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  1. My guess, in the Real World, 20-30 minutes depending on the aircraft, how good the ground crew is, and many other factors. I'm sure searching the internet will turn up something. Also, once you leave the target area, and fly outside the 50km "bubble of reality", everything de-spawns. So, going back would be more than a waste of time. Take it from the experts - some of us have been under the hood of these games since 2003
  2. enemies cannot launch from friendly airfields, and vice versa. the game is divided into the red and blue sides. you'd have to start on 2 different airfields, and fly towards an "engagement zone".
  3. More American aid allowed for actual bomber aircraft to be deployed. In 1951, the A-26 Invader (renamed to B-26) began arriving and being used. (Please note, as has been discussed elsewhere on CA, these lods have been hex edited to use jpg textures; no more problems with DDS files. At some point in time, maybe I'll do the same for the KAW versions.) As is usual, the bomber squadrons used a mix of B (gun nosed) and C (glass nosed) versions with themselves. As has been stated above, and many times across the years, they can't be mixed. So, the 2 squadrons are split between the models: GB I/19 "Gascogne" gets the A-26B GB I/25 "Tunisie" gets the A-26C below, you have their portraits If anyone has any information about a third A-26 unit (mentions of one have been encountered in my researches), please pass that along via PM
  4. With the fall of mainland China to the Communists, the US government woke up to the threat of their expansion in Asia (and soon to be engaged with them on the Korean peninsula) As an interim measure, F6F Hellcats were delivered to the AdA for use in Indochina from land bases (note: Flotille 1 also had them, but no records exist of them being deployed to FIC) Only a few units seemed to have used the Hellcat, GC II/6 "Normandie-Niemen" GC I/9 "Limousin" GC II/9 "Auvergne" GC I/6 "Corse" (the last to trade in their Spitfires in 1951, having never used the Kingcobra) --------------------------------- shown below: GC I/9 GC II/9 GC I/6 bonus image: Hellcat departing Gia Lam Airport
  5. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    any news on the Privateer, as well??
  6. Dev A Team unless someone builds another so, yeah, you're boned
  7. AeroNavale upgrades! To replace the Dauntless' before they became completely unflyable, SB2C Helldivers were acquired (ok, bought). They were -5s, but the only major difference from the -4 we have is the lack of the full "blown one-piece" canopy for the pilot. Flying from the 3 carriers (Aerromanches, Bois Belleau and La Fayette) and sometimes land bases. Here we have Helldivers from Flotille 3 Flottille 9
  8. As there is no readily or freely available P-63 Kingcobra*, a judgement call has to be made to use the existing P-39 Airacobra in it's place. Mind you, this does present a few problems; differences in weapons loads being the most major. Using the 39D as a base, I've modified it into the 39Q, which was used by the AdA in The Med and Southern Europe. These carry underwing 50 cal gunpods, but only the single centerline hardpoint for bombs or drop tanks. (as the map is only 63%, while problematic, isn't too big of an issue) They started arriving in 1948-ish, as the Spitfires were wearing out. They remained in service until 1951, when replaced by newer aircraft shipped from the USA. Just about all units are repsented: GC II/6 "Normandie-Niemen" GC I/5 "Vendee" GC III/5 "Roussillon" GC II/5 "Ile de France" GC II/9 "Auvergne" GC I/9 "Limousin" ================== Shown below are GC II/6 (you can tell NN by the red/white/blue spinner, same as their Yaks) GC II/9 (on the runway) GC II/5 (Aircraft "I". You'll notice the famous sandbar in the Red River, and the Paul Doumer bridge over the left wing tip) * of course, if someone wants to build one .... I'm available to help with skinning and FMs...
  9. AdA only Keep your pant's on; you'll get to see the pictures!!
  10. Might want to add, do NOT install to the /ProgramFiles section. Do not install ANY 1stGen game to "usual place". That's a protected area of the HD (software wise), and you won't be able to to shit with modding inis or anything else. Same as in Win7 Do a custom install, by pointing the installer exe to the ROOT of the C drive (ie: C:/WingsOverEurope).
  11. I've never been a sports fan, but we lost a good man today.
  12. As the existing aircraft wore out or rotted (Mosquito), new aircraft were sent from France. In this case "almost" new Spitfire Mk.IXs. When the crated Spitfire Mk. IXs arrived from France, replacing the worn out ex-IJAAF & IJN aircraft they were assembled somewhat piecemeal. "C" fuselages were given "E" wings and vice versa, and both models served with the same squadrons. Since the game engine does not allow for mixed aircraft units, C & E winged Spits will all be seperate. Each of the units rotated through French Indochina, and those dates are listed on the texture set ini, and the displayed name, as below: Spit9C: GC II/7 "Nice" (<3/46) GC I/7 "Provence" (<3/46) GC II/2 "Cigones" <7/46 GC I/4 "Dauphine" (<6/47) GC I/6 "Corse" (<4/50-51) Spit 9E GC II/4 "La Fayette" (<6/47) GC II/3 "Champagne" (<12/48) ----------------------------------------------------- Aircraft shown below are: GC II/2 Cigones GC II/4 Lafayette Next Up: Airacobras
  13. Early days, AeroNavale (46-49-ish) Flotille 1 Seafire MkIII Flotille 3 SBD Dauntless Flotille 4 SBD Dauntless Flotille 8 PBY-5A Catalina More to come! Next, the Mk. IX Spits!
  14. As some of you may know, there is a mod in the works for the 1st Indochina War. I'm going to share some of the aircraft that will be in the mod, eventually Everything used herein is available here at CA, or are stock aircraft "adjusted" to fit. Nothing from anywhere else will be used or discussed. Unless someone want to build new ones... The terrain (VietnamSEA) is in heavy rework, as Menrva has scrapped off everything above the bedrock, and we are rebuilding it, litteraly, from the ground up. It will, however, remain the "stock" 63% size. Reminder: several of the aircraft will not be seen as they're "unavailable". To remedy this, stand in's or aircraft used by the units will have later versions implemented earlier (ie: C-47 for Toucan). Several aircraft used are VERY old, and do have several flaws (mesh bleeds with decals, shadow ropes, incorrect shapes, etc) Please try and hold your questions until all the images have been posted! DO NOT POST THEM WITHIN THIS SCREENSHOT THREAD -- THAT'S NOT WHAT THE SCREENSHOT FORUM IS FOR!!! POST THEM IN THE GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM, IF NEEDED. This thread was created ONLY to show you all what will be available when this mod is finished. Thank you! --------- Early day, directly post-WW2, to 1947 GC I/7 Provence, Ki=43iiI GC II/7 Nice, ex=RAF 273 Squadron Spitire Mk.VIII (as there are no photos or other visual evidence, the aircraft remains in RAF SEAC camoflague GC I/6 Corse, Mosquito FB Mk.VI GT II/62 Franche-Comte C-47 Skytrain (Dakota)

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