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  1. You're answering an 6 year old post ... the OP probably isn't even around any more lets try NOT necrothreading for a change, shall we?
  2. Version 2 uploaded -- many changes, see Change Log in the Read Me!! happy landings!!
  3. nothing to do with it ... it's caused by fucked up meshes in model itself. Even the 08 level uses the main lod to cast shadows Just get Paulo's and the issue is resolved
  4. Russo's Emil* should work in both, as it's an "ansi" coded model. Templates are around here someplace, iirc. (if not I should have a copy) MontyCZ has a C/D 109, but I don't know if its ansi or unicode Lods, as it's for SF2 *btw, his Emil works in both SF1 and 2
  5. that's NOT an airplane issue, but one on the boat. Nothing to do with the Tomcat. Maybe complain about it to the ship builder?
  6. For some reason, I'd always thought you were on 10. NP! Works great in 7 for me. I'll get one of my setup to you over the next day or so
  7. As a test, I can send you one of my full TE set ups, and see if you can get it work on your W10 machine. Just install (means: unzip and drop it as there's NO install program) to the C drive (ie: C:/Terrain Editors/*name of editor*). THEN you get the fun on figuring out it's workings
  8. Early 111s??? We could sure use a new H model (or whatever variant letter it is, for BoB and later!!)
  9. sure, why not?? (although my preferance is always Pacific War , like china?)
  10. yes, we know!! I've always been curious as to WHY the TE's never worked for you Jordi. It should have no problems in 7 or 10 (but as I don't have or have access to 10, I can't really test this). It is, as we all know, one of the worst programs around ... but we make it work
  11. actually, that's EXACTLY what you're doing. New TODs are always generated at the "Save" in the TE.
  12. SU-27Z

    THAT"S what I was going to say! Let's not let potential customers actually see the product, even in an unfinished states. Always the best move for a business
  13. Hey, it happens to all of us, eventually!!
  14. You know, if you'd have posted this in the SF2 Forums, INSTEAD of The Pub, the people that could help you might actually see it. So, it's been moved to the correct Forum, to try and give you the assistance you require. Remember, SF2 questions GO in the SF2 Forums!

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