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  1. I was thinking that too!!! Them's some detailed drawings too! hmm.... wonder if we can get gkabs to build us the APC....
  2. check the load ini, and see if the RackType= name is there, and then check the /Weapons folder for that rack. If it's missing, you might need to hunt it down. Or tell us the name and we'll try and get it to you.

    your post wasn't deleted, just hidden ======= we've had the same fuck wits here in Los Angeles. Approx 10 days ago, even under the "stay home stay safe' order, thousands of morons were out wandering around on the local beaches and parks and hiking trails. The Mayor order them shut down. If one wants to commit suicide, please do it in the privacy of your own home, ok. As to conspiracy theories, well, I've never seen a "theory" kiil before. I guess there's always a first time.
  4. I remember as a kid in 60, I had a toy of the Mojave. The "mouth" opened up and I could stuff my Plastic Army Men (tm) inside!!!. Also had the Remco H-21, with working winch, and was motorized to run around on the floor, with the rotors spinning. Good times!! :)
  5. I couldn't find an image of it, but this below is one painted as a 'fire truck' kind of vehicle. Somewhere around here is my "3rd Wire Parking Enforcement Vehcile", but I can't find it!!
  6. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    indeed, Hinchbrooks' Colossus class is very long in the tooth
  7. man, that is hella cool!!! nice work!!!
  8. Free military history ebooks at Osprey

    thanks, brother!
  9. Free military history ebooks at Osprey

    DAMN IT!! won't let me create an account!! I wanted that Hurricane and USN Cruisers book!!! shit!!!!
  10. thanks for the video clip! that thing had a FAST elevation!!
  11. so the gun and elevate and traverse. I wouldn't think it'd be necessary for the ammo feed drums to move i was wondering if the radar dish spins, or ?? Never found out when I built the stand in!
  12. <cough> ww2 EAWEuro ring any bells?? with TODs oh, and you're welcome Jordi!!

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