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  1. (don't know what happened with the quotation box there...to answer the question: only 1stGens locate the decals sub folder ( Objects/Aircraft/F-86F/336th(skin)/D/*nameofdecal* in skin sub folder the aircraft main folder SF2 uses a seperate /Objects/Decals/Name-of-aircraft/name-of-skin/-decals-/name of decal format. Something TK changed when going to the SF2, seperate mods folders concept/formate/wingdongs7 also, the DecalMaxLod= MUST be listed in each decal statement in the ini. Oddly, in 1stGens it wasn't necessary. We only found that out (SF2) when converting older aircraft TO sf2, and finding the decals didn't show, all else being equal. OTH, 1stGens CAN use the Objects/Decals/etc..... that's been tested by me and it works fine.
  2. Odessey: A Star Wars film

    Don't know if any of you have seen this fan made short film yet, but it's worth it!
  3. There are some terrains where NavalMap=TRUE simply just doesn't work
  4. The only Phantom missing from the stock hangar is the "S" model. All the others, B,C,D,J are stock 3w units. The F-4N is available as the DLC, and for the price, well worth it, as is the JASDF F-4EJ. The BLW (German) F-4E and F-4F are stock from SF2:E. Be advised, when downloading and adding 3rd party Phantoms; the Mirage Factory units come directly to mind, you may need to rename the non-factory addons (via folder and main ini to something NOT stock, as there WILL be conflicts when/if you get the 3W units. If that seems confusing, we'll clear that up when it's needed to do so. It's really easy to do. Phantoms is one of the main things that's great about the SF/Wo*/SF2 series
  5. believe me, I've scoured those 'less than honest sites" myself, as angelp was working on the Clunk with us in the CAF Forums, and I ain't found nothing either. so, it's very difficult and rare to find things
  6. I know I shouldn't have used the "laughing" smilie above, but couldn't help it. as to mission profile, low level with 'over the shoulder' delivery would be my guess
  7. dumb bombs -- shoved right down their throat or up their ass. only way to be sure
  8. Here's another one. The original site must have closed, so it's been moved. http://www.forgottenjets.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/index.html scroll to the bottom, Non US/Non Warsaw Pact, look for CF-100. You'll get a listing of ALL serials, and a short service history of all the aircraft (prototype and production)
  9. New Rig

    my jealously know no bounds!!! congrats on the anniversery AND the new rig!!
  10. simmerspaintshop has been closed for well over a year now. A sad thing -- it was the BEST resource around
  11. and PLEASE post your findings! Us terraformers are quite interested to know
  12. don't remember the link, but somewhere in one of the KB (either in SF/Wo* or SF2) there's a NM tutorial that's pretty damn good. I used it on the B-17s and B-24s Veltro and I did. Plus, I know there's a way to add actual metallic textures, but never figured it out

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