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  1. Weaponspack 3

    its funy , i dont have that on my R.550 Magic 2 , maybe you got an early version but i cant remeber to have that problem on any of my Magic 2 versions can you please try this one and let me know if the problem is still there Matra550-2.7z
  2. Weaponspack 3

    i will check that
  3. i have material ( fligth manuals ) for many different F-4 Cockpits , some are in work already F-4B cockpits , early and late F-4C cockpits , early F-4D cockpits , early F-4E cockpits , early , mid and late F-4F cockpits , early and late F-4G cockpits , early , mid and late , and single windscreen F-4J cockpits , early and late F-4N cockpits , early and late still searching more F-4 Phantom flight manuals
  4. that picture is great , Thanks i may start making all F-4 Cockpits based on my F-4G cockpit , but you may have to wait a long time until they are done
  5. in the original TW cockpit are no tga objects assigned to this lights , so sorry but no
  6. the AERO-3B is the one on the Danish F-104G , dont know what type or manufacturer the Japanese launcher is by the way the italian and the japanese have different mountings but the same launch rail AERO-3B launcher
  7. here an other picture of that pylon with AIM-9B launch rails mounted here are the AIM-9 fuselage launch rail of an Danish F-104G here are the AIM-9 fuselage launch rails of an Japanese F-104J
  8. here is a picture from a turkey F-104S showing the pylon in question
  9. the hierarchy looks ok but i have somebody who is checking it again , the change in the material maps happen automatically when i delete the not needed parts
  10. Thanks , i changed the names but still no show of LOD2
  11. here is the AN/ALQ-184 3 Band pod with both lod´s and all the ini´s ALQ-184_3Band.7z
  12. where can i change that ??? the only detail setting i know of is the object detail and there i´m on high
  13. i changed the name to a shorter one , still not showing up what puzzels me a bit is that LOD1 is using the distance setting from LOD2 and if i add a LOD3 he is taking that distance setting as well

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