoming F-4E pack , my problem is that i cant find any reference on the serial numbers , the only thing i can see is the 307 and the 317 , i was searching with 66-0307 / 67-0307 / 68-0307 and 69-0307 with no result the same i did with the 317 both aircraft belong to the 421st TFS based at DA Nang AFB , the picture from 307 was taken 1972 at Clark AFB , the picture of 317 showing 2 ECM-pods if any body has some info on this 2 aircraft please send them to me , the 307 had the name "PROMETHEUS" on the left side of the nose the 317 has a name to but i have no clue what name
  10. Hello Raven...how do you get such clarity in your textures? I think they are pretty awesome sir...Pete

    1. ravenclaw_007


      actually i use 1 or 2 2048x2048 textures for the weapon or pod depending on how many parts the complete object has and how long it is  and  on my latest models i try to get the panel lines done in 3D what has a much better effect than just a line on a texture

      i would like to get the same result on my F-4E/F/G´s but unfortunately i cant , the texture size would be way to big for the game and my software  , so i try to make it with decals instead but that one is failing as well

      so for weapons no problem , for aircraft's not possible :drinks:  

    2. pappychksix


      Roger that...I always thought your weapons were beyond AWESOME!!!!

    3. ravenclaw_007


      Thank You  

      nice to hear if someone appreciate your work  

  11. AN/ALQ-131 block II was used in Desert Storm based on my info as well as the AN/ALQ-184 , the service start years i found so far for this version is between 1987 and 1989 but this are not 100% sure thats why i keep searching for better info
  12. Weaponspack 3

    here is the AN/ALQ-131 Beta pack for testing , includet are the Block I , Block II and the EAPUP ALQ-131 Beta pack.7z the service years as well as some settings could be subject for change if you use them on the F-16A/B/C/D you may have to adjust the centerline attachment positions thats the one i use for the TW F-16A , it is a new entry in the data.ini [CenterlineStation_ECM] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=13 StationGroupID=5 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition= 0.0,-0.37,-1.09 AttachmentAngles=0.0,-1.0,0.0 LoadLimit=1000.0 AllowedWeaponClass=EP AttachmentType=NATO,USAF ModelNodeName=pylon_centerline PylonMass=78.02 PylonDragArea=0.02 includet in the pack are AN/ALQ-131 Block I AN/ALQ-131 Block II AN/ALQ-131 EAPUP
  13. got more info on the service years for Block 1 and Block 2 Block 1 development started in the 1970´s , service start in 1980 block 2 development and start of production in 1983 , no word when it was available for the squadrons though
  14. AN/ALQ-131(V)-4 Block-1 ( deep ) with EURO-1 camo

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