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  1. yes, there's a button there that allows you to edit the content.
  2. SF2 does not support multiplayer of any kind. Sorry.
  3. did you install DX9? Just asking to be sure. Never knew that Steam carried any of the 3W series .... they've always ONLY been available from the 3W site. TK never wanted to share, and possibly loose any revenue from them having it.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. You'll find them in the "What If..." section, along with a couple others (good guys). Edit: found the "The good guys". Both these uploads had lost their images, so I had to re-upload them.
  6. do you have a main ini for the item?
  7. age difference .... the lower (Formosa) is the very early style, possibly even SF1 the upper is the newer, correct SF2 style
  8. iirc, the "LargeParking" is defined in the aircraft's data ini via the Wingspan= statement, not only the span statement in the airfield's ini.. assigning parking slots to custom airfields is not that difficult -- just very time consuming*. As is always true in the 3W world, all orientations are based on N/S pointing runways (north being the "usual" direction). All offsets computed from the 0/0 of the main lod. as to runway/taxiway lighting, about a billion years ago, I added them to Runway 2 and 3, the old fashioned way. THAT took a long time. While it worked, they didn't always exactly follow the curves. But it it DID work. Just using the base statements from other runways for colors an directionality. *although use of the TAE makes this much eaiser*
  9. for old style (1stGens) just dump all the parts at the root of the /Objects folder. actually, at the 08 patch level, you should be able to have an /Objects/Pilots/folder. It's no different from /Weapons or /Decals. And we KNOW those work
  10. extract data ini, and increase hulll, deck and superstructure armor. The values, of course are in mm, and for most ships easily researched. Don't forget about the "SinkTime=" line. Add if needed (many early ships don't have it. It's in seconds. Large, well armored fighting ships should take a "predictably" long time (depending on damage of course re: HMS Hood), 2-3 minutes for cruisers and smaller, 5-7 for carriers (mabye?) BBs 7-10 ???? (since no Iowas have ever been sunk, hard to calculate)
  11. if you want the LODs to work in both SF1/FE1 and SF2/FE2, export as ANSI. The NextGen series of game reads both with no issues. The only real differences are statements in the data inis, relating to flight models.
  12. Have you tried importing the O-1 from SF/Wo*, and see what happens??
  13. only the terrain editor can import "solid objects" and "alpha objects" How that works, I've never found out either, but there is a function someplace If you're talking about terrain objects (warehouses, runways, hangars, etc). That's a compltely different story
  14. Hex editor is the easiest and simplest way to do it. We've been doing it since 2004, rename the lod, create (if needed) new skin, repaint skin (if needed), save an new unique name -this is the important part-- a name that has the exact number of characters as the original , open LOD with hex editor, "search" for the bmp's name, and edit each instance to match the new skin. How do you think we've created over 100 differing pilot figures, all from the same original 3W lod, but with different skins (most of which I did the hex editing for, while pappychksix did the artwork -- see SF1 downloads)?
  15. The Ultimate Paper Airplane

    this is amazing! I've done a few (very) easy paper models, but nothing even close to this!!

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