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  1. Mirage F1 with CT-51F Caiman ecm-pod
  2. here are the new MIM-23 missiles MIM-23A , versions for U.S. ARMY , Israel , NATO MIM-23B , versions for U.S. ARMY and Israel , the NATO version is the same as the one from the U.S. ARMY , except for the missing U.S. ARMY stencil , a possible Iran version could be made out of the Israeli one MIM-23C , versions for U.S. ARMY and Israel , the NATO version is the same as the one from the U.S. ARMY , except for the missing U.S. ARMY stencil , U.S. ARMY MIM-23E and MIM-23K have the same colors as in this picture
  3. i could give you this one to your project , if you like
  4. i made it my self , i needed something for fun this Phantom can carry up to 8 AIM-120 , it has new more powerfull engines and the cockpit from the F-4E_AUP , aahh... and it has working canards mandatory screenshot just in case you wondering if something like that did really fly , yes it did , it was a RF-4E testing fly by wire
  5. sorry could not wait until friday agile super Phantom
  6. F-5a

    the RF-5A nose is in work and the basic shape is done , the problem here is that this part is not as easy as the drop tanks and that modding is no longer my first prioity , firts is real life and my grandson , second is modding , so be patient i will make that recce-nose but not in 1 week work i still have to finish - Mirage F1 ecm and recce pods - F-5A recce nose - Tornado (guuruu) Brimstone and Brimstone tripple launcher - Spitfire Mk IX ( for Wrench ) - F-4G series and Cockpits Weapon Pack 3 RF-8 and Cockpit this short list are only the most important items there are still many more that needs to be worked on , the Weapons pack 3 is already split in to 2 parts , Bombs / Missiles / etc. and Rocket pods and Rockets there are still so many items for each pack that i have to finish
  7. F-5a

    that is exactly what we are doing (if possible) , i send all the F-5A or RF-5A items to sophocles and he will integrate this item to his model
  8. F-5a

    some more , this time they are for the NF-5A
  9. F-5a

    back to the F-5A , the excellent aircraft model is getting some new 150 gallon drop tanks
  10. i use the Paint Shop pro X3 and with the the TGA Tool and the Nvidia nomal map filter i´m able to make all my Templates , Skins and Tga´s , i try the photoshop 6.0 but i was not happy with it
  11. ooohhhh...... that is news to me , Thanks Kevin
  12. or make one of your own based on the Skins you have , it is not such a big deal but it takes time
  13. Question for modders

    and frustrating as well , if you spent days to find the reason why your mod is not working like it should
  14. i love this aircraft especially with the Matra JL-10 twin mount on top of the wings

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