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  1. as I did on all of Wolf's P-47s, N1K2 George, and many others (oddly, all of the seem to be Wolf's!) Even fixed buttloads of Skyhawks that way, the USN A-4L built from the original E, with the added hump, and all the original Argie Scooters with the various bits and bobs. Unfortunately, like Svetlin said, it's a permanent thing - always attached to the aircraft. But a hell of a lot simpler arrangement; no need to fuck with the loadout ini, just add the weapons As seen in the image below on the Jug, these aren't the perfect shape, but they get the job done. Also, the ADF loop on top is FPed in (just a test for CBI based Jugs) but, whatever you think works best for you.
  2. and doing it via the Fake Pilot (tm) method wasn't an option? (as has been done numerous times in the past)
  3. Gkabs, pretty much. I didn't even think about "projected" light cones, just glowing "lamps". The floodlights are AWESOME!!!
  4. inis ("text files") have been open to use. No, it is NOT a violation of the payware. That's a ruling we (admins) came to many years ago. It's just never been questioned, so we never bothered about it. As there was only (really) 2 payware makers for the SF series, the point is moot. the only thing really protected are the LODs
  5. that's cool! Safe to assume, it self-illuminated?
  6. You ARE putting the "new" files into the correct mods folder, yes?? take a screen shot of your folder tree, and post it here
  7. Because them's the rules. You don't like it, our door swings both ways. Your choice As someone who's actually HAD my work pirated, we take such things quite seriously.
  8. seriously, could you be LESS specific as to what exactly you're trying to say?? We can't help you if we don't understand what you're trying to do
  9. the TFD* tool can give you the x/y coordinates. 0.0.0 is always the lower left corner, and goes up from there * it's here someplace, I just don't remember the link
  10. why would you even need to use the terrain editor? You're not changing the physical properties of the map. you only need to edit the targets ini, changing alignments (enemy to friendly) as is said way up on the thread. Front lines will, of course, need redrawing, as will the location statements in the nations ini, as well as the allowed nations themselves. The "theatre name" and acutal name (as seen in the vietnamsea.ini) will also need change to "French Indo-China". This will, obviously, REQUIRE a new terrain folder "FIC" for example. It's just like build a new terrain, but with pre-existing stock items (well, I'm sure the airfields will need their building, and possibly even the runways, back-dated to late 1940s style structures. plenty of those around) as to artillery, they have to be placed via the targets ini, and of course, added to the _types ini. Done this hundreds of times; it works trust me.
  11. I totally agree; let's give him a chance. the video is excellent, and a huge help to beginners (ok, and old timers too). Best thing for him to do, is edit his YT post, and remove the offending link.
  12. so, at this point, how should we handle THIS thread? since the video creator seems to be advocating piracy ... which is our #1 site no-no.. close this? allow the thief to explain himself?
  13. i think those trees are growing in Cavorite!!

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