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MiG-9 "Fargo" (by Timmy & Lexx_Luthor) -- SF2 UpDate Pak   = For SF2, Any/All (Full 4/5 Merged Reccomended) =   An upgrade pack for Timmy/Lexx_Luthor's early Soviet Jet Fighter. This mod will replace any others, including the one I did several years ago. This'll give another early 1stGen Jet Fighter for the Red side, for whatever use you see fit to put it to.   This is the complete aircraft package, with a new cockpit - a slight modification of Stary's Mig pit-, all new 90% SF2 compliant FM, and 7 skins (all the ones I could find). All weapons (ie: the drop tank) are included. You should already have the necessary guns, so they are not supplied. A pilot figure and seat are also included, as are new Hangar and Loading screens. Also new are dds damage textures.   The skins are basically the same as when first released, with the additon of a nicer natural metal Soviet by p10ppy (shown in the accompanying screenshot). The Soviet skins have been renamed slightly. Check the drop down on the loadout screen for the selection. Included is Timmy's fictional Polish AF camo*. Where necessary, all decal inis have been pointed to stock items; decal randomization is set to TRUE for all skins. *Please note, the Polish skin references bort numbers that may only be available in SF2E*   As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them! Don't forget the 'Notes' section for other usless information, clarifications, and general ramblings. For historical purposes, the Original Release Read-me is included. Other credits are listed further down this (the readme) document.   Happy Landings! wrench kevin stein