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  1. odd that they're not in the DLCobject28.cat...??? Not the first time I've encountered this. Was looking for some decal the other other day, and couldn't find them. might have to extract dump all the cats to find them??
  2. I have fucking had it with the bullshit!! isn't the world fucked up enough, aren't there enough personal shit in our lives that we have to dump on each other here? This is done.. locked.
  3. So, I guess you all don't know about these...???? WBS made them at my request, and they should have been included in the KAW mods (both of them, iirc)
  4. You should mention that the Spit 9c (non-player flyable) is ONLY available in the WoI expansion pack. Othewise folks will be thinking that it's a normal"stock" aircraft that comes with the regular WoI install. Which it dosen't
  5. I'm learning to fly, gotta get my wings (paraphrased!)
  6. Something wrong with WhiteBoySamauri's Tico's we should be aware of???
  7. Here's the actual 3W doc.. and another simple one that I wrote simply aaaaaggggeeeesss ago! DecalTutorial 11-12-02.doc decal_creation_tutorial.doc
  8. Storm Over The Sahara

    Most of us, don't
  9. TK's decal tutorial (explaining the Level= system) should be in someplace in the SF1 downloads section (mabye Utilities?) To actually MAKE them, you need Photoshop or some other program that can create the 32-bit tgas* w/alpha channel * yes, I know by inference, all R/G/B tgas with alpha are 32 bit
  10. New members to the Prop Heads Club are always welcome!!
  11. While I'm still working on the Marcfighters AT-26 Xivante; all skins and decals are done just trying to improve the FM, I've also started looking at the FoxMonter Mb-326. I've got several skins and decals in the works, and have some specific questions .. RAAF - is there more than 2 paint jobs? Checking at ADF serials, there seems to be the euro 2-tone, and a light gray*. What were they painted when first delivered? (mind you, NOT talking about the Fanta-can paint job on the aerobatic team. Not doing that one) Is their original scheme in Natural Metal? * following the pattern of the OzMirage DLC, i have camo starting in 73, and the light gray in 67 (start date). I don't think this is right. The DLC M.IIIO started in NM on delivery, just like the ADA versions. AMI: I have an overall international orange skin, but can't find ANY listing of serial (mm***) numbers or what and how the presentation of the nose numbers are. I don't really know anything about AMI numbering systems. I've seen a few (very few!) pics on the net, but they don't help at all!) So, any and all help is deeply appriciated!! Thanks in advance!
  12. We've found that running full unlimited can induce some really odd shadow issues (like tod objects cast shadows several dozen meters FROM the actual 3d object. This is what I'm running in my ETO mods folder (although I haven't fired it up again unitl today since the HD crash and rebuild. I'll have to check the in game views) I don't think 'something' is as powerful as yours -probably my monitor due to space limitation, and it's still a "square" one You got questions, we'll do the best to answer them!!
  13. hopefully, that means it WASN'T towed aloft by the He 111Z Zwilling just kidding!

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