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  1. sounds like a twat. guess we stick to in house
  2. oh, you mean the DAT one??? Has lots of issues, least of which are the shapes Russ, I've got a buttload of reference books ... just tell me when you need them
  3. Ok, here's the deal -- English is the main language used on this site. It's perfectly OK to have PART of the announcement in Spanish, the MAIN announcement MUST be in English. Also, can you PLEASE try and put your uploads in the proper place???? "What If" aircraft and skins have their own sections. Otherwise, we (moderators and admins) have to keep moving from where you put them, to where they actually go. thank you
  4. which means "no longer for sale". It is a nice model, with a good cockpit, but has MAJOR shadow issues. We were promised a fix, but it never happened.
  5. how did I miss these??? My apologies to all!! I must be getting old ...
  6. Moved to correct "What If" category
  7. and... is there a textureset ini??? NO skins show in game without one. Been that way since 2006 or so also, why would you waste time painting on national markings when TK has given us the most fabulous decal system in gaming?? The only reasons one would need to do so 1) weathering. decals are (somewhat) difficult to get that worn look 2) need that mesh for additional decals (4 max per mesh) just my thoughts on the matter
  8. there IS a trick to getting sea/float planes to work -- and can't remember the details. Something about having a fake invisible gear or skid??? I know Capun had working floatplanes, but - mind you - that was for 1stGens
  9. sound like improper formatting of the exported skin. Like, not having a textureset.ini, perhaps/?? The black color you see in the the 3d material the model (LOD) is made of, and how it appear "naked" in game. Can you give us, step by step, the actual process by which you create the new skin, for the painting the layers on the psd, to exportation to the game??? You really haven't given us enough (or anything) to go on to even start figuring what you're doing wrong.
  10. so, Russ, will we see the "Songbird", as well?? ======== required screenie; Nationwide.Worldwide. Depend on TWA (now with historic registration numbers)
  11. I also tested it, and it came down just fine. Give it another try
  12. dollars to donuts he means height field tags, which are part of the HFD generated by the terrain editor.
  13. A VW-1 Warning Star departs NAS Barbers Point for the start of another 16 hour Barrier Patrol
  14. What about Yefrim Gordon's book? He's pretty much the definitive expert on all Soviet stuff "Soviet/Russian Aircraft Weapons Since WWII" do a search for it, read it, and report your findings

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