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This file is designed to be used with a default control ini. so if you have made significant changes to your controls button assignments then you should move them away from the controls folder within your mod folder and then start the game and let it create a fresh "default.ini" in the controls folder prior to trying this profile. To install just place the "SF PITkey.pro" into your 'C:/user/public/documents/saitekSD6 profiles' folder then activate the profile with the little green icon in the bottom right corner of of your lower taskbar.....start the game and assign your axis and you should be good to go. you will have 3 modes NAV, A-A, A-G. Hat #1 works the radar regardless of which mode is selected Hat #2 •(NAV mode) cycles waypoints and also enables elevator trim •(A-A mode) cycles visual air targets •(A-G mode) cycles ground targets Hat #3 •(A-A mode) Cycles A-A weapons •(A-G mode) Cycles A-G weapons Everything else is not effected by which mode you are in See the attached JPEG which better explains where everything is on the layout. Enjoy Cheers Romflyer