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  1. somebody must've forgot the add the "CV Zones" to the VietnamSEA_water.bmp
  2. unzip this, and drop the 3 wavs into you mod folder's /Sounds folder. these should be the ones tornado engine sounds.7z
  3. Horseshit!! I couldn't have made it any easier. All instructions, especially for fully folderized items (like terrains) assume the End User (tm) can do a simple copy and paste (or move or whatever) right from the panama read me (yes, I know the original has a typo and says CubaOTC -- which I corrected here)
  4. No, never forgiven. We have a ZERO TOLERENCE for piracy. Consider this, AmigoPilot, your first and ONLY warning. Next time ... the consequences will be quite severe
  5. that's right ... i was thinking about WoI sorry!
  6. Don't forget to make the main ini (A-6E.ini) read-only, otherwise the game engine (tm) will overwrite it, and revert the aircraft BACK to AI only control
  7. loadout by date is even used on stock 3W birds, ever since NA came out. Check the loadout inis for the Intruder, for example (A-6E & TRAMs)
  8. just to let you know, mine is taken directly from scenes taken from the movie. DVDs are nice to pause and study still images. Yes, in the film the T-Streaks are a sort of light grey, but I didn't feel like building a template for it and redrawing all the panel and rivet lines. I know I uploaded in sometime in 2019, but can't seem to find it. Maybe in "The Hunters" F-86, as a hidden bonus???? I know I did it for the stock 3W MiG-15 as well What's interestering in the film, (as can be seen in the shots CL posted), they carrying Soviet markings, not NK.
  9. Actually, I think you're looking for this one
  10. Two Decades

    WOW! It sure don't seem like it's been that long
  11. requires the 3d model, as the animation of the part must be redone (it's "time" or frames of movement). it's a common fuck up on a lot of the older models. for some reason, the lod viewer moves the meshes to their "correct" location. seen it before.
  12. then why even bother showing??

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